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Dark S3du5t10n

Dark S3du5t10n

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Published by Faerye
Dark S3du5t10n
Dark S3du5t10n

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Published by: Faerye on Apr 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 The Past
WHEN CLAIRE AWOKE, it was the dead of night.For one moment, she was disoriented and confused. It was raining heavily outside. She layin a canopied bed in a room she did not recognize. As she blinked in the darkness, she sawa fire in a stone hearth and two small, narrow windows. Instead of glass, iron bars bisectedthem. Through the bars, she saw a torrential night sky. And then she heard him.
Claire…come to me.
 Claire bolted upright, alarmed. Instantly, she recalled Malcolms near brush with death.But he wasnt with her in the room; she didn’t know where he was. Was Malcolm allright? How long had she been unconscious? The sky had been cloudy earlier, but therehadn’t been any sign of rain.
Claire…upstairs…above ye. I need ye
 Claire froze, breathing hard. She was very much alone, but he was using telepathy tocommunicate with her and his thoughts were as clear as if hed spoken them. He wassomewhere above her. She could feel him. Claire faltered, her insides hollowing withterrible urgency.
He was hurt, close to death. They had locked him up somewhere. Shecould save him.
 Claire jumped from the bed. She was warm, but not from the small fire—her blood wasrunning hot in her veins from his potent summons. She had to find him. She was chokingon desperation. Claire tore the brat from her body and flung it aside, but she found norelief from the feverish heat.
She had to be with Malcolm.
Swallowing, she became verystill, listening for him.It took but a moment to get past the sound of her pounding heart. And then she felt historment. He was weak from the battle, his body savagely cut, and he was in pain. He couldnot even sit up. She had to find him. He needed her. He needed to be deep inside her,taking power from her.Claire tensed as heat flared between them. He had heard her. He knew she was comingand he was waiting for her.She looked up at the ceiling. Aidan had told Royce to take Malcolm to a tower. Therewere four towers, one on each corner of the curtain walls of the castle. Both gatehouseshad towers, too, but she was certain he was directly above her. Claire jerked on theneckline of her leine, the linen sticking to her wet skin. It did not become easier to breathe.She ripped the offending gown from her body, panting hard, clad only in her denim skirtand T-shirt.
Where are you?
Claire. Upstairs. Above ye. ’Tis the East Gatehouse.
 She smiled, her heart pounding with renewed urgency.
I am coming.
Claire tried thedoorknob and realized it was locked. She was instantly enraged. They had locked her inthe chamber!
Hurry, lass.
 Claire inhaled and caught his scent. She could smell sex. His lust filled the room from theceiling above. Frenzied, she pulled on the old-fashioned door handle. Her fear had given
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her superhuman strength, because the door blew in, the lock snapping.Panting, she peered into the corridor and saw that it was empty, a single torch burning inone wall sconce. Barefoot, she soundlessly ran up the narrow, winding stone staircase.Her flesh felt as if it might explode from her body if she did not leap into his arms soon.Another landing faced her, one torch burning in the hall. Claire didn’t stop. She went tothe next level, where she found a small round antechamber instead of a corridor. A heavywood door faced her, bolted from the outside, an iron padlock on it.A throbbing tension filled the anteroom.
 He was on the other side of that door, hard and hot, promising her a universe of ecstasy.Claire now knew she would eagerly die for his touch.Claire moaned and found her dagger stuck into the waistband of her skirt, jamming it intothe padlock. In New York City, she would have never been able to pick such a lock. Butnow she viciously thrust the dagger into the lock and it sprang open. Moisture began totrickle down her legs. Claire flung the bolt aside and yanked the door open.His silver gaze slammed into hers.Malcolm lay naked on his back on a pallet at the far wall, a pale linen bandage glaring incontrast against his swarthy skin. His head was turned toward her and he was watchingher carefully. He was fully erect. Claire understood; he had become the hunter lying inwait for her. She was eager to be his prey.Claire wanted to run to him, but at the sight of so much beauty and the anticipation of somuch pleasure, she simply could not move.A smile began as he sat up slowly, grunting with pain. The bandage was stained with redblood. “Come t’ me, Claire.”Claire stumbled forward as he carefully stood, clearly weak from the battle and loss of blood. She caught him, wrapping her arms around him, and when his entire naked bodycame into contact with hers, tears of desire began.“Lass,” he gasped, holding her in a viselike grasp. He flung his head back and his powerfell over her like a huge cloak. Claire was cocooned in warmth that began an invasionfrom the outside, in. She was acutely aware of a soft, sweet draining sensation—and asaware of Malcolm, groaning uncontrollably, head flung even farther back. Suddenly shefelt his terrible pleasure begin.He cried out thickly. “Aye, Claire!”She met his gaze as he seized her arms and she saw the triumphant lust there. He smiledsavagely, spread her thighs, his mouth against hers. He thrust deep, gasping. “Ye taste
A huge wave broke and Claire wept in more pleasure than she had dreamed, but Malcolmmoved now, draining her and coming at the same time, and the wave kept breaking.Lightning comprehension shocked her as the universe became solidly black and filled withexploding stars, each one another one of her climaxes. This time she would be lost in thisgalaxy of endless pleasure, she was never coming out and she didn’t want to. Every climaxwas more violent, more brutal and better than the one before. It didn’t matter. This washow she wanted to die, giving Malcolm her life, while riding his huge hardness intoeternity.His seed streamed and burned. He roared his pleasure as he took her, the sound that of abeast, not a man.
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