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Anonymous - Pagan Stones and Gems Cd6 Id545530523 Size103

Anonymous - Pagan Stones and Gems Cd6 Id545530523 Size103

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Published by Altin Bogdani

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Published by: Altin Bogdani on Apr 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Choosing gems and stones
You find yourself in a store staring at a container filled with one particular stone. Whichone do you purchase? The biggest one? The one with the shape you like the best? How doyou know?When I go to a store to buy gems, I take some things into consideration. Many stoneshave a variety of qualities. I think about what I want the stone for. There are a variety of different ones to chose from, decided on the stone to suit your need.Sometimes one will immediately catch your attention. If that happens you may choosethat one.Other times you will just see a collection of stones. Using your receptive hand (the oneyou don't write with) dig your hand in and sift through them. You should be left with afew in your hand. Put them aside and hold each one individually for a moment with your eyes closed. Does it have a comfortable feeling? Do you like the feeling you get fromholding or rubbing it? These are the ones to buy. You may feel vibrations from stones andgems; there is life pulsing through them. Try to 'tune in' to their vibrations. It may taketime but it's worth the wait.
Cleansing gems and stones
Any residual emotions that may have been transferred to the stone prior to purchaseshould be cleaned off.Wrap each stone that's to be cleaned in a cloth, and bury it in an undisturbed place for a period of time, preferably 3, 9 or 13 hours, days, weeks or months. The longer the periodof time, the better the cleaning.Other ways include placing the stones in a bowl of salt, free running water, suspending ina fire, or under a fire, or just suspended so that nothing is touching them. Any of theelements can be used; leave it in sunlight, rain, or any place you'd feel comfortable.
Empowering gems and stones
 Now, you have to tell the stone what you want it to do, you do this simply by gatheringenergy, then when you feel you've raised enough, place it into the stone, then verbally, or visually tell it what needs to be done. This process should also be done for runes, or magickal equipment.Also, when you first get your each stone (whether you bought it or someone gave it toyou) you should carry it with you for the first 7 days or a full moon cycle. It is up to you,though, a full moon cycle is recommended. When you sleep put it under or near your  pillow.
There are two different types of birth stones.Birthstones-determined by the month you were bornAstrological Birthstones-determined by your zodiac signMany people don't realize that there is sometimes a difference between their birthstoneand their zodiac stone. Your birthstone is based on the month that you were born in, whileyour zodiac stone (a.k.a. astrological birthstone) is based on the exact date your birthdayfalls on. For example, if your birthday was on March third, you could choose betweenyour zodiac stone (Diamond), or the March stone(Aquamarine).Here is a list of the Zodiac stones and the dates they fall under.Aquarius****(Jan 20-Feb 18)****GarnetPisces****(Feb 19-Mar 20)****AmethystAries****(Mar 21-April 19)****AquamarineTaurus****(April 20-May 20)****DiamondGemini****(May 21-June 20)****EmeraldCancer****(June 21-July 22)****PearlLeo****(July 23-Aug 22)****RubyVirgo****(Aug 23-Sept 22)****AgateLibra****(Sept 23-Oct 22)****SaphireScorpio****(Oct 23-Nov 22)****OpalSagitarius****(Nov 22-Dec 21)****OnyxCapricorn****(Dec 22-Jan 19)Here is a list of birthstones and the months they cover. Please keep in mind that noteveryone agrees with these, but they are the most common. This is a very argued aboutand difficult subject.January****GarnetFebruary****AmethystMarch****AquamarineApril****DiamondMay****EmeraldJune****Alexandrite or moonstoneJuly****RubyAugust****PeridotSeptember****SapphireOctober****Rose Zircon or opal November****TopazDecember****Blue Zircon
Crystal Correspondences
A crystal is a body that is formed by the solidification of a chemical element, acompound, or a mixture of them, and has a regularly repeating internal arrangement of itsatoms and often external plane faces. But it's more than that. A crystal is one of the many bounties of the Earth's crust. They are a powerful tool and correspond directly to theelement of Earth, but also the Air, Fire and Water. Each crystal has it's own vibration andthus each vibration corresponds to a correspondences such as healing, protection,relaxation etc. Because each crystal does have a vibration, a larger crystal is not any more powerful than a smaller one. A larger one might look better, but not everyone has themeans for such a thing. Several crystals have the same correspondences, but, to chosewhich one you want you must first have a look at all those crystals without touchingthem. See which one has an effect on you. Now, when the crystal has been chosen, or when the crystal has chosen you, you must individually have a look at the crystals,Separate the ones which you like from the ones you don't like just by having a look atthem. Then, pick up each crystal in you receptive hand, opposite to the powerhand, so if you are right handed it's your left hand, and close your hand into a gentle fist. Feel thecrystals pulse, it should be like a gentle drum rhythm, it could be very fast, or slow. Youwill feel whether the crystal is right for you, or not. The crystals vibration willcomplement yours and act like a 'lock and key' to your aura in the sense that they will blend. The crystal will let you know if it is not for you.A newly bought crystal should be cleansed. This could be as long as a whole moon phase,with elemental cleansings, or just a simple mental cleansing. Before buying that particular crystal, it would have been touched my many people, and been next to many people who might have been upset, angry, sad etc. So this may effect you. To cleanse, itcould simply be a dip in salty water, being buried over night in the ground, gone throughcrystal cleansing incense (or frankincense, sandalwood or just about anything for thatmatter, maybe even a herbal blend for the crystals purpose), being placed on a bed of quartz crystal, being passed through a flame, fairly quickly, being brushed with a feather, being placed overnight in moon light, or sunlight. Be careful because some crystals fadeor lose color from being held in the sun, some even dissolve in water, or may react withthe candle flame, so be careful.

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