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Published by Sonali Fox
Swami Sivananda - Practice of Ayurveda
Swami Sivananda - Practice of Ayurveda

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Published by: Sonali Fox on Apr 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AYURVEDIC PREPARATIONS EXPLAINEDChapter XXI(Nirmana Vivarana)ChoornaChoorna or powders are prepared by pounding drysubstances in a mortar with a pestle and passing the powderthrough a fine cloth.Kvatha (Quath)Kvatha or decoctions are prepared by boiling one part ofvegetable substances with sixteen parts of water, till the latteris reduced to one fourth. The medicines should be poundedsmall, then boiled over a slow fire. The decoction should bestrained through a cloth. Decoctions are administered withthe addition of salt, honey, sugar, treacle.AvalehaAvaleha or extract. Decoctions after being strained areagain boiled down to the consistence of a thick extract.Extracts are administered with the addition of sugar.Vatika and GutikaThey are pills and boluses. They are prepared by reducinga decoction of vegetable substances to a thick consistenceand then adding some powders for making a pill-mass.Sometimes pill-masses are made of powdered medicines withthe addition of treacle or honey.ModakaModaka are boluses prepared by adding powders to coldsyrup and stirring them together till uniformly mixed. Noboiling needed in this preparation.158PRACTICE OF AYURVEDAAsava and ArishtaThey are medicated liquors. They are prepared fromhoney and treacle with the addition of various medicinalsubstances. They are all steeped in water and put aside inearthen jars for vinous fermentation. When raw medicinalsubstances are used for fermentation, the resulting fluid iscalled Asava. When the decoction of drugs only is added, thefermented liquor is called Arishta.They are heating, stimulating, easily digested andstomachic.Medicated Oils and Ghritas
These are decoctions of vegetable drugs in oil or Ghrita(ghee or clarified butter). The Ghritas are used internally.The oils are rubbed on the body.They are prepared by boiling vegetable drugs in ghee oroil with the addition of water, milk or a decoction of drugs.DravakaThis is a distilled mineral acid. A number of mineralsubstances of salts are heated in a retort and the distilledfluid is collected in a glass-reservoir.Sankadravaka and Svalpadravaka are examples.Seeta KashayaThis is a cold infusion. This is prepared by steeping onepart of a drug in six parts of water for the night and strainingthe fluid in the morning.PhantaThey are infusions prepared by steeping one part ofpowered herbs in 8 parts of hot water for 12 hours during thenight. Strain the liquid.SvarasaThis is expressed juice prepared by pounding vegetablesin a mortar expressing the juice and straining it through cloth.AYURVEDIC PREPARATIONS EXPLAINED159KalkaThis is a paste prepared by grinding dry or fresh vegetablesubstances on a stone with a muller and then making a thinpaste with the addition of water if necessary.KhandapakaThese are confections. They are made by adding to syrupmedicines in fine powder and stirring them over the fire tillultimately mixed and reduced to proper consistence. Honeyis subsequently added to confections. Syrup may be madewith sugar and water or milk or the strained decoction ofsome medicinal substances.Ayuryedic PreparationsArishta, Asava is a fermented drink of honey, syrup andwater with various medicinal stuffs.Bhasma is an oxide of metal or jewel.Choorna is a powder pounded in a mortar and is strained
through a piece of cloth.Choornarishta is mixed with a powder.Ghrita is a medicinal preparation with cow
s ghee. It is forinternal use.Gutika is a ball.Kashaya, Kvatha is a decoction of 4 to 16 parts of waterwith one part of medicine. The mixture is boiled until onefourth remains.Kalka is a paste of a plant bruised on a stone.Kanjika is a fermented rice-gruel.Kanjika guda is a mixture with syrup.Kanjika lavana is a mixture with salt.Lehya, Avalehya is a licking substance or confectionconsisting of thick extracts from plants with addition of sugar.Lepa is an ointment.Modaka is sweet, uncooked pill.160PRACTICE OF AYURVEDAPutapaka is a roasted vegetable medicine. The stuffs areturned into a ball which is enveloped in leaves strungtogether and is covered with a layer of mud. The whole isroasted. Then the shell is broken and the roasted medicine isgiven either as a pill or a powder, or its extract as juice withhoney.Parpati is like a pappad.Pak is like mysore pak, cake or chocolate.Rasa is a mercurial preparation.Svarasa is a natural juice, which is produced in a mortarby pounding fresh plants.Taila is a medicinal preparation with oil. It is for externaluse.Varti is suppository.Vatika is a pill.Yavagu is a meal sauce with an addition of medicinalstuff.ARISHTASDose: V2 to 2 tolas (1 oz.) twice a day after meals

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