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Published by: radscribd on Mar 21, 2009
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Free Open Source Software News 1
FossNews Weekly
Issue : 21Team : T.Shrinivasan ( tshrinivasan@gmail.com ) , K.Balavignesh ( kbalavignesh@gmail.com )Date : 21-03-2009Join Mailing List athttp://groups.google.com/group/fossnews/ 
1. Linux Adoption in a Global Recession: An IDC White Paper2. Gnome 2.26 Released3. Video Editing Made Easy with Kino4. How to run a successful Linux User Group5. Linux tips every geek should know6. The Top 12 Myths About Linux7. Making Money with Free Software8. How the Linux kernel works9. The "We're Linux" Video Contest10. Open Source India Tech Days '09
1. Linux Adoption in a Global Recession: An IDC White Paper
Economic downturns have a tendency to accelerate emerging technologies, boost the adoption of effective solutions, and punish solutions that are not cost-competitive or are out of synch withindustry trends. IDC research finds that Linux users are clearly satisfied about their choice to deployLinux, and during trying economic times, the potential for those same customers to ramp up theirdeployment of Linux is strong.dLearn what a recent IDC global survey revealed about organizations’ plans to deploy Linux onservers and clients, how the economic climate will impact Linux adoption, why customers areaccelerating Linux deployments and the opportunities ahead for Linux.aDownload this new IDC white paper now.http://www.novell.com/linux/pdf/IDC_white_paper_Linux_Adoption_in_a_Global_Recession.pdf 
2. Gnome 2.26 Released
Gnome is the famous Graphical User Environment in Linux. It has reached its version 2.26What's New for Users in Gnome 2.26:
Free Open Source Software News 22# 2.1. Comprehensive New Disc Burning# 2.2. Simpler File Sharing# 2.3. Evolution Evolves its Migration from Windows# 2.4. Media Player Improvements# 2.5. Volume Control Integrated with PulseAudio# 2.6. Support for multiple monitors and projectors# 2.7. Almost Telepathic Communication# 2.8. Location Epiphany# 2.9. Fingerprint Reader Integration#And many other things. I see the support for mutiple monitors as the best thing in Gnome 2.26.AGTK+ 2.16 is the latest release of the GTK+ toolkit, which is at the heart of GNOME. GTK+ 2.16includes a couple of new features for developers, as well as extensive bug fixing and housecleaningfor the upcoming GTK+ 3.0.Read the full announcement, here.http://library.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/2.26/ 
3. Video Editing Made Easy with Kino
There are lots of good tools in the Free Open SourceSoftware world for capturing and editing video, butcommon to making almost any movie is a basicunderstanding of the steps to building a good story using astoryboard editor. This article will help you take the veryfirst step toward creating a movie by using the very simplestoryboard video editing program calledKino to create a story.http://blog.worldlabel.com/2009/kino-was-born-to-tell-stories.html
Free Open Source Software News 3
4. How to run a successful Linux User Group
The local LUG is often the first port of call for people just beginning to ignite their love of Linux, aswell as people who just want to meet people with similar interests. They provide a vital role inhelping the spread of Linux adoption, and a focal point for local educational institutions andbusinesses.Running a LUG isn't straightforward, and it requires a considerable amount of effort and time. Butthere's a great deal you can do to make the whole process easier to manage and more effective,while at the same time revitalising your LUG and your membership. And anyone can do it.Read more athttp://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/how-to-run-a-successful-linux-user-group-527915
5. Linux tips every geek should know
 What separates average Linux users from the super-geeks? Simple: years spent learning the kinds of hacks, tricks, tips and techniques that turn long jobs into a moment's work. If you want to get up tospeed without having to put in all that leg-work, we've rounded up over 50 easy-to-learn Linux tipsto help you work smarter and get the most from your computer. Enjoy!http://www.tuxradar.com/content/linux-tips-every-geek-should-know
6. The Top 12 Myths About Linux
The following are the Top 12 Myths about Linux.Myth 1: Linux is too difficult for ordinary people to use.Myth 2: Linux is insecure.Myth 3: It is not worth learning Linux because most companies use Windows.Myth 4: Businesses can't make money from Linux because it is free.Myth 5: Linux is a type of software piracy because it was copied from other operating systems.Myth 6: Free software is a kind of socialism and it destroys intellectual property.Myth 7: Linux has few application programs.Myth 8: Linux has poor support because there is no single company behind it.Myth 9: Linux is obsolete.Myth 10: Linux cannot survive because it is too fragmented.Myth 11: Linux cannot compete in quality.Myth 12: Linux has a higher TCO than Microsoft Windows.http://www.linfo.org/linux_myths.htmlRead the above link to realize the TRUTH.

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