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Published by lamnvo
Aikido terminology
Aikido terminology

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Published by: lamnvo on Mar 20, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AikidoJapanese martial art founded by Morihei Ueshiba.aif  .mp 3.wav
AikidokaOne who practices aikido..aif  .mp3.wavMoriheiThe first name of the founder of aikido..aif  .mp3.wavUeshibaThe last name of the founder of aikido..aif  .mp3.wavO-sensei"The great teacher," referring to Morihei Ueshiba..aif  .mp3.wavSenseiTeacher..aif  .mp3.wavSempaiA senior student..aif  .mp3.wavKohaiA junior student..aif  .mp3.wavDomo arigatou gozaimashitaThank you very much..aif  .mp3.wavOnegaishimasuPlease..aif  .mp3.wav
About the DojoTerm Brief Translation Format
DojoTraining hall..aif  .mp3.wavKamidanaThe sacred shrine placed at the front of a dojo training area..aif  .mp3.wavKamizaSee Kamidana..aif  .mp3.wavShomenThe front of the dojo..aif  .mp3.wavTatamiMat..aif  .mp3.wav
ClothingTerm Brief Translation Format
DogiTraining uniform..aif  
.mp3.wavKeikogiTraining uniform..aif  .mp3.wavHakamaDivided skirt worn by aikidoka..aif  .mp3.wavObiThe belt..aif  .mp3.wav
AttacksTerm Brief Translation Format
NageOne who is doing the throwing..aif  .mp3.wavUkeOne who is being thrown..aif  .mp3.wavHanmiTriangular stance..aif  .mp3.wavKamaeStance..aif  .mp3.wavAi hanmiMutual stance..aif  .mp3.wavGyaku hanmiOpposing stance..aif  .mp3.wavHijidoriElbow grab attack..aif  .mp3.wavKatadoriShoulder grab attack..aif  .mp3.wavKatatedoriOne handed grab (same side) attack..aif  .mp3.wavKosadoriOne handed grab (cross-hand) attack..aif  .mp3.wavMunadoriChest grab attack..aif  .mp3.wavMorotedoriTwo hands on one arm grab attack..aif  .mp3.wavRyo tekubitoriGrabbing both wrists attack..aif  
.mp3.wavRyote mochiGrabbing both wrists attack..aif  .mp3.wavRyotedoriGrabbing both wrists attack..aif  .mp3.wavShomenuchiA swinging strike to the top of the head..aif  .mp3.wavKubishimeNeck choke..aif  .mp3.wavYokomen uchiA swinging strike to the side of the head..aif  .mp3.wavMunetsukiChest strike attack..aif  .mp3.wavTsukiThrust, punch..aif  .mp3.wavUshiroBehind..aif  .mp3.wav
TechniquesTerm Brief Translation Format
WazaTechnique..aif  .mp3.wavIrimiEntering movement.aif  .mp3.wavTenkanTurning movement..aif  .mp3.wavOmoteTechniques done with nage in front of uke..aif  .mp3.wavUraTechniques done with nage in back of uke..aif  .mp3.wavHanmi handachiTechniques wherein nage is seated and uke is standing..aif  .mp3.wavSuwari wazaSeated techniques..aif  .mp3.wavTachi wazaStanding techniques..aif  

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