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I DID IT Tutorials

I DID IT Tutorials

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Published by petrosmoris

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Published by: petrosmoris on Mar 19, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We will use a Turbosmooth modofier on the plane, but to controll the way of smoothingwe have to chamfer a few edges before.Now we are able to use the turbosmooth with 2 Iterations.
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Place the Text Object in child position under Extrude Nurbs:Select the Text object;Look at the image below, and set the settings you want:I took Arial Black, and 300 m HeightSelect the Extrude Nurbs Object;Set the size of the text you want:I used 100 mNow go to the Caps section, and set what type of caps you want, I took Fillet Cap on both:
Next important parameter is Fresnel IOR. Withthis parameter we can control relfectionstrenght. If value is close to 10 reflections willbe slightly visible while at 100 material willbehave like a perfcet mirror. Examplerenderings ( material roughness is set to 0 )Material roughness is very important thing to understand. Roughnessset to 0 means that all light will bounce off the object, like from aperfect polished surface. When roughness is set to 100, material willbe so rough that all light will be scattered on its surface, causing allreflections to disappear. Perfectly diffusing Surface like this is called alambertian surface.For shiny plastics, metals and polished surfaces, roughness parametershould usually vary from 0 - 20, For hard ground, concrete,stonewalls, hard rubber, values should be higher something like 50 - 90would fit well. You should remember that black color = rougness set to 0 and whitecolor = rougness set to 100, Let's put map in a roughness slot to getthis idea.Transmittance has two modes: Dielectric transmittance and Ghost glass.Ghost glass renders faster since it has attached simple refraction mode. It issuitable for windows and flat geometry glass objects.We can control transmittance color, absorbtion and dispersion. Absorbtion defines how far light can go through object. Here is a glassmaterial ( roughness 0, IOR 1.51 ) showing how absorption parameteraffects its brightness. Keep in mind that absorption value is given incentimeters, so making all your object in a proper scale is very important.If material has dielectric transmittance, an IOR parameter will also controlthe refraction of light. Each material has it's own index of refraction. To makeyour shader more realistic always check if your IOR value is correct.Here is a list of most common materials
Dispersion effect looks very cool and it is essential when you're makeingsomething like jewelry, but remenber you should expect very long renderingtimes. If you don't really have to achieve this effect in your scene and youdon't own fast processor, rather try to avoid it.Sub surface scattering has two modes - Isotropic scattering suitable for thick objects and single-sheet scattering great for curtains, leafs, paper, and otherobjects with small thickness.We can choose sub surface color, Absorption and Density. Absorption parameter works the same as in transmittance properties. Itcontrols how deep light can get through object untill it bounce. Whenabsorption value is very low, light will bounce of very soon and amount of subsurfae color tint will be huge.Here are sample renderings with different absorption values. ( diffuse color =grey; sub surface color = green )Here are sample renderings with different density values. Absorptionparameter is set to 5 cm.
With single sheet scattering mode, light gets tinted by the transmittance color immediately as it crosses the object. Amount of SSS is controlled by the roughness of thematerial. Here is a rendering of chiense lamp made of paper showing how does single sheet scattering work. A light emitter was placed inside lamp to make this efectvisible.

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