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eBook - Wicca - The Craft_Grimoire of Eclectic Magick - Version 2

eBook - Wicca - The Craft_Grimoire of Eclectic Magick - Version 2



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Published by steven

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Published by: steven on Mar 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Copyright © Beltain 2000 by Parker Torrence, All rights reserved, all wrongs returned three fold.
 Version 1.2
 Grimoire Of Eclectic Magick
In 1996, “The Craft” was released in theatersand a new standard for movies aboutwitchcraft was established. This was in partdue to the technical advice of Pat Devin, anElder and the first officer of the SouthernCalifornia local council of C.O.G. (Covenantof the Goddess) established in California in1975, an incorporated, religious, non-profitorganization.
[ In 1996, there were approximately 250,000 Wiccans in the United States. ]
 While much of the technically correctinformation in the movie was a fresh relief formany of us, Hollywood also had filled themovie with the normal amount of specialeffects. You know, the kind that have nothingwhatsoever to do with “real magick.” In thepast few years, large numbers of people afterseeing “The Craft” turned towards Wiccawith the impression that the movie was a realreflection of what they could learn. Thismisconception was further in-forced by anumber of new Televison shows and moreHollywood movies. Never had a little bit oftruth created so much confusion.~ Parker Torrence What is Wicca?"Basically, Wicca is an evolving religion whichoriginated from paganism, the oldest religion inthe world. … It's an earth-oriented religionwhich has a consciousness towards ecology, notdomination of the earth. We are part ofeverything that is going on around us. Humanshave a responsibility for their actions and howthey treat the earth, plants, animals, birds, fishand even rocks.”~Pat Devin
Permission is given for the distribution of this text inelectronic form, with these conditions:
No fees may be charged for the distribution ortransmission of this document, other thanstandard charges for use of transmission lines orelectronic media. Distribution for commercialpurposes or by commercial entities is specifically prohibited.
 All copies distributed must contain the complete,unedited text of the original document and thiscopyright notice.
Persons acquiring this electronic version of thedocument can make one (1) printed copy for theirown personal use. All other rights are retained by the authorCopyright © Beltain 2000 by Parker Torrence, All rights reserved, all wrongs returned three fold.
“Whatever yousend out, comesback times three!”“Whatever yousend out, comesback times three!”
 this work is dedicated  with love to my Lady Wolfrose
 content (
 Grimoire of eclectic Magick
) the Joy of Magick (
Greetings, and welcome to the “Grimoire ofEclectic Magick,” and yes this is a book aboutreal magick! What is Magick, & why read this book?“Magick is the Science and Art of causingChange to occur in conformity with Will.”~ Aleister Crowley Or in more modern terminology:Magick is the methodology of attracting toone’s self, those events required for theachievement of a goal. Read this book if youwant to know the truth about casting a circle,and crafting a spell. Read this book if you wantto learn how to achieve your goals. Read, anddiscover the Joy of Magick! What should you learn/know first?This is just my opinion, but I believe that thesingle most important thing you can learn inregards to magick, is the Wiccan Rede and theThree Fold Law!
Bide the Wiccan Rede you must,In perfect love, in perfect trust.Eight words the Wiccan Law Fulfill:“An it harm none, do as you will.”Lest in your own defense it be,Ever mind the Rule of Three.Follow this with mind and heart,Merry meet, and merry part ….The witches in themovie were not Wiccan, but thereare many Wiccanelements in therituals that they use. I am not Wiccan, but I drawfrom Wiccansources for my rituals. You do nothave to be Wiccanto practice magick,but you do need to understand that Wiccan ornot, you are still governed by the Three Fold Lawof Return.
“Whatever you send outcomes back times three!”“As ye sow, so shallye reap.”
Call it what you like, usewhatever words youwish, but understand allthings move in a circleand you always get backwhat you put out. Itmight not be tomorrow,or next year, butsomewhere down theroad it will come back toyou three fold. Both thegood and the bad. Areyou ready? This too isthe Joy of Magick!
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