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Pronounce Long Sentences With Correct Intonation

Pronounce Long Sentences With Correct Intonation

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Published by api-9272662

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Published by: api-9272662 on Mar 21, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I think I am very lucky to join Cohort II _ SNHUVNU. I joined in thiscourse in September, 2008. The first period, I have learned eleven VNU’ssubjects. Then I was confirmed the second period with SNHU program. Up tillnow, I have studied three subjects and a library training lesson.
1. EFL523 with Prof. Rose Mary.
After this course, I think I am more active and confident in studying andworking. I got used to the way of studying and working professionally. I ammore positive than I was. As usual, I depended on the teaching models but nowI have to study and work myself.I have received a lot of precious experience in teaching English,especially in teaching speaking and listening. After taking part in the samplelessons, there are many ways to teach speaking and listening, but I have to findthe ways to teach them more effectively.We can change the lesson plan in a specific ways suitably. I think thefinal aim of the lesson is what learners achieve after each lesson. This could nothappen in the past because it is a tradition in Vietnam.Concerning the problems in teaching English lessons, we have had usefuldiscussions. I think these discussions are of very useful and interesting. After exchanging the experience, each of us will have private ways to deal with it andthis gives us precious moments.All the lessons we studied are very useful. They help me very much inmy teaching. I have gained a lot of experience in teaching English, especially inteaching speaking and listening. I think that if we had more time, we wouldhave had more experience and of course we will have more discussions aboutthe problems in English class in order to exchange and study more.
Thanks, my teacher Rose Mary!
2. EFL531 with Prof. Gary
Pronunciation is a very difficult skill with Vietnamese learners. Almostlearners do not pronounce exactly. They often make mistakes with the lastconsonants of words, word stress, intonation or wrong sounds. They do not payattention to the consonants, word stress or intonation. They do not know how to pronounce these sounds as well as know where these sounds are pronounced or the positions of tongue to pronounce the sounds.I think all exercises that my teacher gave out are very useful for us. Theyhelp us to improve our pronunciation. We know well about different positions of sounds. We practised them in monosyllable, words and sentences correctly. Wecan realize and distinguish some vowels and consonants, for example,
,.... We paid attention to the last consonants of words and pronounce correctly step by step.

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