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Nothing - Short Story

Nothing - Short Story



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Published by DCS
short story written by Sci-fi Thriller author DCS, join some of the characters from the book, Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening in a slightly alternate universe.
short story written by Sci-fi Thriller author DCS, join some of the characters from the book, Synarchy Book 1: The Awakening in a slightly alternate universe.

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Published by: DCS on Mar 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Marcello, I lied to you. I can’t handle anything. I can’t handle this. I’m just not strong enough, and I’m sorry. I wish I could stay with you while you do whatever it is you need to do, become whoever it is that you think you need to become, but I can’t. The man I married made living the way we do worth it, and gave me something to fight for. I can’do any of this without him and that man didn’t come back from Alaska. I don’t haveenough ties on this island to keep me on it so, I’ve spoken to Lil and put in my resignationat Dion. I’m going to Puerto Rico and will be back as the International Aid Organizationneeds me. I hope, someday, you,
will need me again.Mari
World Government. That’s what happened in the years leading up to theAwakening. Fear consumed freedom and good men did nothing. The World ManagementTeam emerged after the devastation of World War III, replacing the United Nations andcombining the North American Union, European Union, and African Union into oneruling body. The planet became divided by nations that supported the WMT, those thatopposed it, and the few countries who decided to attempt isolationism. The illusion of democracy grew thinner by the day. Their slogan was easy; being safe was better than being free.The night of December 21
, 2012 didn’t make the WMT disappear. But it didsignal the end of life as “They” wanted humanity to know it. At the stroke of twelve theworld was given a gift. An omnipresent crying was heard worldwide. When it ended,what followed was surreal. The human DNA strand miraculously repaired itself. Coma
 patients woke up. Common ailments like allergies and asthma ceased to exist. Some people remembered past lives. Others discovered they now had incredible extrasensory powers. Telekinesis, Technopathy, Kinetic Absorption, it read like an episode of Heroes, but it was the real thing.The next day the WMT responded with the Pope on their side. Religion and fear,the most powerful manipulators of humankind, worked their magic. A miracle was turnedinto a witch hunt. People were told these powers were demonic, and if they had them theycould be cured. The past life memories? Hallucinations. God was testing his people,testing their faith. Some believed it, some didn’t. For those that couldn’t fight back, it was better to go with the status quo.On the Alcyone Islands, a small chain in the South Pacific, what happened thenight of the awakening had been accepted. An independent nation, the island was run bythe notorious Terenzio’s. Formerly an organized crime family, now fighting against theWMT was priority one. Marcello Terenzio was the head of the family, and President of the Dion Corporation, the family-run International conglomerate. Like his father,Marcello compared fighting the WMT to a grand game of chess. Pieces came and went, astep backward returned two forward on the next turn. The goal was simple; neatlymanipulate the pieces to where he wanted them in the first place. Then call mate. Thisgame, however, was draining and dangerous, and it was played in a new world wheresuddenly anything was possible. Marcello and his family used their past life memoriesand their gifts as another tool in their fight.But not Marcello’s memories of his soul’s past journeys, or his newfound giftcould have prepared him for what happened in Fairbanks, Alaska. He had been home

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