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Sugar Foot

Sugar Foot

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Published by Fred Seibert
Created by Erik Knutsen

Series bible /presentation
Created by Erik Knutsen

Series bible /presentation

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Published by: Fred Seibert on Mar 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SugarfootCreated by Erik Knutson
Frederator Studios 2009
Created by Erik Knutson
Sugarfoot is Napoleon Dynamite in a ten-gallon hat.The autumn-haired cowpoke is a middle school-aged outcast, who lives his life like it's ina western movie. Schoolyard bullies are his black-hatted outlaws, buses are stagecoaches,and high-noon showdowns take place on the four-square courts at recess.With his country-fried sensibility, Sugarfoot isn’t afraid to be different from the crowd.He can’t be like every one else, he doesn’t know any better. He’s more interested infinding an old Loretta Lynn 45 at the antique store or checking out the latestBrontosaurus display at the museum.Sugarfoot lives in the town of Exit 39A, named for the exit off the interstate which takesyou into the town.Exit 39A is a middle America tourist trap town with an oddball assortment of attractionssuch as the Museum of Cowboys and Dinosaurs, the world's largest chainsaw sculpture of a Camelrilla (it's half camel, half gorilla), and a diner shaped like a cow's udder.Since Exit 39A is a small town, Sugarfoot and the other kids have to make their own fun.Some kids skateboard, others play video games, but not Sugarfoot. He'd rather practicehis harmonica while listening to old Johnny Cash records, practice rodeo on theneighbor's pig, or re-enact the "Shoot-out at O.K. Corral" in his bedroom.So order up a hot chicken-fried steak with a cool bottle of Sarsaparilla, here’s Sugarfoot!
Sugarfoot sticks out like a sore thumb. (Heck, he's even shaped like a thumb).His constant cowboy attire of the big hat, Texas-sized belt buckle, and boots makes himautomatically stand out from “normal” kids. While other kids are skateboarding or  playing video games, Sugarfoot's back at the creek playing his harmonica and digging for dinosaur bones.Frederator Studios 2009
Sugarfoot, a loveable loser, is not the smartest kid. He thinks of himself as a master schemer, but usually his slick solutions just cause more trouble for himself. Sugarfootalways pays a price for his schemes, like picking a fight with a bully to get him to be his buddy in the Dinosaur and Cowboy Museum.Sugarfoot's enthusiasm can be his most endearing quality as well as his biggestdrawback. When he's excited about doing something, Sugarfoot will attack the situationwhole-heartedly. He also tends to get tunnel-vision, which leads to problems, which leadsto frustration, which leads to bigger problems. Bad for Sugarfoot, good for hilarity.
Butterface is Sugarfoot’s best and only true friend. She’s the June Carter to Sugarfoot’sJohnny Cash.With her tall, lanky physique and a big nose, Butterface feels out of place. She’s a bit of awallflower, hiding behind her hair as it covers her eyes.She’s a realist in comparison to the daydreaming and scheming of Sugarfoot. Butterfacetries to talk sense into Sugarfoot when she thinks his plans are too far out there. She alsoknows sometimes he’s going to do it anyway and let’s him fall on his face.The duo also play together in a harmonica/washboard group that’s either called“Sugarbutt” or “Footface” (they haven’t decided yet).
Arvin is Sugarfoot’s self-appointed little bother, er, brother.Arvin, like Sugarfoot, is an only child. He’s a couple years younger than Sugarfoot andmore naive and wide-eyed to the world as well.The highly-inquisitive Arvin’s favorite word seems to be “Why?” Arvin wants to knoweverything about everything no matter how much his incessant questions make Sugarfootangry.He wants to go wherever Sugarfoot goes. If it’s panning for lost Indian gold with an oldhobo’s sock or trying to hide from Big Dot, Arvin wants to help out. He’s just looking for someone to idolize and he picked Sugarfoot.That’s the part that Sugarfoot likes, being someone’s hero. Sugarfoot is reminded of hisyounger self with Arvin. He tries pass along his less-than knowledgeable knowledge of the world to Arvin.Frederator Studios 2009

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