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Washwood Heath-Curzon Street 5 Final Draft

Washwood Heath-Curzon Street 5 Final Draft

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Published by ppinski
Draft meeting notes from the Washwood Heath to Curzon Street HS2 Community Forum meeting held on 19th March 2013.
Draft meeting notes from the Washwood Heath to Curzon Street HS2 Community Forum meeting held on 19th March 2013.

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Published by: ppinski on Apr 06, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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- 1 -
Community Forums are intended to provide an opportunity for local representatives to raiseissues of importance to them and to reach consensus on preferred mitigations for HS2 Ltd. Attendance at a Forum does not indicate support by these groups for the scheme.HS2 Ltd hosts and attends Community Forums, and has undertaken to record and publishissues, actions and requests raised during these events on their website. The matters raisedby forum members are their views, and publication by HS2 Ltd should not be construed asacceptance or agreement with the sentiments expressed.
Washwood Heath to Curzon Street Community Forum 5March 19
2013, 6.30pm to 8.30pmSaltley Methodist Church, Alum Rock Road, Alum
Rock, BirminghamDRAFT Note
Forum Attendees
Chair – Martin BrooksRichard Leonard – Birmingham City CouncilJoe Holyoak – Digbeth Residents AssociationAndi Smith - Saltley Methodist ChurchBrian Mullan - Alison HouseEddie Price - local business representative (part of meeting)Lyn Harrington -Birmingham History ForumMike Hodder-Birmingham City CouncilPhil Davis – local resident (part of meeting)Richard Webber – Polish AssociationSaiman Miah – Bruneihalal Trust
HS2 Representatives
Donovan Bailey, West Midlands Stakeholder Manager, HS2 LtdJonathan Lord, West Midlands Stakeholder Advisor, HS2 LtdTremaine Herbert, West Midlands Stakeholder Advisor, HS2 LtdSara Calkoen, West Midlands
Stakeholder Team Administrator, HS2 LtdArea Manager, HS2 LtdSenior Engineer, HS2 LtdEnvironmental Manager, HS2 LtdDesign Manager, Arup Environment Delivery Manager, URS
Issues raised by forum
Note of last meeting -
minutes from the last community forum on 3
December 2012were accepted by forum members.
Actions Update-
no comments relating to the actions were offered.In the context of discussions relating to the circulated updated route maps, the followingissues were raised by community forum members:
- 2 -
Confirmation of the land take for the proposed Washwood Heath maintenance depot
  –HS2 Ltd representatives explained that the actual area of the depot is still to bedetermined but it remains the overall aim of HS2 Ltd to reduce the land take as much aspossible with the dotted brown line on the route maps indicating the possible extent of a large construction site in the short term. In response to a question relating to the typeof operations proposed at the depot, HS2 Ltd representative confirmed that the depot isplanned to include the national control centre for HS2 together with a training facility.
Inclusion of a cycling route
– A community forum member questioned whether a cyclingroute could be included within the depot scheme to provide access to the cycling pathalong the existing canal which links to the city centre. HS2 Representatives explainedthat the current plans do not show every feature and that issues such as accessarrangements are still to be negotiated with stakeholders. HS2 Ltd is also constrained bythe prescribed brief for the HS2 project and issues including providing additional cyclingroutes need to be justifiable. It was agreed that HS2 Ltd review opportunities for cyclingroutes as the scheme develops (see action 1).
The proposed tunnelling option
– the community forum members sought clarificationon the reasons for the new tunnelling option. HS2 Ltd representatives explained that thepost consultation alignment of the route has proved to be very complex and challengingin engineering terms. During detailed design development, a number of options for thissection of the route have had to be produced, including the tunnelling option.Evaluation of this option has demonstrated it would help reduce the environmentalimpacts (e.g. noise, vibration and construction impacts) and is potentially less disruptiveboth on the community and businesses. There would also be a reduction in land-takeand far fewer demolitions, with more community facilities remaining unaffected alongwith a reduced need to undertake works to the road network in the area.
Curzon Street Station and severance
– members of the community forum reiteratedtheir concerns regarding the potential severance effect created by the station on accessbetween the city centre and Digbeth; particularly on the Digbeth economy. HS2 Ltdrepresentatives stated that this issue is being considered through the design process andthat without the stopping up of existing roads, such as Park Street, the station wouldneed to be significantly higher. In response to concerns relating to the impact onaccessibility on residential properties and the Polish Welfare Club on Bordesley Street,HS2 Ltd representatives confirmed that the station architects have developed options tomaintain direct access from the station to Digbeth with a pedestrian route from MoorStreet Queensway. The issue of short term severance arising from construction activitieswas also raised with HS2 Ltd representatives noting that this will be considered. Arepresentative from the Polish Welfare Club stressed the need to allow wheelchairaccess from the club to St Michaels Church on Moor Street Queensway (see actions 2 &3).
Proposed Safeguarding zone around Bordesley Street
– in response to a questionquestioning the justification for the recently consulted safeguarding zone, HS2representatives confirmed that the top of Bordesley Street is safeguarded so that HS2Ltd is consulted on any proposed works. It does not necessarily mean that HS2 isproposing any development in the safeguarding zone apart from small highway worksincluding kerb realignment to facilitate access to the proposed station.
Vehicular access to the Polish Centre from the north
 – A representative from the PolishCentre expressed concern that the proposed stopping up of Park Street will impact onvehicular access to the facility from the north of the city and requested that existingroads in the vicinity be opened up to vehicles to enable access. HS2 representativesconfirmed that they would work with Birmingham City Council to identify options (seeaction 4).
- 3 -
Bordesley Street/Allison Street noise monitoring location –
In response to a requestthat the residential properties on Bordesley Street be used as a noise monitoringlocation, HS2 Ltd representatives agreed to pursue a potential location (see action 5).
Impact on car parking
– the community forum questioned what is planned to mitigatethe loss of existing car parks on the station site and the proposals for Curzon StreetStation. HS2 Ltd representatives explained that the proposals for the station showlimited amount of car parking for staff and short stay facilities. A representative fromBirmingham City Council stated that the council’s position is to promote short stay carparking in the area in the context of limiting people parking at the Curzon Street Stationwith the focus on drop off and pick up facilities.
Update on heritage assets
– HS2 representatives confirmed that they have succeeded inentering the Fox & Grapes public house to undertake a heritage assessment. Whilst thebar still exists, the carvings have been removed and substantial damage to the roof hasbeen created by water ingress. Options for the building are still being progressed with anupdate to follow at future meetings. In regards to the Eagle & Tun public house, HS2representatives confirmed that it remains the intention to incorporate the building(potentially without its roof) into the station design.
Measuring the impact on air pollution
–A community forum member asked how theimpact on air pollution is being assessed, particularly in relation to Bordesley Street andthe potential increase in vehicular movements. HS2 Ltd representatives confirmed thatHS2 Ltd is assessing the impact on air quality created by vehicular emissions as a resultof predicted traffic changes due to the Proposed Scheme. This assessment comprisescollecting baseline data (either existing data, such as from Birmingham City Council, andtheir own monitoring) and then modelling the predicted impacts from the changes toroad layout and changes in traffic numbers). A number of city centre locations are beingused to monitor air quality. The results will be reported within the formal EnvironmentalStatement which will be published with the hybrid bill submission. There will be moredetail in the draft ES for consultation in late Spring.
Impact of changes to the road network in Saltley and Alum Rock
 – a community forummember raised concerns regarding the impact on local accessibility arising from the re-construction of the Saltley Viaduct. HS2 Ltd representatives confirmed that there is acommitment to maintain access during construction and that a construction plan for thearea is being developed. It is anticipated that rebuilding the viaduct will takeapproximately 2 years.
Draft Environmental Statement presentation
– In response to the presentation,HS2 Ltd confirmed that it is implementing a range of measures to inform localcommunities about the public participation event, including adverts in the press, on theinternet, public offices etc and postal notifications for those in the immediate area of the scheme. A member of the forum asked if the postal mail shot could be extendedbeyond 500m, with the distance being measured from the perimeter for sites such asthe depot and Curzon Street Station. HS2 noted the request,
and it was emphasised thatHS2 Ltd will incorporate flexibility in its approach to the consultation and will confirmarrangements once confirmed but advised that postal mail shot was only one of a rangeof measures to notify people(see action 6).
HS2 Ltd to investigate the possibility of incorporating cycle routes through/around theproposed depot site. Update to follow at next forum meeting.2.
HS2 Ltd to provide a 3D scale model of the Curzon Street Station proposal for a futureforum meeting. (Date to be determined)

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