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The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

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Published by Vampire
by William Shakespeare

This Etext file is presented by Project Gutenberg, in
cooperation with World Library, Inc., from their Library of the
Future and Shakespeare CDROMS

by William Shakespeare

This Etext file is presented by Project Gutenberg, in
cooperation with World Library, Inc., from their Library of the
Future and Shakespeare CDROMS

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Published by: Vampire on Mar 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This Etext file is presented by Project Gutenberg, incooperation with World Library, Inc., fro their Library of the!uture and "ha#espeare $%&'(". Project Gutenberg often releasesEtexts that are )'T placed in the Public %oain**+This Etext has certain copyright iplications you should read*+T-I" ELE$T&')I$ E&"I') '! T-E $'(PLETE W'&/" '! WILLI0("-0/E"PE0&E I" $'P1&IG-T 233452336 71 W'&L% LI7&0&1, I)$., 0)% I"P&'I%E% 71 P&'8E$T G9TE)7E&G WIT- PE&(I""I'). ELE$T&')I$ 0)%(0$-I)E &E0%07LE $'PIE" (01 7E %I"T&I79TE% "' L')G 0" "9$- $'PIE":2; 0&E !'& 1'9& '& 'T-E&" PE&"')0L 9"E ')L1, 0)% :<; 0&E )'T%I"T&I79TE% '& 9"E% $'((E&$I0LL1. P&'-I7ITE% $'((E&$I0L%I"T&I79TI') I)$L9%E" 71 0)1 "E&I$E T-0T $-0&GE" !'& %'W)L'0%TI(E '& !'& (E(7E&"-IP.==+Project Gutenberg is proud to cooperate with The World Library+in the presentation of The $oplete Wor#s of Willia "ha#espearefor your reading for education and entertainent. -'WEE&, T-I"I" )EIT-E& "-0&EW0&E )'& P97LI$ %'(0I). . .0)% 9)%E& T-E LI7&0&1'! T-E !9T9&E $')%ITI')" '! T-I" P&E"E)T0TI'). . .)' $-0&GE" (017E (0%E !'& +0)1+ 0$$E"" T' T-I" (0TE&I0L. 1'9 0&E E)$'9&0GE%**T' GIE IT 0W01 T' 0)1')E 1'9 LI/E, 79T )' $-0&GE" 0&E 0LL'WE%**++Welcoe To The World of !ree Plain anilla Electronic Texts++++Etexts &eadable 7y 7oth -uans and 7y $oputers, "ince 23>2+++These Etexts Prepared 7y -undreds of olunteers and %onations+Inforation on contacting Project Gutenberg to get Etexts, andfurther inforation is included below. We need your donations.The $oplete Wor#s of Willia "ha#espeareThe Tragedy of &oeo and 8uliet)o?eber, 233> @Etext A222<BThe Library of the !uture $oplete Wor#s of Willia "ha#espeareLibrary of the !uture is a Trade(ar# :T(; of World Library Inc.++++++This file should be naed 2ws2C24.txt or 2ws2C24.Dip+++++$orrected E%ITI')" of our etexts get a new )9(7E&, 2ws2C22.txtE&"I')" based on separate sources get new )9(7E&, <ws2C24.txtThe official release date of all Project Gutenberg Etexts is at(idnight, $entral Tie, of the last day of the stated onth. 0preliinary ?ersion ay often be posted for suggestion, coentand editing by those who wish to do so. To be sure you ha?e anup to date first edition @xxxxx24x.xxxB please chec# file siDesin the first wee# of the next onth.Inforation about Project Gutenberg :one page;We produce about two illion dollars for each hour we wor#. Thefifty hours is one conser?ati?e estiate for how long it we ta#eto get any etext selected, entered, proofread, edited, copyrightsearched and analyDed, the copyright letters written, etc. Thisprojected audience is one hundred illion readers. If our ?alueper text is noinally estiated at one dollar, then we produce <illion dollars per hour this year we, will ha?e to do four text
files per onth thus upping our producti?ity fro one illion.The Goal of Project Gutenberg is to Gi?e 0way 'ne Trillion Etext!iles by the %eceber 62, <442. @24,444 x 244,444,444FTrillionBThis is ten thousand titles each to one hundred illion readers,which is 24 of the expected nuber of coputer users by the endof the year <442.We need your donations ore than e?er*0ll donations should be ade to HProject Gutenberg$(9H, and aretax deductible to the extent allowable by law :H$(9H is $arnegie(ellon 9ni?ersity;.Please ail toProject GutenbergP. '. 7ox <>J<$hapaign, IL C2J<K1ou can ?isit our web site at proo.net for coplete inforationabout Project Gutenberg.When all other else fails try our Executi?e %irectordircopgpobox.co or hartpobox.co++++++++Inforation prepared by the Project Gutenberg legal ad?isor+++++++ "(0LL P&I)T* for $'(PLETE "-0/E"PE0&E +++++T-I" ELE$T&')I$ E&"I') '! T-E $'(PLETE W'&/" '! WILLI0("-0/E"PE0&E I" $'P1&IG-T 233452336 71 W'&L% LI7&0&1, I)$.,0)% I" P&'I%E% 71 P&'8E$T G9TE)7E&G ETEMT '!$0&)EGIE (ELL') 9)IE&"IT1 WIT- PE&(I""I')."ince unli#e any other Project Gutenberg5t etexts, this etextis copyright protected, and since the aterials and ethods youuse will effect the ProjectNs reputation, your right to copy anddistribute it is liited by the copyright and other laws, and bythe conditions of this H"all Print*H stateent.2. LI$E)"E 0; 1'9 (01 :0)% 0&E E)$'9&0GE%; T' %I"T&I79TE ELE$T&')I$ 0)%(0$-I)E &E0%07LE $'PIE" '! T-I" ETEMT, "' L')G 0" "9$- $'PIE":2; 0&E !'& 1'9& '& 'T-E&" PE&"')0L 9"E ')L1, 0)% :<; 0&E )'T%I"T&I79TE% '& 9"E% $'((E&$I0LL1. P&'-I7ITE% $'((E&$I0L%I"T&I79TI') I)$L9%E" 71 0)1 "E&I$E T-0T $-0&GE" !'& %'W)L'0%TI(E '& !'& (E(7E&"-IP. 7; This license is subject to the conditions that you honorthe refund and replaceent pro?isions of this Hsall print*HstateentO and that you distribute exact copies of this etext,including this "all Print stateent. "uch copies can becopressed or any proprietary for :including any for resultingfro word processing or hypertext software;, so long as+EIT-E&+ :2; The etext, when displayed, is clearly readable, and does +not+ contain characters other than those intended by the author of the wor#, although tilde :;, asteris# :+; and underline :Q; characters ay be used to con?ey punctuation intended by the author, and additional characters ay be used to indicate hypertext lin#sO '&
 :<; The etext is readily con?ertible by the reader at no expense into plain 0"$II, E7$%I$ or eRui?alent for by the progra that displays the etext :as is the case, for instance, with ost word processors;O '& :6; 1ou pro?ide or agree to pro?ide on reRuest at no additional cost, fee or expense, a copy of the etext in plain 0"$II.<. LI(ITE% W0&&0)T1O %I"$L0I(E& '! %0(0GE"This etext ay contain a H%efectH in the for of incoplete,inaccurate or corrupt data, transcription errors, a copyright orother infringeent, a defecti?e or daaged dis#, coputer ?irus,or codes that daage or cannot be read by your eRuipent. 7utfor the H&ight of &eplaceent or &efundH described below, theProject :and any other party you ay recei?e this etext fro asa P&'8E$T G9TE)7E&G5t etext; disclais all liability to you fordaages, costs and expenses, including legal fees, and 1'9 -0E)' &E(E%IE" !'& )EGLIGE)$E '& 9)%E& "T&I$T LI07ILIT1, '& !'&7&E0$- '! W0&&0)T1 '& $')T&0$T, I)$L9%I)G 79T )'T LI(ITE% T'I)%I&E$T, $')"ES9E)TI0L, P9)ITIE '& I)$I%E)T0L %0(0GE", EE) I!1'9 GIE )'TI$E '! T-E P'""I7ILIT1 '! "9$- %0(0GE".If you disco?er a %efect in this etext within 34 days of recei?5ing it, you can recei?e a refund of the oney :if any; you paidfor it by sending an explanatory note within that tie to theperson you recei?ed it fro. If you recei?ed it on a physicalediu, you ust return it with your note, and such person aychoose to alternati?ely gi?e you a replaceent copy. If yourecei?ed it electronically, such person ay choose toalternati?ely gi?e you a second opportunity to recei?e itelectronically.T-I" ETEMT I" 'T-E&WI"E P&'I%E% T' 1'9 H0"5I"H. )' 'T-E&W0&&0)TIE" '! 0)1 /I)%, EMP&E"" '& I(PLIE%, 0&E (0%E T' 1'9 0"T' T-E ETEMT '& 0)1 (E%I9( IT (01 7E '), I)$L9%I)G 79T )'TLI(ITE% T' W0&&0)TIE" '! (E&$-0)T07ILIT1 '& !IT)E"" !'& 0P0&TI$9L0& P9&P'"E. "oe states do not allow disclaiers of iplied warranties or the exclusion or liitation of conseRuen5tial daages, so the abo?e disclaiers and exclusions ay notapply to you, and you ay ha?e other legal rights.6. I)%E()IT1 1ou will indenify and hold the Project, itsdirectors, officers, ebers and agents harless fro all lia5bility, cost and expense, including legal fees, that arisedirectly or indirectly fro any of the following that you do orcause @0B distribution of this etext, @7B alteration,odification, or addition to the etext, or @$B any %efect.. W-0T I! 1'9 +W0)T+ T' "E)% (')E1 EE) I! 1'9 %')NT -0E T'UProject Gutenberg is dedicated to increasing the nuber of public doain and licensed wor#s that can be freely distributedin achine readable for. The Project gratefully acceptscontributions in oney, tie, scanning achines, '$& software,public doain etexts, royalty free copyright licenses, andwhate?er else you can thin# of. (oney should be paid to HPro5 ject Gutenberg 0ssociation  $arnegie (ellon 9ni?ersityH.W&ITE T' 9"* We can be reached at Internet hartpobox.co (ail Prof. (ichael -art P.'. 7ox <>J< $hapaign, IL C2J<K

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