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Plan for Expanding Sustainable Community Health Centers Ny April 2013

Plan for Expanding Sustainable Community Health Centers Ny April 2013

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Published by: cara12345 on Apr 08, 2013
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April 2013
A Plan for ExpandingSustainableCommunity Health Centersin New York 
Acknowledgements1executive summAry3introduction8expAnding internAl cApAcity 12
Expanding Internal Capacity Through Increasing Productivity
Expanding Internal Capacity Through Filling Provider Vacancies
18increAsing cApAcity through expAnding FQhcs25
Geographic Framework or Planning
Measuring Need and Sustainability
Key Findings
29recommendAtions For expAnding cApAcity oF the existing And Future system37
1. Development o High-Perorming Community-Based Primary Care
2. Primary Care Workorce Recruitment and Retention
3. Access to Aordable Capital
4. Community-Level Planning
46Appendix A:
Measures of Need and Sustainability
 48Appendix B:
Qualitative Methodology
 51Appendix c:
FQHC New Access Points
 53Appendix d:
Other Primary Care Providers in New York
 56Appendix e:
Need and Sustainability Rankings
 62Appendix F:
Data Resources to Support Local Planning
 75ABout the Authors78
A Plan for Expanding Sustainable Community Health Centers in New York 
A Plan for Expanding Sustainable Community Health Centers in New York 
upport or this work was provided by the New York State Health Foundation(NYSHealth). The mission o NYSHealth is to expand health insurance coverage,increase access to high-quality health care services, and improve public andcommunity health. The views presented here are those o the authors and notnecessarily those o the New York State Health Foundation or its directors, ocers, or sta.CHCANYS would especially like to thank David Sandman, PhD, Senior Vice President,and Amy Sherin, Program Ocer, or their leadership and insight throughout the project.
Strategy Group
CHCANYS would like to thank the members o the Strategy Group who provided input onthe design o the project and implementation recommendations and strategies.
J ivy Bff, md
New York Academyo Medicine
l mnay
Program Director 
Health and People withSpecial Needs,New York Community Trust
dav saa, pd
Senior Vice President 
New York StateHealth Foundation
Ja cay m
Ofce o Primary Care
New York StateDepartment o Health
raa n. p
Program Ofcer 
Altman Foundation
Ab sa
Program Ofcer 
Health Foundation o Westernand Central New York
Ay c
Director o Health Services
New York City Ofce othe Deputy Mayor or Healthand Human Services
saa rba
School o Public Healthand Health Services
George Washington University
J uba
President and CEO
Greater RochesterHealth Foundation

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