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Published by The Delphos Herald
2013 April Good Times
2013 April Good Times

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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Apr 05, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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APRIL 2013
Voted #1 in America
 Newport  Aquarium
•Wildfower hot spots•Willshire woman preserving history
2 –
• April 2013
Vol. 7 No. 7
Don Hemple, PublisherNancy Spencer, Editor
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Birthday trivia answers
1. Eddie Murphy2. Ed O’Neill3. Dusty Springfield4. George Takei5. Tony Danza6. Joyce DeWitt
Who invented baseball?
Willshire woman preserving history
 Voted No. 1 in the country
Wildflowers on display in Ohio parks
 Spring is in the air
Baseball Trivia
An unremarkable brain
1. I was born on April 3, 1961 in New York. I am acomedian who got my start on “Saturday NightLIve’. I have starred in many movies including“The Nutty Professor” and the “Beverly HillsCop” series of films. Who am I?2. I was born April 12, 1946 in Ohio. I am bestknown for playing Al Bundy on “Married WithChildren” and currently have a starring role inthe hit TV show “Modern Family”. Who am I? 3. I was born April 16, 1939 in England. I was apop singer best known for my song, “Son of aPreacher Man”. I was also in the “Springfields”.Who am I?4. I was born on April 20, 1937 in California. Iplayed the part of Mr. Sulu on “Star Trek”. Whoam I?5. I was born on April 21, 1961 in New York. Iplayed Tony Micelli on “Who’s the Boss” andalso played Tony Banta on “Taxi”. Who am I?
6. I was born on April 23, 1949 in Illinois. Iplayed the dark-haired roommate Janet Wood on“Three’s Company”. Who am I?
You Know You Are A Boomer If You Remember...
1  1
Baseball cards in thespokes transormed anybike into a motorcycle.Taking drugs meantorange-favoredchewable aspirin.
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April 2013 •
 By Paul Niemann
Major League Baseball celebrated the 100th anniversaryof the World Series in 2003. In that rst-ever World Series,the Boston Pilgrims (Red Sox) defeated the Pittsburgh Pi-rates, 5 games to 3. The Series was originally a best-of-nineformat.The 2003 season also marked the 100thanniversary of the event that started thegreat debate over who “invented” baseball.In this story, we try to nd out who inventedbaseball. There are two competing theories,and they involve two men who were bornwithin a year of each other and died withina year of each other. In fact, both men haddied by the time the great debate began. Itwas either bank clerk Alexander Cartwrightor Civil War veteran Abner Doubleday,whose great-great-grand-nephew is the co-owner of the New York Mets.The debate began when baseball writer/ historian Henry Chadwick, who wrotebaseball’s rst rulebook in 1858, declaredin Albert Spalding’s Baseball Guide of 1903 that baseball had been derived froman English game called “rounders.”Al Spalding was a former major leaguepitcher and manager for the Chicago Cubs(originally known as the Chicago WhiteStockings). Since he didn’t want to accept that the game heloved could have come from the British, he commissioneda panel in 1904 to determine the game’s origins. The panel,which included two U.S. senators and was chaired by a for-mer National League president who probably never heardof Alexander Cartwright, also didn’t want to accept the pos-sibility that baseball might have British roots. Their choiceas the inventor of baseball was a Civil War general namedAbner Doubleday. Doubleday, by the way, has the distinc-tion of being the soldier who red the rst shot in defensefor the Union during the Civil War, at Fort Sumter.The only evidence that the panel had in support of Ab-ner Doubleday being the inventor of baseball was a letterit received from an elderly man who claimed that he wasa boyhood friend of Doubleday’s. In his letter, he claimedthat he saw Doubleday invent a form of the British-basedrounders game mentioned earlier, called “Town Ball” inCooperstown in 1839. Cooperstown,of course, is the home of the baseballHall of Fame.Doubleday allegedly did thiswhen he organized two teams in agame which included bases and aball. Years later, a baseball with thecover nearly completely torn off was found in the attic of the home of Doubleday’s old friend; the baseballbecame known as the “Doubledaybaseball” and it sits in the Hall of Fame. Most of the other research forthis panel was done by an employeeof the publishing company whichSpalding owned.There was plenty of evidence tosuggest that Doubleday did not in-vent baseball, though. For example,Doubleday kept diaries and was askilled public speaker, but there wasnever any mention of baseball in hiswritings or his speeches. You would think that a person whoinvents a new sport would mention it somewhere along theway.Alexander Cartwright, on the other hand, establishedmany of baseball’s basic rules. He decided that the distancebetween bases is to be 90 feet, that the game is to be playedby nine-person teams for nine innings, and that each teamgets three outs per inning. In addition to adding the positionof shortstop, he eliminated the rule that allowed the defenseto get a runner out by throwing the ball at him! He also di-vided the eld into fair and foul territory. Many believe thatSeptember of 1845 is when Cartwright invented the gameat age 25, and his Knickerbocker baseball club played theirrst game the following year in Hoboken, New Jersey.Where can you nd most of this information about Cart-wright’s contributions to the rules?On his Hall of Fame plaque, which also lists him as the“Father of modern baseball.” Cartwright’s plaque doesn’tclaim that he invented the game, but he is in the Hall of Fame, while Doubleday is not (even though the “Doubledaybaseball” is).So who did invent baseball: Alexander Cartwright orAbner Doubleday?You have to decide for yourself. Even though the evi-dence favors Cartwright over Doubleday, no one knows forsure because there wasn’t enough proof at the time – morethan 150 years ago.
Who invented baseball?
This photograph, taken by Brooklyn photographer Charles H. Williamson, depicts the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club and the Excelsior Base Ball Club in one of theearliest known team photos and perhaps the rst image on a baseball eld. It was taken on September 3, 1859, at Elysian Fields, Hoboken, New Jersey. Some of the playersare as follows; Knickerbockers—James Whtye Davis (second from left), Charles Schuyler De Bost (third from left) and Harry Wright (sixth from the left). The umpire isDr. J.B Jones (middle in overcoat and hat) and the Excelsiors are—Henry D. Polhemus (Jones’s left), John Holder (Sixth from right), Edwin Russell (fth from right) andThomas Reynolds (far right).Doubleday BaseballMore on baseball and baseball trivia on page 10.Alexander Cartwright

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