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Inbred Rage

Inbred Rage

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Published by Vonne Monai
Evidence of Inbreeding Depression on Human Height
Evidence of Inbreeding Depression on Human Height

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Published by: Vonne Monai on Apr 10, 2013
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Gregory O'Dell
Vonne Monai
Evidence of Inbreeding Depression on Human Height »+2Hide comments
Gregory O'Dell
Yesterday 4:18 PM
+2 1
I Am Anthropologist I Can Stomach This But JesusGregory O'Dell
Yesterday 4:54 PM
+2 1
Gregory O'Dell
Yesterday 4:57 PM
+2 1
Behavior That Is Concerning From Convert Digital Images and Prompting. And those of Public Trust who profit off the experimentation without aconcern of harming the harmless.Gregory O'Dell
Yesterday 4:58 PM
Experimental Subjects Became Suspects, Suspects Became Enemies of theStateGregory O'Dell
Yesterday 4:59 PM
You can make a monster out of monkey the same wayGregory O'Dell
Yesterday 5:00 PM
+2 1
That is a fact from my own primate experiments Never did I think I wouldbecome the monkey!Vonne Monai
12:14 AMEdit
I agree with Robert Sapolsky, when he stated something to effect of :humans behave badly, like baboons, when they have it easy and extra timeon their hands.The Baboon Troop that Mellowed Out After the Alpha Males Diedhttp://bobsutton.typepad.com/my_weblog/2009/11/the-baboon-troop-that-mellowed-out-after-the-alpha-males-died-the-sapolsky-and-share-study.htmlGregory O'Dell
9:41 AM (edited)
They Go Postal when all thier time is spent pleading for relief Gregory O'Dell
9:41 AM
I Am The Rouge Alpha Elephant Under Charge Of A Monarch Elephant Don'tTrigger .............Gregory O'Dell
9:43 AM
My reactions are easily predetermine by my biometrix profile "Pull my chain Ibark!"Gregory O'Dell
9:45 AM
If I am gagged from barking then overtime you can see the brain damage

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