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Nechells Neighbourhood Tasking Minutes 19th March 2013

Nechells Neighbourhood Tasking Minutes 19th March 2013

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Published by ppinski
Minutes from the Nechells Neighbourhood Tasking group meeting held on the 19th March 2013.
Minutes from the Nechells Neighbourhood Tasking group meeting held on the 19th March 2013.

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Published by: ppinski on Apr 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Name of group
Nechells Neighbourhood Tasking Group
Date and start time
19 March 2013 at 1400 hours
Location of meeting
The Pod, Nechells
In AttendanceWest Midlands Police Birmingham City CouncilSgt Dave Bates
in the Chair (DB) Alex Warsama
(AW) ASgt Kirsty Pattinson
Digbeth (KP) Russell Davey Env Health (RD)West Midlands Fire ServicePaul Johnson (PJ) AstonMark Clifton (MC) HighgateMark Crooke (MC)
Friends of Sara ParkJohn Gordon (JG)
Digbeth Residents AssocNoran Flynn (NF)
 The Pod Mr Hassan (MH)
 Somali Community Representative Apologies Kalsoom Zubedah Khan, Pam Pinski, John Street, Ayesha Choudhury, GailChamberlain, Val Woodward, Margaret Morcom, Eddie Howard, Inspector Dutton,Emma Gardner (EG)
St Basils, Sgt Amanda Thompson
 Agenda Item Action
 Introductions were made and the Chair welcomed all to the meeting.
The notes of the previous meeting were agreed.MC said that he had requested an update from the public meeting held inDecember. He also added that he had questioned the effectiveness of thetiered system. Any issues arising from the notes would be picked up during the meeting.
PJ reported stats were very good as they were last month. Accidental fires - leaflet drops to raise awareness. The following weresome of the areas that are reported to be reduced from year to date stats Accidental non dwelling, Arson vehicle fires, Arson rubbish fires, Falsealarms.There was a concern last month in relation to Arson in dwellings. Arson indwellings are averaging 16 per year of which 83% involve small fires (<1metre squared) in bin rooms and communal blocks. Fire officers from Aston do inspections regularly in areas like this to put in place preventativemeasures and the fire service ask if partners can refer any sightings of thisnature.
4. West Midlands Police
The Chair provided a hand out relating to police performance from 19 Feb
19 March 2013. Year to date reductions in total crime remained goodwith reductions of 4.1% in Digbeth/Highgate, 27.8% in Nechells and 20.5%in Small Heath. The last 4 weeks had been more challenging withincreased levels of total crime in Small Heath. There had been a small risein robbery offences in all of the neighbourhoods since the last meeting andrises for theft from motor vehicle in Small Heath and Nechells.Feeling the difference survey result:82% Satisfied with the service when reporting a crime76% Confidence in the police22% Perceived there is more crime than last year 88% Police dealing with people with respect
Nechellsa) Updates
Boy Racers
Update to be provided at next meeting, discussion ongoingregarding future options. The racing had reduced since measuresintroduced and prosecutions were still being made. The situation wouldcontinue to be monitored. MC would like the camera issue to be moved tothe tier above.
***Action : DB/AT to chase long term plan with cameras
6.7.8.Nechells Parkway, children throwing stones at vehicles
work wasprogressing with the families of those identified and referrals had beenmade to Free@Last. Referral to the Aurora Project run by West MidlandsFire Service was being investigated and anti social behaviour contractshad been issued. Further update to the next meeting.
***Action : DB/AT to chase updateAurora Project
PJ reports that he has spoken to the project manager and Aurora has beenrunning for three years from Northfield area but covers all areas acrossBirmingham. The project is funded by BCC and youth referrals need to bemade through partner agencies. It helps 13
17.5yrs old by providing atwelve month programme that has three phases which holds between 12-15 people. When the application is received each one will be reviewed for acceptance. Accepted via priorities and looking into who would benefit.Email:  Aurora@wmfs.net 
Anti Social Behaviour 
Nechells Park Road
patrols had beenincreased in the area as a result of increased reports of asb. A walk aboutwould be undertaken in the area during the month. MH would like this tore-raised as this is a very big issue to residents.
***Action : AT to make contact with MH and update at the nextmeeting
 DB/AT  Discharge
 3 Abouts
 AW is happy to collate all issues and photographs where possible andgenerate options to deal with them. Agreed for members to highlight anylocations they believe should be included in the walkabout to AW prior tothe next meeting so that an itinerary can be decided.
***Action : for all to get locations, photos and issues into AW before 3May 2013SMALL HEATHEnvironmental Issues
RD reports that 4/5 business are being visited and the problems andcomplaints have both reduced.
Group of Youths, Bordesley Green
Criminal Damage
The damage offences to the buses had stopped for a number of weeks butlast week several buses were attacked with stones being thrown at them.Extra patrols of high vis and plain clothes focused in the area resultingrecently with two arrests.
***Action : DB to get a further updateTalfourd Street, including Hafton Grove
 The Chair said that there had been a walk about and a community litter pick with volunteers from Tilton Road Mosque. ASB had reduced andthere had been a meeting with the owner of the Cosmos Club. The domehawk camera had been redeployed to cover the entrance of TalfourdStreet. It was agreed to retain for an update at the next meeting.
***Action : DB to update more enforcement actions for next meetingBusiness robberies Coventry Road
-MC reports that businesses without contracts are leaving their rubbishnext to the bins (commercial waste not domestic). RD reports that EnvHealth have been visiting businesses on Cov Road and all havecontracts. MH suggests to contact smaller businesses such as SomalianCentre and Parliament St. Business watch meeting arranged for 3 Aprilwhich will be attended by members of the Police crime prevention team.Crime prevention around the business robberies is the initial focus for this meeting.
***Action : DB to send Business Watch meeting details for 3 AprilEnvironmental Issues
MC reported the poor state of the environmentaround the Coventry Road area with fly tipping, missed collections and alack of street cleaning. AW asked that the issues be reported to theCouncil as soon as they arose. MC said that residents did reportproblems but no action was taken. It was agreed to request an updatefor the next meeting.

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