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Harold the Afghan Hound

Harold the Afghan Hound



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Published by jonsig

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Published by: jonsig on Jul 02, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HAROLD THE AFGHAN HOUNDA short story by Jonsig EirikA good children’s story.I kicked my shoes off and lifted Harold, my Afghan hound,from his wheelchair and carried him into the pond. I told him notto move; he had to stay close to shore where he could sit on thebottom and keep his head out of the water. Then I waded in up tomy armpits.I felt something sharp jab my instep. I held my breath as Icarefully reached down and came up with a broken bottle. If thishad been closer to shore, Harold might have cut his paw on it!Harold! Oh God! I'd forgot about Harold! I looked over to thefar side of the pond and I couldn’t see his head sticking out of thewater. I hurriedly waded back to where Harold was. All that wasvisible above the water was his nose!I yanked him out of the water, carried him to shore and sethim in his wheel chair, "Harold, you scared the daylights out of me! What was the big idea? You could have drowned!""The water felt so good around my ears that I hunched downtill they were full." Harold explained, giving me a guilty look thenviolently shaking his head."Well, I don’t think it’s funny." I replied, trying to look angry."I'm sorry, Josh. Does this mean that we can't come downhere again?""No, but you must be more careful. I've had you for manyyears and I don't want to lose you.""I guess I don't want you to loose me either, Josh, you'resuch a good master, always worrying about me.""Of course.""Do you mind if I confide in you about something?""You better, or I won't sleep tonight.""I'm afraid I'm getting involved in something I might regret.""Dare I ask what?" I replied reluctantly."You remember last week when you left me by the fence andthat cute Sheltie came over to see me?" he asked."I recall another dog coming to see you?"
"Oh, Josh. That was not just another dog. That was Cindy.""Oh." I replied, sorry I'd been so quick to jump toconclusions. "Tell me more about Cindy. I'm eager to hear whatyou have to tell.""Oh Josh, I haven't been able to get her of my mind." Haroldreplied, moving around to get more comfortable in his wheelchair,"She is so beautiful.""Sounds like love at first sight.""I wish I wasn't confined to this darn wheelchair, Josh. I'mafraid romance is not in the cards for me.""You could still build a warm friendship with Cindy.""You wouldn't mind if she came over to visit me?""Of course not, why should I?""I thought you might not want her in the house.""Don't be ridiculous. But what about her owner, what wouldhe say about it?""It's a she, not a he, Josh. It's. Her name is Cathy.""Well! Seems like you and Cindy talked about a lot of things.Did she tell you any other news you'd like to download on me?""Only doggy stuff. You wouldn't be interested.""I can’t imagine why.""Josh, I know I shouldn't ask. Do you think we could work onthe fence again soon?" The next day I bundled Harold into his chair and we wentover to the fence. I had of course repaired it the first time, but Icouldn't very well refuse. I pushed his chair close to the fence,and then walked beside the wire pretending to be repairing it. Aglance over my shoulder; a brown form bounding through the tallgrass, was none other than Cindy.She stood up and placed her paws against the fence, and Ihad to agree she was a beautiful Sheltie. I felt a deep sorrow forHarold when I looked at him and Cindy talking across the fence. If it hadn't been for that darn wheelchair, Harold would be runningalong the fence, marking off every post, while he talked to Cindy.I waited a while then slowly walked back to where Haroldwas talking to Cindy. I didn't want to interrupt so I stopped a waysshort and leaned on a fencepost."Come over here and meet Cindy." Harold said.
I walked over and waited, not knowing if she could talk to melike Harold did, and Harold answered the question for me."Cindy can't talk to you like I do, but if you reach through thefence, she'll shake hands with you,” he explained.I felt a little stupid, although there was no reason to. A lot of dogs like to shake hands. I reached through the fence and tookher extended paw, "Hi, Cindy, I’m glad to meet you." I remarked,with a slight grin.Cindy gave a little bark, and then sat down. I looked atHarold, hoping he'd interpret."She said she's glad to meet you too." Harold remarked."Then she must understand what I say, even if can'tunderstand her.""Of course. She's smarter than you are." Harold said, with ateasing look in his eye.I grinned and changed the subject, "I hope you invited her todrop over.""Yes, but you'll have to make a hole in the fence for herwhere it's not apt to be noticed. Cathy doesn't want her to straytoo far from the house."I thought about that a moment. Cathy probably knew Cindymight stray too far if she was allowed to. I looked at Harold for ananswer."No, Josh. She would only sneak over here to see me.""She read my thoughts, didn't she?" I asked."Of course.""Okay. I'll cut a hole in the fence down by that thicket, thenshe can come over here anytime she wishes." I said.At that, Cindy turned and left. I watched her bound throughthe tall grass till she disappeared over the hill."She had to get home." Harold explained"I suppose she knew Cathy might be worried about her.""Yes, and now that she can come over to see me anytime,she doesn't want to jeopardize that privilege.""I imagine she wouldn't." I replied, walking down to thethicket where I cut a hole in the wire large enough to let Cindythrough. Then I took Harold home.I wheeled him into the house, lifted him from his chair, andthen gently laid him on his favorite blanket beside the stove. I sat

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