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Laura Anne de Jonge

Laura Anne de Jonge

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Metis businesswoman, Laura de Jonge Ph.D. of Calgary is profiled. She is the daughter of Metis historians George and Terry Goulet.
Metis businesswoman, Laura de Jonge Ph.D. of Calgary is profiled. She is the daughter of Metis historians George and Terry Goulet.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: Lawrence J. Barkwell on Apr 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Laura (Lolly) Anne de Jonge
(née Goulet) Ph. D. (b.1960)
Laura was born on September 2, 1960, the Metis daughter of George R.D. Gouet !herese "!err#$ Gouet, n%e &o#er de a Giroda#. Laura de 'onge was a Senior (ro)e*t Manager, +eath, Safet#, n-ironment  So*ia Responsibiit# at /een n*. Laura is a fami# ad-o*ate, *orporate  so*ia responsibiit#  pra*titioner, fimmaer, and maga3ine founder. Laura 4nne de 'onge at 5on-o*ation with her proud parents George and !err#
Laura is a 1th generation 5anadian M%tis7 a des*endant of  Louis +%bert and Marie  Roet7 5anada8s first permanent *oonia setters. Laura earned a Masters in n-ironment and Management from Ro#a Roads ni-ersit# where she re*ei-ed the 5han*eor:s 4ward for highest a*ademi* performan*e in her program as we as the ;ounders 4ward for the graduating earner in ea*h program who eempifies the <uaities of eadership, sustainabiit#, and persona de-eopment. Laura and her husband, Mie de 'onge, estabished an a*ademi* bursar# at Ro#a Roads. n 2010, Laura was the re*ipient of the  prestigious =.L. Ma*en3ie >ing Memoria !ra-eing S*hoarship, and in 2011, she re*ei-ed a Master8s Degree in +uman De-eopment. Laura has )ust *ompeted a (h.D. in +uman and ?rgani3ationa S#stems from ;ieding Graduate ni-ersit#. She is aso a graduate of  Red Deer 5oege, the ni-ersit# of 5agar# and the 5ertifi*ate (rogram in 5orporate So*ia Responsibiit# at the ni-ersit# of !oronto. 1
 Laura has wored with  /een n*. for o-er fifteen #ears. During her time as the Dire*tor, Goba &usiness (ra*ti*es she ser-ed on the 4d-isor# 5ommittee of the 5orporate thi*s Management 5oun*i for the 5onferen*e &oard of 5anada in addition to ser-ing as the @i*e 5hair of the So*ia Responsibiit# =oring Group of the nternationa (etroeum ndustr# n-ironmenta 5onser-ation 4sso*iation Aa parti*ipant of the &usiness 4*tion for nerg#B whi*h in*uded *hairing the human rights tasfor*e. She has aso sat on the boards of  5anadian  &usiness for So*ia Responsibiit# and the 5agar# So*iet# of ndependent ;immaers where she was aso the (resident. n 200C, Laura produ*ed and dire*ted the fim
What Goes Around Comes Around 
 whi*h was re*ogni3ed b# the 5r#sta @ision 4wards in 200. Laura is an outspoen ad-o*ate who supports natura pregnan*#, *hidbirth and parenting. She pa#ed an a*ti-e roe in a*hie-ing re*ognition of midwifer# as a profession in 4berta in 1992. Laura was re*ogni3ed in the 4berta egisature when the funding of midwifer# ser-i*es was announ*ed in 200E in addition to being one of the donors to estabish the Sandra &otting &ursar# at Mount Ro#a ni-ersit# for students in the &a*heor of Midwifer# degree program. n 2012, Laura and her husband Mie de 'onge, estabished a s*hoarship for 5anadian students attending ;ieding Graduate ni-ersit#. Laura8s wor as a *orporate so*ia responsibiit# pra*titioner was profied in Deb 4bbe#8s  bestseing boo,
Global Profit and Global Justice, Using Your Money to Change the World.
n Ma# 2010, Laura fa*iitated a presentation on the di-ersit# of the 5anadian Lands*ape for the 4berta =omen:s S*ien*e /etwor ?peration Miner-a (ro)e*t F 4borigina Girs (rogram for students from the 5agar# &oard of du*ation, the 5athoi* S*hoo S#stem and the Sisia ;irst   /ation *ommunit#. She is aso the founder of
 pubished b# &irth nimited.
 Select Publications
Creating !hared "alue# Using !ocial Media to $%tend a Cor&oration's Commitment to !ocial  (es&onsibility,
Do*tora Dissertation A201B. A4 *ase stud# of =est'et 4irinesB.
 )ntegrity Program,
=riterDire*tor H!raining @ideosI A/een n*., 200E and 2001 whi*h was transated into three anguages and shown on si *ontinentsB
 $n*ironmental, !ocial and Go*ernance Considerations in +ecision Maing# What Are the  (es&onsibilities of Cor&orate $%ecuti*es-,
Master8s !hesis A200JB. 4-aiabe from (roKuest Dissertations and !heses Database AM /o. 1CJ21J961B.
What Goes Around Comes Around 
=riterDire*tor(rodu*er HShort ;imI, 4 Mo-ing perien*e n*. A200CB7 re*ogni3ed with a 5ertifi*ate of Merit b# the 5r#sta @ision 4wards A200B
 for "erification and Monitorin
, w
ith '. &. M*=iiams, 1J
 =ord (etroeum 5ongress ARio de 'aneiro, &ra3i, 2002B
 )ntegrating Cor&orate !ocial (es&onsibility into a Cor&orate Culture, the uest to $mbed  )ntegrity into the Wor&lace,
=ith Randa G. Gossen and Garr# '. Mann, So*iet# of (etroeum ngineers A>uaa Lumpur, Maa#sia, 2002B D? 10.211EJC09FMS.

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