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State Assessment, Nagel

State Assessment, Nagel

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Published by Elizabeth Barber
2005 State Assessment
2005 State Assessment

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Published by: Elizabeth Barber on Apr 08, 2013
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Building Information - Forest Hills Local SD (47340) - Nagel Middle School (135830) 
 Program Type: Assessment OnlySetting: SuburbanAssessment Name:135830-Nagel Middle-FINALAssessment Date:2004-07-12Cost Set:2004Building Name:Nagel Middle SchoolBuilding Address:1500 Nagel RoadBuilding City:CincinnatiBuilding Zipcode:45255Building Phone:513-474-5407Acreage:35Current Grades:7-8Teaching Stations:72Number of Floors:2Student Capacity:1184Current Enrollment:1209Enrollment Date:2003-10-01Enrollment Date is the date in which the current enrollment was taken.Number of Classrooms:64Historical Register
 Buildings Principal:Dona GardnerBuilding Type: MiddleCurrent Elementary Enrollment:0Current Middle Enrollment:1209Current High Enrollment:0Current Career Technical Enrollment:0Next Page
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Building Pictures - Forest Hills Local SD(47340) - Nagel Middle School(135830) 
North elevation photo:East elevation photo:South elevation photo:West elevation photo:
Total Existing Square Footage
Building Dates
Current Enrollment
Teaching Stations
Site AcreageNagel Middle School, which is not on the National Register of Historic Buildings, is a 1999, two story, 168,346 square foot brick and stone school building located in a suburbanresidential setting. The existing facility does not use modular buildings. The exterior wall construction of the facility is load-bearing masonry insulated cavity walls or steel framewith masonry insulated cavity wall infill. Interior walls are of load-bearing concrete masonry unit type wall construction or non-load-bearing metal stud and gypsum board partitions.The floor system consists of concrete slab on grade lower floors and concrete on metal form deck on steel beams for the second floor framing. The roof structure is a combinationof steel trusses and steel joists. The roofing system of the facility is approximately 80% standing seam metal and 20% adhered membrane, installed in 1999. The ventilationsystem of the building is inadequate to meet the needs of the users. The classrooms are undersized in terms of the current standards established by the State of Ohio. PhysicalEducation and Student Dining spaces consist of 8,950 SF Primary Gymnasium with 3,890 SF Auxiliary Gymnasium and separate Student Dining that is built in a cafetorium style.The electrical system for the facility is adequate. The facility is equipped with a compliant security system. The building has a compliant automatic fire alarm system. The facility isequipped with a compliant automated fire suppression system. The building does not contain asbestos or other hazardous materials. The overall building is compliant with ADAaccessibility requirements. The school is located on a 35 acre site adjacent to residential properties. The property and athletic facilities are not fenced for security. Access onto thesite is unrestricted. Site circulation is fair. There is dedicated space for school buses to load and unload on the site. Parking for staff, visitors and community events is adequate inquantity but somewhat remote from the building.
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