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Moringa for Breastfeeding as the Safest and Best Solution for Mothers v.2

Moringa for Breastfeeding as the Safest and Best Solution for Mothers v.2

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Published by cocoy777
This article exposes the dilemma modern mothers and babies are trapped into, namely : carcinogen-filled breast milk and homogenized (carcinogen) cow's milk. This article also hints solutions.
This article exposes the dilemma modern mothers and babies are trapped into, namely : carcinogen-filled breast milk and homogenized (carcinogen) cow's milk. This article also hints solutions.

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Published by: cocoy777 on Apr 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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March 5, 2013To: All still childbearing mothers, especially those with infants,and those who are would-be-mothersFrom:
Back to Organic Breastfeeding Program,
Moringa-i World
Entrepreneurs’ Inc.
Greetings, dear mothers and soon-to-be mothers.It is a very sad to start this letter with the negative news: Motherstoday are trapped!It is our purpose to tell you this is true in many areas but truest inthe aspect of infant feeding. We will tell you more about what,
how and why… and above all, to guide you towards the state of being “Forewarned is forearmed” and avoid or stop falling as
victims. Let me start this short explanation to you in the followingmanner:
The human being has one best exclusive and most conduciveoasis in every phase of its life
a one exclusive environment bestfor its growth and where safety is guaranteed, that when youreplace or disturb it, the human life is in grave danger. These oasesare the womb, breasts, and the home.What is the best and only conducive environment for an embryoor fetus? Answer: It is the womb of its mother.Another question: What is the only best environment and sourceof life for a new-bo
rn infant? Answer: The breasts, its mother’s
breast milk.One more question: What is the best environment for a growingchild? Answer: Home with its organic food and love.But do you know that these three oases
these threesanctuaries of love is no longer safe? Do you know that these threesafe havens for our children have been in constant dangersnowadays?
For example, Do you know that inside the womb, countless of atoms of poisonous chemicals like mercury, aluminum and leadand from medicines float like small balls, and patrol like pirates andhit growing embryo (fetus) as many as 10,000 times a day,exposing the child into various deformities, diseases or evendeath?So, for most fetuses, with mothers failing to bar the poisonouschemicals from entering into their bodies, the womb is no longer asafe haven. It is now full of deadly toxins/poisons responsible forthe diseases of modern time.***Now, secondly, and on the other hand, do you know also that the
mother’s breasts have been in constant target b
y the enemy tobecome a dangerous place for the breastfeeding infant, instead of being the second oasis of love to the growing child? Do you knowthat nitrates and nitrites from chemical fertilizers and othersources, for example, are accumulating fast inside the fatty tissuesof the female body, most especially the breasts, where thesefertilizer by-products combine readily with the fat or protein(amino acids) of the human body, quickly forming NITROSAMINES,the most dangerous carcinogens (cancer-causing agents) everknown to man?Do you know that the same thing also occurs in the body of theanimals
that nitrosamines are forming inside the meat of theanimals when these fertilizer residues meet the protein (fat) in theanimal body as it is to the human body?That it is dangerous now to eat animal meat, especially for thebreastfeeding mother because it adds nitrosamines into her body,especially breasts, thereby putting her infant to greater danger?***Does this mean now to solely depend on infant formula (e.g.,
cow’s milk)?
 Answer: More the least is this the better option! Because all milkcompanies all around the world now has abandoned the process of 
(slow-boiling to remove those bacteria good for thecalves but which the human infant cannot easily cope) and hadreplaced it with the process of 
process where the
milk is boiled at a very high temperature (read: over-burnt) so thatif milk were a wood, it would become charcoal, or if it were a fishor meat, it would be burned black? And we know that one of thecauses of cancer is burnt food, as for grilled or toasted fishes andmeat.And do you know that homogenized milk is such kind of burntfood? And therefore it
is called the ‘jet fuel to cancer’?
How fast isthe trip towards cancer for those of us who consume milk and itsderivative dairy products!If homogenized milk is that dangerous
if milk and its derivatives(cheese) and the dairy products which contain homogenized milk,what is our alternative today?One summary answer: Back to Nature. Which means:
Organic rice/grains
Avoidance of animal meat by mothers who breastfeed
If animal (cow’s or goat’s) milk is necessary in case of low
-milkmothers, then, it must be fresh or raw, and should only undergopasteurization, not homogenization
Mothers must take charge: To produce safe breast milk fortheir infants
Since 99.9% of all commercial milks are homogenized, theyand their derivative products such as chocolate, ice cream, cakes,bread, etc. should be avoided at all cost
Mothers must learn to make their own organic cakes, icecream, etc. and above all, produce their own organic 100% milk
Mothers to find ways to support the agriculture reformtowards grass-fed cattle and organic and fresh, raw, milkproduction
The use of milk-producing/inducing food supplement such asmoringaIn this connection, we, of Worldwide Entrepreneurs Inc
 Moringa-i, have taken into our service to you, our fellowmen tohelp you in the following aspects we can:
Income-generating opportunities where you can stop 8-5work and so have time to breast-feed your babies full-time and/ormake the favorite food of your children that is now monopolizedby homogenized milk;

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