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Okc Bombing the Plot Thickens by William Cooper

Okc Bombing the Plot Thickens by William Cooper

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Published by skalpsolo
writing about okc bombing by william milton cooper - hour of the time
writing about okc bombing by william milton cooper - hour of the time

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: skalpsolo on Apr 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Oklahoma City BombingThe Plot ThickensBy William Cooper All Rights ReservedWe are NOT racist, white supremacist, Zionist, British Israel, Christian Identity, or anti-Semitic. We refute all racist and/or superior race philosophies. We believe that such beliefs are a plague upon the human race. We are loyal Americans interested in the truth. We believe in Liberty and Freedom for all People regardless of race, religion, or place of ancestral origin.First the reader must know that the federal takedown of the organization known as the Covenant Sword and Arm of the the Lord occurred on April 19, 1985. The assault on the Weaver family occurred over the same date and would have ended on April 19 except that 2 reporters stumbled upon the feds attempt to hoist a fuel bladder by helicopter which they had intended to drop on the Weaver cabin and ignite burning alive all inside. The final assault upon the Branch Davidians occurred on April 19, 1993. The bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building also occurred on April 19th. If you believe that all these events happening on the exact same date to be coincidence you need a brain surgeon.Another very curious fact is that David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh were both 33years old at the time of their deaths. I have no idea what that might mean but it is very curious indeed.Our investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building has uncovered the following:John Doe #1 is Timothy McVeigh.John Doe #2 is Michael Brescia, an army buddy of Timothy McVeigh. Until recentlyhe was in federal custody. The federal government has protected and hidden theidentity of this criminal because he is an informant for the at least one agencyof the United States government. He is not a Nazi, white Supremacist, anti-Semite, or racist. When we asked the FBI to provide us with a photo of Michael Brescia for positive identification they refused. We obtained photos from Patriot lawenforcement personnel within our organization. We positively identified MichaelBrescia as John Doe #2 from those photos.John Doe #3 has been positively identified as Andreas Strassmier, a West GermanIntelligence operative. He is not a Nazi, white supremacist, anti-Semite, or racist. Sources in Germany claim Strassmier is Jewish. This information has been confirmed by two additional independent German sources.John Doe #4 has been positively identified by the Intelligence Service as Gary Hunt. He has never been questioned by any law enforcement agency. Gary Hunt was also involved with the Waco Massacre in 1993. Gary Hunt is an informant for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (BATF). Gary Hunt masquerades as an American Patriot. The ethnic and religious background of Gary Hunt is not known at this time.John Doe #5 has been positively identified by the Intelligence Service as DanielSpiegelman (a.k.a. William Taylor), a fund raiser for the Oklahoma City bombingoperation. He was arrested and imprisoned in the Netherlands when he attemptedto sell historic documents that were stolen from Columbia University for the purpose of financing the OKC bombing. Spiegelman was extradited from the Netherlands to the United States on the condition that he would not be charged with a capital crime for which he could receive the death sentence. United States District
Judge Lewis Kaplan, a Zionist, sentenced Spiegleman to 60 months in jail, 3 years probation, 300 days of community service in an adult literacy education program, and restitution to Columbia in an amount not yet determined. Daniel Spiegelman's conviction will most likely be set aside because his defense lawyer Paul Kurtz was discovered to be a fake lawyer. Paul Kurtz, 56, of Bethesda, Md., was charged in a 41-count indictment issued by a Manhattan federal jury for claiming tobe a licensed attorney and defending clients including Daniel Spiegelman who was convicted of stealing rare manuscripts from Columbia University. Spiegelman was sentenced in April 1998. Daniel Spiegelman is Jewish.John Doe #6 remains unidentified at this time. We have a video tape of John Doe#6 in the company of Gary Hunt (John Doe #4) walking away from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building within 10 minutes after the bombs detonated. Both men in the video tape are carrying transmitters in their hands.Mike Vanderboegh of the "John Doe Times" is an agent of the Anti Defamation League masquerading as a Patriot commander of the Alabama 1st Calvary (Militia). TheMilitia which he claims to command does not exist... it is a fraud. His purposeis to place the blame for the Oklahoma City bombing on Patriots and the LawfulMilitia attributing a motive of white supremacist anti-Semitism and racism. A charge that cannot be true in light of the ethnic identity of several John Does.The Branch Davidians were a racial mix of mostly Black, Hispanic, and had even acouple of Jewish members. Only a very small minority of the Church was Caucasian (white). Racist white supremacist anti-Semites would rejoice at their death not seek revenge. Racist white supremacist anti-Semites do not avenge the death ofBlacks, Hispanics, Orientals, and Jews.The People who worked in the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building were mostly Caucasian (white) and could not ever have been the target of racist white supremacistanti-Semites. Racist white supremacist anti-Semites do not murder whites.The KKK and white supremacist groups expressed dissatisfaction with the manner in which the BATF and FBI were handling the situation and called for an assault by the government to end the stand-off. A contingent of KKK white supremacists traveled to Waco to offer their services to the BATF and FBI in order to affect the arrests of the Branch Davidians. If the KKK was for the takedown of the Davidians how and why would they seek revenge for their deaths?Prominent members of the Anti Defamation League made public statements which were carried by the major news networks (recorded by us and placed in safekeeping)which disclosed that the ADL had the perpetrators under surveillance for two years. The spokesmen stated that they knew the bombing was going to happen well inadvance. Prominent members of the ADL were instrumental in fomenting the attackupon the Branch Davidians in Waco Texas in 1975.John Doe #7 is the leader of Elohim City Rev. Robert G. Millar an ADL, FBI, andBATF informant who was instrumental in bringing down the Covenant, Sword, and Arm of the Lord on April 19, 1985. It is because of Millar
s status as an informantElohim City has developed the reputation as a safe haven for racist criminals inAmerica.Carol Howe was an BATF informant and disclosed the plans of the bombing and those involved to the BATF. After the bombing Carol Howe disclosed this informationto the public and the press. The BATF attempted to imprison Carol Howe in orderto silence her but lost their case. She maintains that the BATF knew the culprits and the target (a government building) well before the bombing occurred.Governor Keating, Keating's brother, Representative Ernest Istook (R) Oklahoma,Anti Defamation League, FBI, BATF, United States Marshall Service, Oklahoma City
Fire Department, Oklahoma City Police Department, and the Oklahoma City Bomb Squad knew the bombing would occur well in advance of April 19, 1995.The American Intelligence Community knew of the plans to detonate a bomb in the"heartland" of America as early as 1971 and wrote of it in a Top Secret documentcalled MAJESTYTWELVE which contains the plan for the disarmament of the American People and implementation of a world socialist totalitarian government.The Oklahoma City bombing was a joint operation involving intelligence operatives of the United States, Germany, and Israel. The purpose of the bombing was to strike terror into the heartland of America destroying the illusion of safety andsecurity in America. Those responsible set the propaganda wheels in motion to blame Patriots, Militia, and religious fundamentalists in order to prepare American Citizens to more readily accept personal disarmament in preparation for worldsocialist totalitarian government, beginning with the passage of an unconstitutional anti-terrorist bill which passed Congress and became law soon after the bombing.During his tenure as Director of the FBI William Steele Sessions created the National Security Threat List, which was approved by the Attorney General in 1991,it changed its approach from defending against hostile intelligence agencies toprotecting U.S. information and technologies. It thus identified all countries--not just hostile intelligence services--that pose a continuing and serious intelligence threat to the United States. It also defined expanded threat issues, including the proliferation of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons; the lossof critical technologies; and the improper collection of trade secrets and proprietary information. During a press conference in 1993 (during the Waco fiasco) FBI Director William S. Sessions warned the nation of a Jewish underground whichthreatened the National Security of the United States of America. He was immediately politically attacked by AIPAC interests and its political stooges. He appeared on television two weeks later to announce his resignation as Director of theFBI with his arm (broken) in a sling.Ari Shavit, an Israeli columnist, wrote in an essay reprinted in the May 27, 1996 issue of the New York Times from the Israeli paper Haaretz, while reflecting sorrowfully on the wanton Israeli killing of more than 100 Lebanese civilians inApril, that:"We killed them out of a certain naive hubris. Believing with absolute certitudethat now, with the White House, the Senate, and much of the American media in our hands, the lives of others do not count as much as our own..."Joseph Sobran, in a June 13, 1996 edition of The Wanderer said, "In a single phrase - 'in our hands' - Shavit has lighted up the American political landscape like a flash of lightning."The admission confirms what has been labeled "an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory". Sobran admits in his article that this "theory" is held my many Israelis.Sobran wrote:"Charges of anti-Semitism and a quiet but very effective boycott will be the reward of any journalist who calls attention to his own government's - and his ownprofession's - servitude to Israeli interests. Shavit states as an obvious factwhat Americans can say publicly only at great risk. It is surprising and refreshing to find such candor in an American newspaper."The prescribed take on this subject is that Israel is a 'reliable ally' of theUnited States, despite Israel's long record of double-dealing against this country, ranging from the killing of American sailors to constant espionage and techn

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