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Light House Feb-Mar 2013 issue

Light House Feb-Mar 2013 issue

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Published by Osama Faiyazuddin
Revolutionize the World through Pen !
Revolutionize the World through Pen !

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Published by: Osama Faiyazuddin on Apr 11, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Junior Associate Circle’s MonthlyMarch 2013 Issue
Enlightening tender minds
 Light House
RevolutionizeThe WorldThrough Pen
Osama Faiyazuddin (B.E)
Mohammed Aslamuddin
The creation of man started from an importance and power of pen does notdepend upon its design. The power of pen isinsignificant stage, but it was the Mostrevealed by the knowledge and wisdom itBountiful Lord, Who elevated the humanspreads. being from an insignificant state to the stateA famous Arabic saying of 
Abu Hatim Al-of an 'excellent creature'. It is not theBusti translated:anatomy or physiology of the human body“When the brave people swear by their only that makes it excellent, but the capacitysword someday, and count it among thingsto acquire knowledge.that give honor and veneration to men,Allah, from whom the entire knowledgeThe writers' pen is sufficient for their honor comes, taught man who new nothing whenand superiority, for all times to come,he was born. It is a great favor of Allah, that because Allah has sworn oath by the pen.”He taught Prophet Adam (A.S) everything
“Nun, By the Pen and what they write.” 
[Al-Quran 68;1]
and preserved it till the end of the worldswith the creation of pen. It is how theThe pen has more power thanknowledge has been propagated throughswords/bullets, that it can change the worldages and every baby born thus getstoday and provide peace to the entireopportunities to acquire knowledge. Hadhumanity. Unfortunately, this power of pen been there no pen, the chances of knowledgeis also being used in an evil manner to create being perished are more likely than it beingunrest and spread terror in the world. Corrupt propagated. Knowledge sometimes is in theminds expressing evil and misguidingmind, sometimes on the tongue, andthoughts by pen causes the destruction of sometimes in written. Thus, it may be peace.intellectual, spoken and written. While theWe will be held responsible if we do not usewritten knowledge necessitates thethis power which Allah has granted us, tointellectual and spoken knowledge, thespread the true message and bring peace.reverse is not true.Grab your pen and let ink flow through your The history of pen dates back to the early pens into revolutionary paragraphs, poems,generations of Adam (a.s). Prophet Idris (a.s)cartoons or slogans, as the ink used wiselywas the first person to use a pen. The pen haswould be more effective and precious thanits evolution history, from quill pen to blood.fountain and ballpoint pens and keyboards.The earliest pen with an ink reservoir was
invented in the 10 century when demanded by the Caliph of Egypt, Ma'
d al-Mu'izz.However, whether it be a Parker, or any other  pen looking beautiful in a shirt pocket, the
 Light House March 2013Page : 02
--Talha Faiyazuddin, MBBS (II) I Year Student
“Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful, - He Who taught(the use of) the pen, - Taught man that which he knew not.” 
(Al-Quran 96; 3,4,5)
 Reading makes a full man;Conference a ready man;And writing an exact man
After Surveying write a letter to the
(Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) authoritiescomplaining about the problems your facing in the locality. If possible provide any snapshots. State thesubject of the complaint & address. Also mention your name, class, school & contact number / email Id.Write upto 150 words and send it to
; the best complaint letter will be publishedin the next issue of the magazine as well be mailed to different newspapers.
An Inspirational Story
can top in the final exams. With a wide smile inhis face, Zaid ascended on the stage and baggedthe topper’s award.The school principal handed over theaward and asked Zaid to share a few words withthe audience about his achievement. Theprincipal along with the entire hall apparentlywanted to know the secret behind his success.Zaid, who was obviously not prepared,started with few words. He said: “Every morning,I wake up for Fajr prayer and read one Ayat (averse) from the Quran. I usually read translationFahad and Zaid were good friends. They went toand ponder upon it for some time. Once I wentschool together and sat on the same bench.through this Ayat which means, “and that manBesides having lunch and offering Zohar prayer,shall have nothing but what he has striven for”,they also returned from school together.(53:39) in other words: “a man shall surely getFahad was good at his studies and alwayswhat he has striven for”. I started ponderingtopped in the class. Teachers were very happyupon this Ayat. Though the context of this Ayatwith Fahad for his good performance. He wasis with the life of hereafter, but I found itoften called Genius, Talented and Topper by hisequally applicable to the short-term goals weteachers. On the contrary, Zaid was an averagefulfill in this world. I derived two rules out ofstudent and sometimes failed in a few subjects.this Ayat. Firstly, striving is a precondition forTeachers were not very happy with Zaid becausean achievement or success. Secondly, we willof his poor performance. However, both Fahadsurely get what we have striven for.and Zaid finished their annual exams.Zaid continued, “I took my exams as anexample. We put lot of efforts to gain good
Annual Day @ School
marks. Allah has bestowed each one of us withOn the annual day function in the school,natural talent or intelligence which varies fromall students were busy in performing variousone student to another. A student doesn’t haveactivities: singing, painting, drama etc. Alongcontrol over his/her inherent talent because itwith the activities, a felicitation program wascomes by birth. As a student we put efforts onorganized to honor meritorious students withtop of the given talents. Putting efforts is surelyawards.in our control. I derived a formula using the firstAs usual, Zaid was sitting in one corner ofrule something like this: Talent + Effort =the hall where the event was going on. Suddenly,SUCCESS. Considering that talent is a fixedhe realized that his name was being announced.attribute which is given by Allah, one has toHe listened to the announcement carefully. Yes,change the level of efforts to get success. Thusit was Zaid who topped the final exams. Thea student having lesser talent will have to putentire hall was surprised. Teachers, parents andmore effort and a student with more talent mayeveryone who knew Zaid were surprised as how ahave to put less effort to get the same success.student who failed in his subjects in mid-exams
 Light HousePage : 03 March 2013

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