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Poem About a World That Changed in Seven Days (Varianta Buna)

Poem About a World That Changed in Seven Days (Varianta Buna)

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Published by Prayera

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Published by: Prayera on Mar 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Poem about a world that changed in seven days
Poem about the blind
each morning I induce to myself a state of illnessI drink my coffee while my eyes target the voidthe light bulbs in the neighboring blocklight upI wait a while, to recoverI can distinguish the colors,the light disappears from the head, from the nostrilsthe ghostsI throw the dead off meand this provides me with joyonly comparable with the sight of the blindor the whirl in which I wake up, coiledstriations of the air tunnelsI advanceI inhale more, moreI dissolve everything in me,I know how to become light, very lightnecessary silencethe bosom ones know how to talk
Poem about a curse at life
I was left with leaving alonein a house full of the deadI can cryand sleep with the doors open and the lights onnobody will resurrecton a radius of milliards of kilometersthey look at me from the photosbeautiful as they wereand stubbornone by one, stillde facto the life that is left for medoes nothing but waiting for someonewho doesn’t comeanymore
it is rumored that I have a fathersomewhere in this worldbut he left on an ocean voyageand remained a deserteramong the foreignersbesides my father I have a loverwho doesn’t even like my poemssometimes I feel I am in forestswildly grownbehing a magic combhastily discardedthere are days with precipitations and coldwhen spring doesn’t want to split the budson the branchesI fall asleep cryinghappy that nobody can hear itbecause it would embarrass meI don’t calculate the algorithm of the deadanymoreI am not thinking about anythingthe wind entered by the window framesblowing my thoughts over my foreheadand it is now that you decided to stop talkingI will go to sleep quietI will embrace myself closelyI will tell myself a story with brothersthat never diewith deathless lifefull of lightI will fall asleep quiet and thenHell knows when they will cometo take me as well
Poem about a warm light
we will wake up one morninglike two people that never met each other
and we will mind our own businessmaybe even meet in the streetno more time for questionsthe best thing to do is to believe in chancehowever a clear image on my retinaspreads a warm light all over my bodyit happens every time I meet someonewho looks just a little like youalthough I’ve never knownwhat you look like
Poem about meanings
the taste of clay hastensthe return of lightamong people’s embracesbirdsinvalid from the flight rummagingin the wound invaded by timeabove a world stoppedbefore the sign of the crossfrom whichwe are born every daywith the same fear we lay scented flowersunder the crying icons…sorrow covers a lipthe mouth fills with tearsno shadow infrigidatesenough the steps, passingby silhouettes escapedfrom eartheven though the extrication from the bodyis measured in beatscoming from the belland the indifference – in silencesilence comes from two ways
Poem about a couple
we swam in a sea of watercolors

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