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Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration Report

Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration Report

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Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration Report
Judicial Watch Special Illegal Immigration Report

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Published by: Judicial Watch, Inc. on Apr 08, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Timeline of the Obama Administration’s Four Year-Long Conspiracy to Grant Amnesty to IllegalAliens by Dismantling Enforcement of Our LawsAgainst Illegal Immigration
 March 1, 2013
Judicial Watch, Inc.
425 Third Street, SW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20024
 A Special Illegal Immigration Report 
    A    P    P    H    O    T    O    S    /    J .    S    C    O    T    T    A    P    P    L    E    W    H    I    T    E    A    P    P    H    O    T    O    /    L    E    F    T    E    R    I    S    P    I    T    A    R    A    K    I    S
(L-R) PresidentBarack Obama,U.S. AttorneyGeneral Eric Holder,U.S. Secretary of Homeland SecurityJanet Napolitano,U.S. Immigration andCustoms EnforcementDirector John Morton
Today the Obama Administration and leading Republicans and Democrats in Con-gress are discussing plans for “comprehensive immigration reform.” All these plans in-clude some form of a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens currently in the United States.What is not being discussed today is the 800-pound gorilla in Washington…the cra-ven, conscious, politically-driven efforts of the Obama administration to get to amnestyfor illegal aliens by
agrantly undermining, ignoring, violating, and otherwise refusing toenforce existing laws against illegal immigration.That is because the Obama administration has been engaged for the past four yearsin a conspiracy…led by President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Homeland SecuritySecretary Janet Napolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Morton…to achieve amnesty for illegal aliens whether Congress acts or not.Therefore, we believe the current debate over legislation in Congress is a sideshow.There can be little doubt, that even if passed by Congress, any new enforcement provi-sions will be utterly meaningless since President Obama has already made it clear in athousand different ways and over four years that he does not care about his constitutionalobligation to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress and signed into law.In this report is an analysis of the extent the Obama administration has been willing togo to deceive Americans into accepting unprecedented executive branch immigration lawrewrites and changes in immigration processing to fail to ful
ll their federal responsibilityto enforce United States immigration law. We owe a debt of gratitude to Senator Jeff Ses-sions and his staff, as well as the Federation for Immigration Reform (F.A.I.R.) for their roles for seperately producing this educational material.Judicial Watch presents this Special Report to lay out in black and white the extent of this conspiracy.Thomas Fitton, President
For the past four years the Obama administration has been engaged in a conspiracy ledby President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary JanetNapolitano and Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director John Morton to achieveamnesty for illegal aliens whether Congress acts on legislation or not.
Introduction by Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton
The conspiracy by the Obama Administration to grant amnesty to millions of illegalaliens by whatever means, constitutional or otherwise, in the United States began withindays of Barack Obama’s
rst inauguration. The following timeline outlines the extentof this conspiracy to get to amnesty through public lobbying and behind-closed-doorsdecisions to stop, disrupt and otherwise dismantle all enforcement of laws against illegalimmigration.
January 29: Napolitano Delays E-Verify Requirements forFederal Contractors
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitanodelays the implementation of a rule requiring federal contractors withcontracts over $100,000 to use the E-Verify program from February 20 toMay 21. The rule was promulgated to comply with executive order 13465 byPresident George W. Bush, which directed federal agencies to require thosethey contract with to verify the work authorization of their employees. Theoriginal deadline for the rule’s implementation was January 15, 2009, but itwas delayed due to a lawsuit
led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
February 18: President Expresses Support for Amnesty
While appearing on a Spanish language radio show, the President reasserts hissupport for granting widespread amnesty to illegal aliens. He also acknowledges that“politically, it’s going to be tough” and says “some wonderful people on my WhiteHouse staff” are already working on this issue.
April 30: DHS Stops Effective Worksite Raids, Switches to Audits
ICE issues new enforcement guidelines for all of its agents in the
eld. The newguidelines came as no surprise, given that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitanoannounced after the successful enforcement action in Bellingham, Washington, that her Department would reexamine ICE’s procedures more closely. While the guidelines focuson the need to criminally prosecute employers who hire illegal aliens, they do not offer anything new with respect to enforcement against employees.
November 13: Napolitano Lays Out Three-Step Immigration Plan, Step 1: Amnesty
DHS Secretary Napolitano describes the Obama Administration’s vision of immigration reform as a “three-legged stool” in a speech at the pro-amnesty think tank Center for American Progress. The so-called “stool” consists of : (1) a mass amnesty for the approximately 12 million illegal aliens currently living in the U.S.; (2) “improvedlegal
ows for families and workers,” which means a dramatic increase in immigration;and (3) empty promises of “serious and effective enforcement.”
Timeline to Backdoor Amnesty, 2009-2013
U.S. Secretary of Homeland SecurityJanet Napolitano
 Backdoor Amnesty Timeline

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