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Adam and Eve looked at the Lord....

Adam and Eve looked at the Lord....



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Published by Twe Stephens
What happened when Adam and Eve were kicked out the Garden? Why isn't it in your bible - you can blame the Catholic Church who took out this book because it went against their traditions that suicide was a deadly sin that'd send you straight to hell.
What happened when Adam and Eve were kicked out the Garden? Why isn't it in your bible - you can blame the Catholic Church who took out this book because it went against their traditions that suicide was a deadly sin that'd send you straight to hell.

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Published by: Twe Stephens on Apr 07, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 The Universes of God: The Chronicles of The Angels
Adam and Eve stood at the mouth of the cave looking up at the departing craft. It winked out leaving a large
starburst pattern in the falling snow. It was a beautiful but they didn’t appreciate the beauty. They looked
down sadly and sighing deeply; they were utterly alone. Eve tugged impatiently at Adam to explore the cavetrying to cheer him up.Thick mold covered walls of the cave producing a dim light throughout enabling them to see. They wentfurther into the winding cave system and stopped at a large pool of crystal water. Instantly memoriessurfaced of the clear water of the Garden and their countenance crashed as sadness overwhelmed them.They did not want to live like this. They were better off dead; anything was better than this life they wereforced to live. They looked at each other with tears running down their faces, utterly dejected and depressed,unable even to console each other. Adam and Eve held each other's hand, leapt into the frigid pool, and
 The One saw them floating in the water and sent Mabou back to the cave. Mabou removed them from thewater and laid them on the sides of the pool. They were emotional and intellectual toddlers - unable andunwilling to live without the acceptance of their Father. Anything they were willing to do to return to thelifestyle they once possessed, except accept 'no' for an answer. They coughed and regurgitated the watersforcefully from their lungs.The One arrived in a flash of light. "Why did you do this?" He repeated the question again after receivingnothing but silence.Adam said, "Oh Father, I don't like the taste of this water. I just don't want to drink this bad tasting wateranymore."Yahaveh knew the water excuse was a masquerade covering the agony within. He looked at them and sigheddeeply, thinking all the trouble freewill cost. He looked at Adam seeing horrific depression that they were
unable to diminish or live with. He couldn’t give these two specials the singular desire of their hearts
-restoration and repentance.Yahaveh remembered Jessah who glowed over everything -
the Angel he’d married in The Great House of 
The One. He remembered the great love he had for him. He remembered Allayah, the Laviah Zoo
dispatcherwho was the levelheaded one
one of the two hundred million who knew before, and how he’d brought
thousands into the truth. He remembered their great fidelity, love, and zealousness. The One looked at Adamand Eve seeing the bleakest darkness, and he brimmed with compassion refusing to let go; his mercyoverflowed for they that wore his name.His voices thick with emotion, he said, "You must live regardless of how miserable you feel, for I cannot letyou die. For through you, all the generations of the earth will have salvation. Remember when you looked
down from the East Gate seeing my other children whom you’ve not met yet. Don't you want them saved
from the same Lucifer who tried to destroy you? Shouldn't they also have eternal life? Your wife is themother of all living; you are the father of all-living also, for through you, Yahshua will save all my children. For
better or worse, you both have to accept what you’ve done and stop trying to take the easy way out
2 The Universes of God: The Chronicles of The Angels
"But if you love me like I know you do, then prove it because I need you here. I need you to help destroy thisLucifer who did this to both of you. I need you, so we can make an end to the suffering and bad things in thisworld. Without your obedience right now, we cannot accomplish salvation. If you love me, you will live. Thisis your second chance to rise above your own perceived needs and show your great love for me again. Youcan bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart by the simplest of things; by living and breathing the air
created. For in you is the fullness of all the billions of brothers that we loved endlessly. You may not fullyunderstand now what I am saying but I promise you one day you will."The One saw it coming as their thoughts formed. He sighed deeply in d
isappointment; they hadn’t processed
a word he said.Adam immediately begged for a second chance. He would be good and would not make the same mistakeagain. He asked to see Eden again - just once. Surly it wasn't too much to ask. He refused to liveunderground; he missed the sunlight. And Eve joined him in similitude of requests, as they both fell in theirgrief, smiting their chests, screaming for The One to have mercy on them, kicking their legs violently - havinga major temper tantrum. Yahaveh looked at them incredulously. He communicated for Mabou to stay withthem. The One told them angrily he was not coming back until they learned to be worthy of the great trust heplaced in them. Yahaveh left them screaming and kicking violently on the floor as Mabou gawked in totalshock.Mabou attempted to talk; but they were wholly submerged in their tantrums: they were bruised, bleeding,exhausted, and covered with sweat. He carried them to bed after they had physically exhausted themselves;it took over an hour. Adam and Eve stayed in the bed day and night, neither eating nor drinking, blanketedwith the black depression, refusing to eat or drink. Over the continuing days, they became weaker andweaker and Mabou became concerned for the twins in Eve's womb. After eight days of no food or water,Adam and Eve became alarmingly weak and lethargic and The One had compassion for he reminded himself his children were stupid, and discerned they had no intention of turning from their course - and were willingto die.The One transported from his craft high above the earth. When Eve saw The One she said weakly, "Oh Lord, I
beg you, please destroy our souls so we’ll not see this gloom any more. I cannot tolerate this darkness that
hurts like this."The One looked sadly at them. "This depression will pass. You simply have to ride it through; for I swear by
my own name you’ll smile and laugh again. There’s nothing I can do to make it better because you’re sadder
than sad, struggling with a burden you cannot carry, pushing you deeper into utter despair, the blackest pit,making everything subservient insignificant to the pain."Sighing deeply God sat down on a wooden chair, pulling it closer to the bed; there was no change. Hechanged tactics. "Let me tell you about my depressions and pains." Adam and Eve looked at him as if he hadtwo heads.
"Do you think because I’m God that I’m immune from pain and depression? I’ve the same emotions you do,but a billion times more intense. Let me tell you what’s going to happen with me, and
it depresses me at
3 The Universes of God: The Chronicles of The Angels
times for I, like you, abhor pain. I will ask Yahshua, my son, whom I love with all my heart to leave his Throne
in Heaven, shedding his crown, belt, robe and glory, and become flesh like you. He’ll be cursed, hated, and
despised, and m
urdered, though he’s the possessor all that breathes."
 The One paused.
"They will pull the very beard out of my Holy One's face with pliers, leaving pitted bleeding raw meat. They’ll
whip him until his bones show through his back. Adam, Eve -
remember I’m
The One that wants him to dothis. Why would I do this to my son whom I love above all? The answer is, if I show my children what theyreally mean to me -
then they’ll know how much I love them. I gave Lucifer the Keys of Death; I didn't haveto; I could’
ve destroyed everyone who stumbled instead. But I tell you today
it’s the hardest thing in the
universe to kill your own children
and even The One is not immune from this immutable.So, Yahshua goes to reclaim the Keys of Death as proofs of our love - and redeem all souls that will back to us.
And after doing this when we didn't have to, if they still think they’re just pets to me; I can dwell in the
consolation I did the unthinkable for their benefit. And it will make it easier for me to do the unthinkable tothem, if they reject their Creator again..."
The One paused as a tear fell. "…Yahshua shall endure suffering waiting to be nailed to a cross. And whenhe’s nailed to the cross, he will be a bloody pulp of quivering flesh in massive unimaginable pa
in. Splinters of rough wood will stab into the hanging flesh of his back, yet a scream or curse will never pass his lips. Yahshuawill do this with joy because of the great love we have for you and all our children. He will do this to ensureeveryone can be with us in the eternities we constructed them for."
They both slowly sat up alarmed. "No Lord this will never happen to your Yahshua! You’re The One," Adam
said, his voice crackling from the dryness of his mouth.The One drove the visions of his future i
nto their minds. "He’ll die an agonizing slow death struggling mightily
for each breath, filled to the brim with excruciating spiritual filth, publicly naked, publicly shamed, andpublicly despised. And generation after generation will lie about what he did for them. They will lie saying he
didn’t defeat the very death they tremble before
- when they face their final tomorrow."Whole nations will call me an unenlightened liar to my face, calling My Word, my precepts of brotherhoodand morality illegal, and publicly deducting my name from the public sphere, implying I am dung - lower thantheir own blinding evils. Nevertheless, regardless of their blasphemy, I don't want anyone to be the livingdead, alive in the flesh but dead where the real reality is. The real reality is the Spirit World, the invisibleworld, the land the fish cannot see, and the civilization held in abeyance that was always called Heaven. Forthis world and universe you see, is vanity, a wisp of smoke, not even real, a holographic construct, atemporary fishbowl that will not last one second longer than after the last soul is born into the flesh - whenthe Well of Souls is emptied.
"And we who are God will do this for you Adam and all the races of the earth. We’ll do this for you Eve, and
 all who believe on Yahshua's name. For the true life is that you cannot envision, the endless tomorrowsincomprehensible, the eternal family of brotherhood, and the agape existing between you and us. For I do

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