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Lampstand Catholic Magazine Winter 2009

Lampstand Catholic Magazine Winter 2009

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Published by arulforyou
Lampstand Catholic Magazine Winter 2009
Lampstand Catholic Magazine Winter 2009

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Published by: arulforyou on Apr 09, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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For Friends and Supporters of Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation
Salt + light’S inluencearound the world
By Brndan Collins, Sminarian and FormrIntrn, Salt + Light TlvisionI am a studnt at th Irish Collg in Rom,in my scond yar o thological studis atth Pontical Univrsity o St. Thomas. Thisis my ourth yar o sminary ormation, thrst two yars wr spnt at th DiocsanSminary – St. Malachy’s Collg, Blast.So, why th pristhood? I am rom a towncalld Omagh in Northrn Irland whr Iwas brought up by my parnts in a Catholichom, with my two brothrs and two sistrs.My grandmothr livd clos to us and was agrat witnss to th aith. I was involvd in myparnts’ businss or svral yars and dciddthat this was an ara I might pursu.So, at th ag o 20, I wnt to univrsity tostudy Businss Managmnt.Th nxt thr yars wr spnt studying whilalso managing a busy grocry stor in BlastCity. Th rol brought a varity o valuablxprincs, most o which wr born outo mting and intracting with popl on aprossional and prsonal lvl.Atr th dath o a clos rind and a amilymmbr I ralid th importanc o th prist,and whil I had considrd a pristly vocation,I did not l rady to pursu this path. Ibcam rinds with a young prist whohlpd m to s th wondrul git o thpristhood and to undrstand that it coms asa git rom God. I rcall a quot rom BlssdMothr Trsa that summd up how I was toundrstand pristhood: “w ar th pncil inGod’s hand,” sh said.
winter 2009/2010 newSletter
Brendan collinS
 s  sm   ds d, n i sp sx ks  S + l ts.B k  p m  ssm pss  
pm. B s s ss  , s ps    sm s k  S + lts.
... continud on pag 3
Year for Priests
- Gt acquaintdwith nin prists through a summary o thirprsonal vocation
an evening at the dead sea
Viw Highlights rom Salt + Light’sFundraising Gala
Blessed JourneYs
- Austria & Grmany
Join Fathr Thomas Rosica on a journy inth ootstps o Pop Bndict XVI
as 15 - 24, 2010
Dar Frinds,Last Jun, Pop Bndict inauguratd a “Yar or Prists” inclbration o th 150th annivrsary o th dath o St. JohnMary Vianny. Th Pop also chos a rlatd thm or WorldCommunications Day, 2010: “Th prist and pastoral ministry in adigital world: nw mdia at th srvic o th Word.”This thm is particularly rlvant to our work at Salt + LightTlvision, and to all who work in communicating th Good Nwsand th story o th Church through multimdia. W ar calld achday to ngag all popl in our orts to tll th story o Jsus andth Church to th world.Th past wks and months, I hav rfctd on th mdia challngsacd by Salt + Light Tlvision and th Church. I har and raddback rom our many viwrs – both on air and through ourintractiv Salt + Light wbsit – who xprss a dsir or us to givnw orms o triumphalism, juridicism, and clricalism to th Churchthrough our ntwork.A triumphalist approach would rquir us to xrcis authoritythrough aggrssiv condmnation and xcommunication, andblivs that th Church and its rprsntativs hold th truth butalso th answrs to vry modrn dilmma.Th juridicism approach sarchs out laws – nw or old – to justiyprsonal positions or idologis in th Church. Juridicists dlight inocusing on liturgical practics, which otn rsult in hoops throughwhich popl must jump.Th clricalist approach xaggrats th authority o th prist orbishop, crating a nw authoritarianism. Th clricalist oprats as iordaind ministrs ar ntitld to spcial status and privilg in thChurch and in socity. Clricalists giv littl mrit to collaborationwith th laity and thir involvmnt in ndavours lik Salt + LightTlvision. This position contnts itsl with a sris o “talking had”prists, sistrs and Church ladrs who simply “talk at popl” rathrthan ngaging thm in a living crating dialogu.Th ordaind prist, conscratd rligious and ladrs o th Church,spcially whn acting as part o a public ministry, rprsnt Christth Had and Good Shphrd o th Church. Whn rligiousbroadcasting and mdia ar manipulatd by or bcom instrumntso groups that mov th Church toward such orms o triumphalism, juridicism, and clricalism, w ail in our mission o hlping popl togrow into a dynamic, brathing, hopul Church.At Salt + Light Tlvision, w rmly bliv that Jsus Christ is inddth Truth, and that its ullnss is ound in th Catholic Church. Butw also mbrac our rol in sking out – with humility and in lighto th Gospl – how to rspond to th many and varid dmandso today’s world. W do not impos th Gospl on th world, butpropos it as an altrnativ vision o complling bauty. W sk toprsuad by grac, truth, bauty, aith and rason through our manytlvision programs and tachings.During th homily o his Installation Mass narly v yars ago at thVatican, Pop Bndict XVI said: “Th Church as a whol and all hrPastors, lik Christ, must st out to lad popl out o th dsrt,towards th plac o li, towards rindship with th Son o God,towards th On who givs us li, and li in abundanc.”That is our mission at Salt + Light Tlvision. Thank you or yourgnrosity, prayrul support and nancial assistanc. Thank youor supporting prists in this spcial yar o thanksgiving or pristlyministry in th church.Th world nds Salt + Light Tlvision now mor than vr. Wnd th favour o th Gospl to prmat th tastlss lmnts oth cultur that surrounds us and th light o Christ to pntrat thdarknss that ncircls us.May th Lord blss you and your lovd ons abundantly during thsdays o patinc longing and joyul waiting o th emmanul, Godtruly with us.Sincrly yours in Christ,Fathr Thomas Rosica, CSBCeO, Salt + Light Tlvision
“t c s     Pss, kcs, ms s   pp    s,s  p  ,s sp  S  g, s o  s s ,   b.”
Pop Bndict XVI
ceo’S MeSSage
Salt + light’S inluence around the world
rom pag 1God maks th dcision, and it is our dutyto grow to accpt it. Th will o God will notalways b asy, howvr, whn w ncountrwondrul popl to shar in our xprincsthy mak th journy worthwhil.I hav bn ortunat to spnd th past twosummrs in dirnt continnts as part omy pastoral placmnts. I attndd WorldYouth Day in Sydny, Australia in 2008 as adlgat o th Intrnational Liturgy Group,whr I also had th opportunity to srvPop Bndict XVI.During my tim in Australia I mt FathrThomas Rosica, CSB, and h spok to mabout Salt + Light Tlvision. I kpt in contactwith Fathr Rosica and th opportunity tospnd a summr intrning or Salt + Lightbcam possibl. I had no background inmdia, but I lt th xprinc would binvaluabl. Thankully, th Bishop o mydiocs agrd to th placmnt and I spntsix wks working at Salt + Light. As I lookback I cannot rcall a “sttling-in priod.” Ilt part o th tam rom th bginning. Ihad a job and a purpos.I lovd how th Salt + Light sta wr atth cntr o th ntwork. Th ntir tamworkd togthr whthr it was writingmatrial, hosting programs or ating lunch.Th prsnc o th Blssd Sacramnt,rsrvd in th chapl, nsurd a spiritualprsnc and a ocus or our work.During my tim at Salt + Light, I larndmuch about mdia and th Church.Thankully, popl such as Fathr Rosicaand th tam at Salt + Light mak it thirvocation ach day to build up th Church andto b popl o God showing othrs th gitso God in th light o th Holy Spirit.Salt + Light Tlvision has contributd to mylarning xprincs and has givn m hopor th utur. May w all continu to bringJsus into th livs o thos whom w mtdaily.
. ns tmbk, ass PsS. a Ps, abbs, Bc
Ordaind Jun 2006From th tim I was svn yars old, Iimagind bing a prist on day. Whn I grwup I ralid that this vocation coms withgrat rsponsibility and so, I bcam a littldiscouragd. But thn, I attndd a mtingcalld
Vocation in Progress
conductd by thVocation Oc o Vancouvr, and I gaind abttr undrstanding o th li and rol oprists. With th grac o th Lord Jsus andth prayrs o th popl, I ollowd His calland it is a grat blssing to b a prist today.
. tm hs, PsS. J Bs Ps, Bk, on
Ordaind August 1990It dosn’t mattr i on has a succssulbusinss carr, grat social and prayr li,unlimitd utur plans or all kinds o matrialpossssions. I God has a plan or you, youlistn. Thr is no “I’ll gt back to you latr”or “lt’s strik a bargain” or “You’v got mmixd up with som othr guy.” Our waysarn’t God’s ways and God’s ways arn’t ourways, so I answrd th call. Prhaps now it’syour turn.
of A PrieST
Calld by Pop Bndict XVI or Jun 2009 - 2010, this Yar or Prists provids us with th occasion to rdiscovr th importanc o prists inour midst. Thy ar calld to b xmplars o Christ’s lov and shphrds lading us closr to Christ. Salt + Light askd a w prists about thirprsonal calling. Sprinkld through this dition ar thir vocation storis. W hop you will b inspird by thir mssags.

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