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Left Gatekeepers Part 2

Left Gatekeepers Part 2

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Published by Timothy
Left Gatekeepers are people who claim to be liberals, but are establishment supporters just like the neo cons. This work exposes their agenda and their connections to groups from the CIA to the various Foundations. They aren't cuttingedge. They are supporters of the U.N., anti-gun policies, and anti-life policies.
Left Gatekeepers are people who claim to be liberals, but are establishment supporters just like the neo cons. This work exposes their agenda and their connections to groups from the CIA to the various Foundations. They aren't cuttingedge. They are supporters of the U.N., anti-gun policies, and anti-life policies.

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Published by: Timothy on Mar 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Left Gatekeepers Part 2
I’ve decided to write more information about Left Gatekeepers. They are those people that claimthat they are liberals, but support the agenda of the establishment.Many of them are funded bythe CIA and other Big Foundations. One of the biggest controlled opposition left gate keepinggroups is called the Daily Kos. The Daily Kos have been known for intimidating Democrats evenPresidential candidates to follow their agenda. They have use character assassination against
those that disagree with them just like neo conservatives have done. They are radically liberal.The famous leader of the Kos is Markos Alberto
Moulitsas Zúñiga. Zuniga admitted that he spent 6months in the employ of the CIA in 2001. Also, Moulitsas said that he was a CIA employee and has noproblem with working for them in the present. We do know that the CIA have been complicit in votingfraud, assassinations, overthrowing governments (in Iran, Guatemala, Indonesia, etc.) instigating violentRevolutions, war crimes (like
Operation Phoenix during the Vietnam War
). and other evils since itsinception in 1947. According to John Stockwell, who is the former CIA Station Chief in Angola, the CIAmurdered more than 6,000,000 people in the world. Moulitsas considers the CIA “a very liberalinstitution,” which is very funny. The CIA isn’t liberal or conservative, but corporate and authoritarian(The CIA’s predecessor was the OSS or the Overseas Secret Service). Vatican agent William Donovanwas a leading member of the OSS.The OSS imported Nazis to come into America to work for the CIAunder General Reinhard Gehlen. Klaus Barbie (’the Butcher of Lyon’), Otto von Bolschwing (theHolocaust mastermind who worked closely with Eichmann) and, SS Colonel Otto Skorzeny have allworked for the CIA according to author Mark Zepezauer (who wrote the “CIA’s Greatest Hits” book on1994 form Odonian Press).
So, the Central Intelligence Agency was created by theOSS, the Nazis, and the Vatican (via their Knights of Malta. That is whyhistorically many CIA leaders were members of the SMOMs like William Casey).
Some accuse the CIA of financing the P2 Masonic Lodge (this Lodge worked with the Vatican and theMafia. They are suspected of being involved in Operation Gladio). Operation Gladio also involved NATOin killing people, doing assassinations, etc. of those suspected of being a “Communist” inside thecontinent of Europe.Among the executives who lent their cooperation to the Agency were
WilliamPaley of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Henry Luce of Time Inc., Arthur Hays Sulzberger ofthe New York Times, Barry Bingham Sr. of the Louisville Courier-Journal, and James Copley ofthe Copley News Service. The Daily Kos is a sophisticated controlled opposition that claims towant liberty, but endorses the war on terror (as supported by their allies Hillary Clinton andBarack Obama)
in Afghanistan, political agitation, increased funding to the Pentagon, and pure rhetoricin support of the left/right paradigm. The CIA is known for infiltrating organizations. Barrie Zwicker havebeen one of the experts in exposing the Left Gatekeepers.The Left gatekeepers refuse to expose the official story of 9/11 since we have a right to expose theinconsistencies about the official story about the September 11
attacks. Some of the entities that dothis are
The Nation 
Z magazine 
The Progressive 
Mother Jones 
, Alternative Radio. The evidence ofPtech, NORAD standing down, the government foreknowledge of the 9/11 attacks, witnesses hearingexplosives in the Twin Towers (The work ofSteven Jones, who is a physics professor for 20 years,deals with a published draft of an article entitled, “Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?” in late2005.
This works puts up the view that thermite was involved in the destruction of the TwinTowers), Building Number Seven’s mysterious collapse, how the CIA & ISI funded the al-Qaedanetwork for decades, and how the government (via the Air Force, CIA, NORAD and NationalReconnaissance Office) conducted wargames similar to 9/11 on 9/11 are facts that totallydestroy the official story of 9/11.9/11 was exploited by the establishment not only to gain oilresources, but to establish a globalized new world order (as mentioned by tons of elitists fromCFR member Gary Hart to David Rockefeller).The Nation, Z and Fairness and Accuracy inReporting attacked independent investigators who are piecing together the evidence, instead ofhelping those who have done the best work.
The 9/11 Faith Movement 
byJuly Terry Allen, of the Independent Media Institute trying to use red herrings in demonizingthose who reject the official story of 9/11. Alexander Cockburn has a longstanding habit ofbashing the "conspiracy theorists" in his
publication. Since 2006 though,more real liberals have been getting their eyes open to the facts on 9/11 Truth
. David Corn(including John Foster "Chip" Berlet) is another left gatekeeper that has demonized people who believethat 9/11 was an inside job. Corn wrote a biography about CIA dirty trickster Ted Shackley called "BlondGhost," which sidestepped the allegations about Shackley's involvement in the heroin trade during theVietnam War. Even the New York Times had to apologize to Allen Ginsberg many years ago for callinghim nuts for making the CIA-heroin allegation - and the CIA 1998 inspector general report essentiallyconfirmed that Gary Webb had been correct. Gary Webb proved that the CIA worked with Contras tosell cocaine into America. David Corn even criticized some peace rallies. Bill Maher is another left
gatekeeper. He spews lies about religion, but there has never been conclusive evidence to disprove theexistence of God at all.
Pro-population expert Steven Mosher was unfairly demonized by an author from the HuffingtonPost (whose chief supporter and leader is Arianna Huffington). The Huffington Post is a typicalleft gatekeeping clique of people that's allied with Bilderberger and CFR member George Soros.The Huffington Post promotes the establishment's agenda of anti-gun laws, abortion, morecentralized big government, and the war on terror.They are a corporate media machinemasquerading as an independent source of political dialogue. Christina Page from theHuffington Post wrote an ad hominem filled article about the UNFPA (or the UN PopulationFund).
Page claimed that pro-life people are lying about the pro-forced abortion policy of UNFPA andtheir opposition to corporate pro-CFR puppet Hillary Clinton.
She claimed that pro-life people areslandering the UNFPA, which is a lie of course. Christina Page use derogatory language likesaying that pro-life people are apart of the pro-lie movement and she called those that love lifeas swirl eyed lunatics. These are sick intimidation tactics. Yet, these ad hominem attacks fromthe liar Christina Page will never crush the Pro-Life Movement at all.Pro-Life people exist fromacross the political spectrum. Page claimed that the UNFPA is helping China to relax its coerciveone child policy. Thetruth is that Steven Mosher's PRI (or Population Research Institute) grouphave used tapes, written testimonies from dozens of witnesses, etc. to document how theUNFPA was complicit in the forced abortion procedures in China. Even the non-conservativeColin Powell sent an investigation team into China.They validated the finding of UNFPA's badpolicies and that is why Bush didn't fund the UNFPA (which was created in 1969). The UNFPApromotes depopulation and Steve Mosher documented how they have been involved in forcedsterilizations (not just forced abortions. Mosher and his PRI team did an investigation in 2001.They found witnesses like 3 women that said that the UNFPA did forced abortion. A victim toldPRI that she hid to prevent a forced abortion. PRI sent evidence of UNFPA's forced coercion tothe United States). He has made many Youtube videos on this issue.The PRI has beeninvestigating the UNFPA since 1989.According to Mosher (and a report), in the early 1990's, theformer dictator of Peru named Alberto Fujlmori instituted a forced sterilization campaign.TheUNFPA was appointed by Fujimori as the Technical Secretary of the campaign. Fuimori calledthis program the National Population Program (which called over 300,000 Peruvian women to besterilization). This is why it is illegal to have the US government to fund NGOs that have forcedabortions and forced sterilization programs. Now, I'm not ashamed of being Pro-Life at all.
TheGatekeeping groups are again funded by the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Carlyle Group, etc. viabig Foundations (like Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie, MacArthur, Schumann, Soros’ clique, and others).The following is more information about the gatekeepers who reside in the 21

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