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Children to Pray for 4.9.13 Word

Children to Pray for 4.9.13 Word

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Published by Joy Fujitani Becker

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Published by: Joy Fujitani Becker on Apr 10, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Children STILL
Need of a Host Family
 for SUMMER 2013!
DEADLINE to sign up for Eastern Europe: A
15 Please forward to your Christian friends and family!
What is Orphan Hosting? 
Orphan hosting is inviting an orphan from anothercountry to be a member of your family for a period of time. New Horizons for Children offers two OrphanHosting Programs per year, 5-6 weeks in the summer and4 weeks in the winter.
is a quiet boy but interacted well withour team and had good eye contact and smiles.His favorite animal is a hamster, and he enjoysmaking crafts out of paper. Vlad wants to learnhow to skateboard and speak English better.Can you teach him? The team asked him if hehad any questions, and his response was, "No! I just want to go!" He lives in an orphanage wherechildren are behind in school. Many of them hadlittle opportunity earlier in life to attend school sowe felt that many of the delays were due to alack of opportunity rather than a lack of ability.However, it could be a little of bothE347
was a fun boy who smiled throughout the whole interview. Heloves all animals, parrots and bunnies in particular. When he grows up, hewill probably be a coal miner because that is what a lot of people do inhis area of the country. He would really like to have a big house and takein stray animals. If given the chance, he would like to volunteer in ananimal shelter in the US. He loves little kids and playing with Legos. He waseager to show us that he could juggle, and told us "Thank you very much"in English when we gave him balls to practice with. If he comes to your house this summer he would really like to learn how to swim. Watch outthough, because this boy is a prankster! He likes to tell jokes, and surprisepeople by wearing crazy clothes!
Anatoly “Tolya” & Ivan
are brothers who are so verycute and fun to get to know! They have been offered on our program before, but despite their cuteness, they haven'tbeen given the chance to come. Tolya says that Ivan istrustworthy, honest, and helpful to teachers. Ivan is good atsports and likes to play with animals. The boys are goodfriends and do a lot together. Tolya dreams of learning todrive a car, and likes to draw and play soccer. He would liketo learn to play American football and swim in the ocean.Will you teach him this summer?E184
Deniss & Lena
are ballroom dancersand make a great team who performed for us! Although Deniss is quite serious and shy,Lena tried to speak some English with us.They are excellent dancers and performand compete locally. They also both playsoccer. Deniss dreams to be a professionaldancer and Lena likes to cook but wouldlike to design clothing or be a journalist.
L062 - $1,950 Scholarship.
is a happy-go-lucky teenthat has basic English. He prays, enjoys music, likes helpingothers, and socializes easily with people of all ages. Hefunctions adequately despite his limited vision. Aleks is alovable character who wants a family.E271
nickname is "very small" She was very shyduring her interview but did make eye contact withthe translator. She loves gymnastics and loves to runand play. She likes to read fairy tale stories. Maybeyou can read one with her this summer?L222 Aleksejs says "church is nice" and he will gladly getup early to go with his host family. Aleksejs is 20, andlives in a wonderful transition home. We truly feelrewarding these young adults by inviting them toAmerica on the host program will have an everlastingimpact. Aleksejs wants to be a carpenter or policeofficer. He also likes to eat, and is learning how to cook many things. He was fun to spend time with; heinterviewed US! Aleksejs says if he were President hewould raise salaries and give the poor jobs.L253
is to be considered as Host only. She speaksFOUR languages, English being one of them (though notso well); such a smart girl! She wants to be a psychologistwhen she grows up, and wants to see everything inAmerica. She likes to read romance novels, and woulddecorate her room in sky blue, with no pictures and a bigfluffy bed. If she was given money to buy her best frienda gift, she would buy her a dress. She has not been under state care long at all which is a blessing for her. Beforethe ways of the world set in for her, could you jump inand encourage her to do something BIG with her life, tokeep going in the direction she has planned. To tell her that she CAN.
L060 $250 Scholarship
. Do you know what it's liketo be chosen last or worse yet not chosen at all? Nikitadoes, he's been interviewed for hosting before and wasnever chosen. He has a hearing problem and shouldwear a hearing aid in one ear, but he prefers NOT to useit. Perhaps some time in a loving environment wouldgive him the confidence boost he needs to make thedecision to wear it regularly. Nikita is very small for hisage, and so he is often picked on. His social worker hasnothing but good things to say about him. He excels inmath and computers. He wants to learn how to paint,and train to be a mechanic. What a huge heart! Canyou make room in your family for Nikita this summer?

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