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Flash Tools

Flash Tools

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Nota untuk kursus di Pusat Latihan AADK
Nota untuk kursus di Pusat Latihan AADK

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Published by: PUSATLATIHAN on Apr 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to select an object using "Selection Tool".
First draw an rectangle using the "Rectangle Tool".
Choose the "Selection Tool" from the tool bar.
Drag on the image to create a rectangular box for selection andthen, move the selected rectangle.
Double click on the object to move the object as it is.
To move just the fill color area, click on the "fill color area" to move it.
To move the "Stroke area", click on the Stroke area alone.
To move the whole object, click above the object and drag it.
Line Tool
is used to draw straight lines by clicking on the starting point then dragging till theend point.
Line Tool:
 How to use the "Line Tool".
Select the "Line Tool" from the tool bar.
Click on the starting point of the line and drag it to end point of the straight line.
By pressing down the "Shift" key while drawing a line snaps its either vertically orhorizontally.
Here we have used the shift key to draw a horizontal line.
Free Transform Tool
lets you to Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort images or shapes.
Free Transform Tool:
 When this tool is used for an selected object a bounding box appears around the image using whichthe image can be changed as you wish.The above video teaches you how to use them in Flash.
Place an rectangle image on the "Stage" or "Stage Window".
First select the rectangle image then use the "Free Transform Tool", only then the boundingbox appears on the image.
Just select the "Free Tranform Tool" from the Tool Bar.
Using the handles or dots on the boundig box drag image to expand it.
When the mouse is moved over these handles the mouse cursor changes.
The mouse cursor changes to "double headed arrow" or to a "a circle with arrow" etc.
When the mouse is moved on the corners, the mouse cursor changes to "a circle with a arrow",use it to rotate an image.
If the mouse cursor is a "double headed arrow" use it to drag the image.
So a Free Transform Tool can be used to make changes like Scale, Rotate, Skew, Distort
images or shapes as you require.
Oval Tool
is used to draw circle or oval shapes on the "Stage Window".
Oval Tool:
 How to use the Oval Tool
Select the "Oval Tool" from the toolbar.
Click on the stage and drag the mouse to draw a circle or an oval shape.
Press the "Shift" key while dragging the mouse to draw a perfect circle.
Select the "Selection tool" from the "Tool-Bar".
Simply select the image to change the color.
Use the "Fill color", "Stroke color" options to change the colors of the image.
Text Tool/Text Editor
is used to create an editable text object.
Text Tool:
 Using this text editor tool, an object can be created and the font, type, color, style can bechanged.
Select the "Text Tool" from the toolbar on the left.
Click on the stage to type, say something like "www.hscripts.com".
Use the "Selection Tool" from the tool bar to select the text typed in.
From the "Properties Window", choose the type between "Static", "Dynamic", "Input".
The "Static" is chosen, if the text is used as a label text.
The "Dynamic" option lets to get data from another file using a code dynamically.
The "Input" option makes the text object to get an input text.
In the properties window, the font type, size, color, style can also be changed.
Superscript or subscript text can also be done using this window.
Even an hyperlink can be included .
The "target" drop down enables to choose how to open the hyperlink with choices like"blank","parent" etc.
Pencil Tool
is used in the same way that you would use a real pencil for drawing.
Pencil Tool:
 It has got three options like "ink", "straighten", "smooth".
Choose the "Pencil Tool" from the tool bar.
Using this simply draw some lines.
Now choose the option "Straighten" from the "Tool Bar" below.
Using this option the curves in the image will be straightened.
Select the option "Smooth" from the bottom of the "Tool Bar" now.
When the image is drawn using this option, the sharp curves will smoothened to an extendautomatically.
Now select the option "ink" from the "Tool Bar".
Try drawing using this option to have the exact image as drawn.
"Brush Tool"
in flash can be used to paint drawings with different shapes, sizes.
Using Brush Tool:
 In the above video we have explained the basic techniques that can be used with Brush Tool
Select the "Brush Tool" from the toolbar.
Select the size of the brush from the bottom of the tool bar.
Just draw an image, also try with a different sizes.
The other option available with brush tool is the shapes.
In defaul there are different shapes, try drawing in all the brushes shape.
Ink bottle Tool
is used to produce the outline or the stroke color whereas, the
Paint Bucket Tool
 is used to fill the color in an area of an image.
Ink Bottle, Paint Bucket Tools:
 How to use the "Ink bottle", "Paint Bucket" Tools.
Use the rectangle tool to draw an rectangle with a stroke size of "10" pixels.
Change the "Stroke Color" in the ToolBar.
Select the "Ink Bottle Tool" from the Toolbar,click on the stroketo change the color.
This tool works only if it is used in a stroke area and not in a fill area.
Now to change the "fill" color, select the "Paint Bucket Tool" from the ToolBar to Changethe fill color of the rectangle image.
Both these tools are similar, but they work differentlyon the "stroke area" and the "fill area".
Eyedropper Tool
is used to choose the exact color as in an image. A Color Picker tool is anapplication used for the purposes of extracting color from an image.
Eyedropper Tool:
 How to use the eye dropper tool.
Choose the "Eyedropper" or also color picker Tool from the "Tool Bar".
Click on the portion of the image whose color is required.
The color chosen by this tool is displayed in the fill color box.
The same color gets displayed in the properties window of the "Eye Dropper" tool also.

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