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Plan Your Next Move As CEO ?

Plan Your Next Move As CEO ?

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Published by Abhijit Kar
A simple suggestion to aspiring CEOs !!!
A simple suggestion to aspiring CEOs !!!

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Published by: Abhijit Kar on Mar 20, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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CEO KRAs include 1.Designing a result oriented business model ,2.Building up astrong and dedicated team, 3.Communicate the business goal effectively and finally4.Ensure personal involvement in important activities for dynamic monitoring ofthe developments. .The current state of business environment around the world , demands a continuousperformance transformation to stay ahead of competition and who else other thenthe CEO should lead from the front.Let us now analyze, these four KRAs in the light of contemporary relevance anddraw some useful conclusions...1.Creating a powerful business objective , so that the team members are able toidentify themselves with the cause ,ensuring an extra ordinary level of commitmentto achieve it.Believe me , its the powerful cause or objective ,that drives individuals and actas catalyst to release an unbelievable amount of internal energy. If the CEO isable to design such Cause and strike the chord right ,fifty percent of hisobjective is achieved.Look at Steve Job of Apple ,who changed the face of consumer electronics with theinvention of the iPod and anxiety level of the investors, in view of his currenthealth condition.2.Building up a strong and dedicated team , with the ability to walk an extra milefor achieving the business objective of the organization.Time and again, we have seen the success of a unified team on every professionalplatform and the CEO ,who is able to act effectively as talent manager of theorganization ,achieves another twenty five percent of the objective.Don’t you think ,it was the highly motivated team that Barak Obama built up duringhis election campaign, contributed decisively to his success in achieving thedaunting task of becoming the first Non-White President of United States ofAmerica ? Even as a President ,his relentless effort to build up a Good Team tohelp him govern is a classical example of leadership quality.3.Leading from the front and aligning himself with all dimensions of the objective, maintaining very high level of performance.Mahatma Gandhi’s famous edict, “For things to change, first I must change.” shouldbe the guideline for an effective CEO and he himself must achieve the desiredlevel of performance first, for demanding the same from team members.Latest example of leading from the front is Indian cricket team captain MS Dhoni,who in a short span of time stamped his authority in no uncertain terms ,mainlybecause of his consistent performance, despite having only few years of experiencein international cricket.So this covers another 15%4.Monitoring the progress personally , taking responsibility of the failure andcrediting team members for the success.Failure to accept responsibility of a catastrophe is a failure to lead.CEO shouldrealize that ,accepting the consequences for failure is not a sign of weakness andthe sooner he accept it, the faster he moves forward.Hence,last 10% is achievedwith a dynamic monitoring mechanism.

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