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April 4, 2013 edition of The Grip

April 4, 2013 edition of The Grip

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Griffin's Regional Indie Press
Griffin's Regional Indie Press

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Published by: Jessica Williamson Gregory on Apr 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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thusiasm ctiues t ru high amg a grup  Spaldig Cuty residets recetly mbilized t be-cme egaged vluteers t imprve the cmmuity.Grw Better, the mvemet that bega llwig therelease  the Uiversity  Wiscsi study that rakedSpaldig Cuty as the lwest i the metrplita Atlataarea with regard t umerus issues such as crime, thehigh schl drp-ut rate, health-related matters, sigle-paret hmes ad ther scial actrs, is represeted by aFacebk page that has grw t iclude mre tha 700members.Durig the grup's secd meetig, "Thik Tak 2," heldat Bakstreet Cae  April 7, leaders rm Impact RacigMiistries, A.Z Kelsey ad Maistay Academy, SpaldigCuty Cllabrative, Yug Lives, Sle Plus ad 4-H pre-seted their greatest eeds t the grup.“Peple, I d’t thik, really kew what was gig . Ithik the 11Alive stry just lit a spark,” said page uderad Gri residet Heather Beauchamp. “I thik it was amixture  t kwig. I thik at rst, there was smedeesiveess, but w, I thik peple kw the statisticsare what they are. I thik w, peple are just cused chage.” 
www.the-grip.net ::: reeCONTACT US
 Jessica W. Gregory, Publisher jessica@the-grip.net
Display advertising:sheila@the-grip.net770-713-5839Story ideas/submissions:sheila@the-grip.net
PO Box 2251, Grin GA 30224
APRIL 4-19, 2013 VOL. 03 NO. 7
 April is stressawareness month - find out how to reduce yourfinancial stress
Public Forum:Officials respond toSpalding County being namedunhealthiest inmetro area
p. 10-11
, P. 2
Georgia Tech andthe Nerdy Derby come to the GreatGriffin Mayfling, April 27
p. 7
Editor; sheila@the-grip.net 
sheila@the-grip.net & jessica@the-grip.net 
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 A drive throughGriffin... in 1979
Griffinite sharesvideo showingthe downtownfilmed from thepassenger seatof his car
 - he plugged hisvideo camera intohis car for electricity because thecamera didn't havea battery pack
p. 3
Grow Better movementgains momentum withsecond meeting
Grin ocials say ComprehensivePlan meetings do not meetthreshold o Sunshine Laws
For the second Think Tank meeting, participants broke up into ourgroups - civic/policy; mentoring; health/tness, and environmental/ gardening in order to better acilitate matching participants withan existing organization. Pictured above is the environmental andgardening group.
he Gri Plice De-partmet has re-spded t Bard  Cm-missi members’ ccersregardig lcal crime byimplemetig a ew meth-d  law ercemet –Prblem orieted Plicig– which will shit cers’cus rm reactiary tpreemptive.Chie Frak Stricklad ex-plaied that Uirm Patrlcers histrically patrlledthe city ad respded tcalls as they were reprted.nw, that cus has sigi-catly shited.“They’re targetig prblemareas. We’re ut there try-ig t slve the rt  theprblem,” he said. “I have
, P. 2
, P. 2
GPD implementsPublic OrientedPolicing tactics
inside ‘stache studio116 s. sixth street, griffin ::: tues - fri 10-6 | sat 10-5
a handmade & vintage boutique, gift shop & furniture store
(we’ve got a little bit of everything)
Dr. Bill Hardee, senior pastor o First Baptist Church, let, toured the Spalding County Senior Center duringits April 8 grand opening with Commissioner Raymond Ray, who explained that all the woodwork in thelibrary was completed using reclaimed wood.
he Steerig Cmmit-tee that is tasked withprvidig iput r the10-year revisi t the city Gri CmprehesivePla has thus ar held twmeetigs, with the thirdslated r April 19, at a lca-ti yet t be determied. There are diereces  pii regardig whetherthese meetigs must meetGergia’s s-called Su-shie Laws, which legallyspeciy which meetigsmust be made pe t thepublic.Accrdig t Three Riv-ers Regial CmmissiPlaer Arda Smith,wh is actig as the city  Gri’s csultat  theprject, the meetigs aret pe t the geeralpublic.“It’s t csidered ape meetig. They’re (citycials) t makig a deci-si at all as t what’s g-ig it the pla,” she said.“It’s still gig t have t gthrugh a public hearig.”She said the SteerigCmmittee, which is cm-prised  cmmuity stake-hlders wh all vluteertheir service, is respsibler prvidig iput r citycials.“The Steerig Cmmitteeis just ur way  gettigiput rm the cmmuitywithut it beig t muchiput,” she said. “We watthe iput, but we ca dit withut havig a publicmeetig.”Hwever, cmmuity vl-uteers are t the lypeple preset at these
ri-Spaldig CutyAirprt Directr Rb-ert Mhl said he atici-pates the Federal AviatiAdmiistrati (FAA) wills apprve his requestt desigate ur parcels  lad at the curret airprtas essetial r aviatiuse, which will allw him tmve rward with his plat secure buyers r thseareas icludig the KiwaisFairgruds, Airprt RadWalkig Track, a wdedarea with a bike trail t thertheast  the airprtad the ld ruway thatrus perpedicular t thecurretly-used ruway.“It lks like it’s mvigrward. We just have td sme admiistrativeprcedures required bythe FAA,” he said. “They’reaskig that we d a up-date t ur Airprt LayutPla (ALP). That is a 10-yeardcumet that utlieswhat the lg-rage plais r the airprt. Becausewe’re plaig t mve,the FAA’s ly requirig ust d the map page itsel,with thse parcels  ladidetied. They’ll still beairprt prperty, but they’llbe idetied as esse-tial r airprt use. I a ewairprt is t built, all thatges away ad we g back t rmal.”Hwever, i buyers r theur parcels are secured,cials may use the pr-ceeds t begi purchasiglad r the ew airprt.“We’re at the pit wherewe’re ready t purchaseprperty, s we have t buythe lad up rt. We’ll get90 percet  that back, butwe have t have the udsup rt,” he said, addigthat all ther prelimiarytasks have bee cm-pleted, icludig evir-metal studies  the pr-psed site that resulted ia Fidig  n Sigicat
Money or new airport property purchases may soon be available
She described the GrwBetter ert as “lsely r-gaized,” ad said the pri-mary cus is t ecurageidividual cmmuity i-vlvemet.“We just wat t get pe-ple wh are t aware  hw t vluteer t matchup with a grup. There ares may peple i twwh wat t vluteer, adthere are s may rgaiza-tis i tw that are des-perate r vluteers,” shesaid. “We wat t match upcitizes with the rgaiza-tis that are already utthere.”Fr Impact Racig Miis-tries, David Ddd tld the Thik Tak 2 crwd thatthe rgaizati's greatesteed as stag r his cm-muity ceter  KetuckyAveue i the FairmtCmmuity. "Prbably e the biggest eeds wehave is r peple t cmeut ad dig it the lives the kids that are there,"Ddd said.Autum Bares sharedthe eed r 30 metrs atA.Z. Kelsey Academy adMaistay Academy. Shewuld like lcal busiessesi eed  iters t get ituch with her ad t d-ate items r award cer-emies.Slate Fluker shared withthe grup that Yug Liestarted a subset miistrycalled Yug Lives, which isa Yug Lie prgram spe-cically r tee mms "tcmbat the grwig dem-graphic  tee mms. Wewuld lve t have metrst help tee mms...t lvethem where there are, helpwith the curriculum r lieskills ad spiritual develp-met," Fluker said.Bria Miller, the uder  Sle Plus, a rgaizatithat prvides a art utletr childre ad shes rhmeless peple, sharedirmati abut the Back t Schl Blck Party evetscheduled r August 3 withthe grup. Miller watst take this year's evetbeyd prvidig schlsupplies with activities thatwuld prmte a healthyliestyle.The Stream Clea Upevet scheduled r April 13was discussed, with Spald-ig Cuty 4-H ad exte-si represetative AlexaRbis sharig the gals Gri's Adpt-A-Streamprgram. Rbis traisvluteers t check lcalwaters r chemicals adbacteria.Beauchamp says thistype  sharig is the maipurpse  the Grw Bettergrup. “We’re basically justprvidig a marketig ser-vice r these peple adgrups,” she said.There was just sme kid a gap i cmmuicati,”she said. “There are a lt  peple wh wat t help,but did’t really kw whatt d.”As a example, she cit-ed the upcmig StreamClea-up, sayig eamg her persal grup rieds had previuslyheard  this evet, but thatce it was publicized the Grw Better Facebk page, a additial 20 vl-uteers have siged up tparticipate i the aualevet.She stressed that GrwBetter is t a plitical r re-ligius rgaizati, r is ither persal grup.“We just wat t brig pe-ple wh wat t help t-gether,” she said. “We watt cheer each ther  adkeep the mmetum g-ig. We have all these able-bdies ad a lt  passi.I lve Gri – it has a greatsul ad great spirit. There’s excuse. It’s time.” ΩGET A GRIP AnD GET THE GooD STUFF THE GRIPAPRIL 4-19 , 2013
«Grow Better,cont.
Tyler Carpenter Agency
410 E Taylor ST STE QGrin, GA 30223Bus: (770) 229-7240www.tylercarpenteragency.com
127 S. Hill St.
Professional Property Management
Commercial & Residential Updated Listings Weekly
owners Jared Cordova & Bill Jones Jr.
Still can’t sell your home?
Let RMA rent and manage it for you.
SHS Jazz Band at 6:30
followed by
Sentimental JourneyOrchestra
One of the nest big bandswing orchestras in thesoutheast, playing the music of all the greats -Glen Miller, Benny Goodman,Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé,Harry Connick, Jr. & many more!
April 13 in Grin Auditorium
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multiple uits rm each shit, alg with the K9s, assigedt Ze 1. We’re pretty much takig a prti  each shitad makig them a crime suppressi uit.”Capt. Dwaye Jes, wh said his ivlvemet will primar-ily be t desig a ew perrmace matrix, said that pr-activity best describes the traditial law ercemettechique w beig utilized by Gri cers.T equip cers r this chage, Jes said traiig, i-cludig 16 hurs cverig Prblem orieted Plicig adeight hurs  Iterpersal Cmmuicati, will be pr-vided.“Traditial plicig is that cers respd t calls. We’reaskig ur cers t help idetiy the prblems ahead  time. We’re askig cers, i their patrl capacity, t ide-tiy prblems, whether its dilapidated husig, truacyad literig, plus idetiy where we’re havig damaget prperty like taggig – gag grati,” Jes said. “We’reidetiyig prblems ad aalyzig thse prblems i r-der t idetiy a eective respse strategy. That’s Prb-lem orieted Plicig.”The perrmace matrix Jes will develp will be usedt aalyze ver time the success  the traditial p-licig techique.“We’re gig t d bere ad ater. We eve keep statis-tics r years, s we ca g back ad check year-t-date,”Jes said. “What we ca see is cumulatively, did the actiimpact ad decrease crime? But it’s mre tha that – it’sals abut quality  lie. We’re decreasig crime ad bydig s, we hpe t imprve the quality  lie r peplewh live there.”He the explaied that quality  lie ivlves much mretha actual crime statistics.“It’s als abut percepti – we d’t wat peple tear they culd ptetially becme crime victims. Wed’t wat peple t have the percepti that crime is srampat they ca’t veture utside their hmes,” he said.“I d’t thik that percepti is that rampat; I thik it’sprbably islated t certai areas, ad we’re tryig t wrk with them. It’s like the ld adage  takig yur cmmu-ity back, but we d’t wat the respsibility  reprtigprblems t ly lie with the residets. We wat ur -cers t be practive ad idetiy the prblems. We’re gigaway rm the ccept  reactig. We eed help rm urresidets. We als eed ur cers. I additi t eedigthe help ad ivlvemet  the cmmuity, we eed buy-i rm the cers, as well.” Ω
«public oriented policing,cont.
meetigs. Gri City Ma-ager Key Smith said vari-us departmet heads alsatted, ad that the mem-bers  the Bard  Cm-missiers are ex cimembers  the SteerigCmmittee, as well.Whe tld the SushieLaws require meetigs iwhich there is a qurum cmmissiers presett be pe t the public,Arda Smith said, “There’sever bee a qurum. There’s ever bee mretha e r tw there.”Gri Plaig ad De-velpmet Directr TaurusFreema was uable t pr-vide either a list  SteerigCmmittee members r theames  thse i atte-dace at the rst tw meet-igs, sayig Arda Smithwas i pssessi  theetirety  the paperwrk.She,  the ther had, saidshe des t have either  thse tw pieces  ir-mati.“Besides, the SteerigCmmittee is ly irma-tial. We’re still gig tg t the cmmissiers tpreset the (Cmprehe-sive) Pla,” she said.Smith claimed eve i aqurum  cmmissiersare preset, it still des trequire the meetig t bemade public.“Eve thugh Gergia lawrequires it, it still depeds the lcal gvermet –what type  meetig it isad what lcal rdiacesays,” she remarked.Ater beig irmed thatlcal rdiace cat su-persede Sushie Laws, shesaid, “It’s t that it’s super-sedig, but that cmmu-ity is allwed t say whichmeetigs, I believe.”Freema ccurred withArda Smith’s determia-ti that the meetigs dt all uder the prtec-ti  the Sushie Laws.“Because they are tcductig ay publicbusiess – they are t vt-ig  aythig,” he said.“The Steerig Cmmit-tee is givig iput  theCmprehesive Pla. Theyare erig their iput rhw they’d like t see thecity grw ver the ext 20years. The cmmissiersare there ly t receiveirmati. They are tthere t make ay decisi. They ly atted r theirkwledge.”He did ackwledge,thugh, that cmmissi-ers d egage i discussi gvermet busiess atthese meetigs.“I they hear smethigthat iterests them, theyca say aythig they like,but they are’t swayigthe Steerig Cmmittee,”Freema said, addig thathe cat address the is-sue  a qurum because,“I d’t keep a rster; I d’tkw wh’s gig t at-ted. Meetigs are ptialr Bard  Cmmissiersmembers.”Accrdig t Stepha Rit-ter,  the Gergia AttreyGeeral’s oce, the Su-shie Laws d apply t suchmeetigs as thse  theCmprehesive Pla Steer-ig Cmmittee.“I thik the curret statu-try law is crystal clear that. I they’re havig adiscussi abut city busi-ess with a qurum, that isa meetig. Perid,” he said.“I they d’t kw i there’sgig t be a qurum,that’s e, but i there is aqurum, they eed t stptalkig ad stp the meet-ig.”Ritter als stressed thatthere is  lcal rdiacethat wuld verride statelaw.“That’s a very clear, -braier – there’s  rdi-ace they ca have thatwill have greater legal im-prt tha the SushieLaws,” he said.Like Arda Smith adFreema, Key Smithsaid he des t have a list which – r hw may– cmmissiers have at-teded the rst tw meet-igs, sayig, “the es whchse t be,” but he didaddress the issue  wheth-er the meetigs are subjectt the Sushie Laws.“I d’t thik it meets thethreshld  a advertised,agedaed meetig. There’s reas why it ca’t be,but I d’t thik it meetsthe threshld  puttigut a ageda,” he said.“They’re t clsed-drmeetigs.” ΩImpact. “oce we have theprperty purchased, theur prject, the FAA adGDoT (Gergia Departmet Trasprtati) will ap-prve. They’ve already tldus they will apprve.”I cials pted t t usethe uds r the purchase prperty r the ew air-prt, he said udig wuldhave t be secured t im-prve the existig airprt.Accrdig t Mhl, u-der ederal guidelies, thecity  Gri ad SpaldigCuty wuld have a re-quired lcal match r theseimprvemets, which verthe ext six t eight yearswuld be cmmesurate twhat they wuld pay itthe cstructi  a ewairprt.“S, they’re either gigt pay r the ew airprtr they’re gig t pay rimprvemet  the i-rastructure at the existigairprt,” he said. “The FAA istryig t help us get meyt buy prperty t buy theew airprt. I the ew air-prt is cacelled, we willt be allwed t sell ay the prperty, ther thathe Kiwais (Fairgruds),ad the grat assuraces( the ur parcels) will bereistated. Right w, we’rereally just  hld, i a wait-ad-see mld.”Mhl said he expects theALP update prcess, iclud-ig al FAA apprval, willbe cmpleted by the ed  July r early August. Ω
O.C.G.A. 50-14-1 (2010) "Sunshine Law" 
50-14-1. Meetings to be open to public; limitation on actionto contest agency action; recording; notice o time and place;access to minutes; telecommunications conerences(a) As used in this chapter, the term:(1) "Agency" means: (A) Every state department, agency,board, bureau, commission, public corporation, and author-ity; (B) Every county, municipal corporation, school district, or other political subdivision o this state; (C) Every department,agency, board, bureau, commission, authority, or similar body o each such county, municipal corporation, or other political subdivision o the state; (D) Every city, county, regional, or other authority established pursuant to the laws o this state;and (2) "Meeting" means the gathering o a quorum o the mem-bers o the governing body o an agency or o any commit-tee o its members created by such governing body, whether standing or special, pursuant to schedule, call, or notice o or rom such governing body or committee or an authorized member, at a designated time and place at which any public matter, ocial business, or policy o the agency is to be dis-cussed or presented or at which ocial action is to be takenor, in the case o a committee, recommendations on any pub-lic matter, ocial business, or policy to the governing body are to be ormulated, presented, or discussed. The assem-bling together o a quorum o the members o a governingbody or committee or the purpose o making inspections o  physical acilities under the jurisdiction o such agency or or the purposes o meeting with the governing bodies, ocers,agents, or employees o other agencies at places outside thegeographical jurisdiction o an agency and at which no fnal ocial action is to be taken shall not be deemed a "meeting." 
prigtime, as always,has brught a abu-dace  wers, sushiead warmer temperatures,but this year, it has als sig-aled the begiig  theGri Lcal Fd Alliace,which has bee rmed tserve everye ivlved ithe lcal d market.Spaldig Cuty Exte-si Service Cuty AgetWade Hutches said head Jay Averett,  Mead-wlark Gardes, alg withAshley Gree, wh is alskeely iterested i the l-cal d ecmy, recg-ized the eed t prmtethe Gri Farmers’ Market.Fllwig the rmati the Alliace, Hutchessaid iterest has sigicat-ly icreased.“We prbably quadrupledur amut  iterest rmlks we had ever see be-re at the Farmers’ Market,”Hutches said.Ather  the Alliace’sgals is t educate the pub-lic t the may beets buyig lcally-grwprduce, such as keepigshppig dllars i the l-cal ecmy by purchas-ig ruits ad vegetables atthe height  reshess adutritial value. Grwersmay als beet rm edu-catial pprtuities de-siged specically r theirrle i the marketplace.“We wat t help ex-pad the kwledge base grwers ad csum-ers – grwig, sellig, pur-chasig ad preparig,”Hutches said. “We watt teach grwers hw tsustai their lad use r u-ture grwth. Ather galis t prvide educati adawareess  where urd cmes rm.oe key cmpet  this ert is the SustaiableAgriculture Prgram beigered by the Cuty Ex-tesi Service.“There’s a lt  iterestrm peple i grwig r-gaically, r sme degree  that – grwig sustaiably– s we cllectively decidedt use the marketig udswe received t supprt thesustaiable grwig pr-gram ad brig them tus at the Farmers’ Market,”Hutches said. “We eedpeple t cme ut t theMarket ad participate withus.”Gree said there wasmuch discussi bere theal schedule ad lcatir the Market – rm 1 t6 p.m. Fridays begiigJue 7 at the Kiwais Fair-gruds – was selected.She said this is advata-geus because there are cmpetig markets whichwill result i a greater um-ber  grwers sellig theirprducts, as well as mreshppers wh will still havethe weeked pe t shpther markets, i they schse.The Kiwais Fairgrudwill allw grwers t set upad sell with ease; reducedcsts resultig rm lwervedr ees,  require-met r city persel rrad clsures; Kiwais Clubvluteers  had t erassistace; ad space rthe Market t grw ad ex-pad i the same lcati.Averett said these thigsrepreset what the Alliaceeeds t be.“We eed a alliace  peple wh are willig tcme tgether. I see brig-ig vedrs ad csumerstgether. It’s ur lcal decmy,” he said.Gree said she believesthe Alliace has the pte-tial t set the wheels i m-ti t restre sme sese balace t what cewas a much mre aturalprcess.“It seems like the d sys-tem has gtte s ar ut whack – the simple act grwig d ad theeatig it,” she said. “It’s a astd ati ad juk dhas becme the rm. Mymm grew up  a arm;my graddad was a r-gaic armer bere it waseve called rgaic. Rud-up did’t eve exist.”That much mre aturalstate is much mre impr-tat that may realize, Av-erett said.“The whle d system iss cmprmised, t lyby chemicals, but by GMo(geetically-mdied r-gaism). GMo is i virtuallyeverythig i the grcerystre,” he said. “It’s like thecrpratis have turedus it guiea pigs. This isar beyd Gri, Ga., butwe ca create sme agri-cultural awareess. We dhave a lt  peple herewh d’t have much m-ey, but we wat them thave gd d t eat.”T accmplish these gals,the GLFA is seekig mem-bers ad vluteers. Thseiterested i additial i-rmati search Facebk r "Lcal d alliace  Gri, GA" r may ctactGree at ashley@liberty-tech.et. Ω
he wrld arud usis cstatly chag-ig. Althugh we may ttice the miutia  adaily basis, ver time, thediereces ca be shck-ig. Such is the case with avide lmed i 1979 by lie-lg Gri residets Davidad Reba Baugh.Etitled “A Drive Thru Gri-,” David Baugh said thevide was basically a ex-perimet with sme ewad at-the-time cuttigedge electric equipmet.“I had a huge, chuky VCR– a RCA SelectaVisi –e  the very rst esthat came ut. I paid $1,200r it; I thught my wie wasgig t kill me,” he said.“That vide was prettymuch a experimet, mrer less. I wated t see i I culd recrd i the car. Iwated t g ut arudtw ad sht a vide,ad it wrked.”David Baugh said i ad-diti t the VCR, he alspurchased a iverter thatculd be plugged it thelighter  his 1979 Plym-uth Gld Duster. The i-verter cverted batterypwer t electricity, pwer-ig the vide camera usedt lm the lcal sceery.“At that time, we did’thave battery pack cameraslike we d tday,” he said.“My wie was actually hld-ig the camera because shedid’t drive. A lt  thigswere dieret the.”Baugh said util recetly,the vide, which depictssceery i ad aruddwtw Gri, was ev-er viewed by aye thertha amily members.“There was really  wayt share it back the – therewas  Iteret – ad back the, it was prbably br-ig, because yu culd justdrive dwtw ad see itr yursel,” he said. “I everrealized that 30-smethigyears later, thers wuldbe lkig at it. I kw thequality is awul, but I thik it des have sme impr-tace. I did’t realize utilI gt that vide ut adplayed it just hw muchGri has chaged.”It was up his retiremetthat he ud himsel withtime t g thrugh ld am-ily vides ad begi theprcess  cvertig themt mre mder rmat-tig. He said public iteresti this rst prject has e-curaged him t ctiue.“I’ve had sme cmmetsrm peple sayig hwmuch they’ve ejyed it.oe pers said they sawthe huse they ce livedi,” he said. “It brught back a lt  memries r me,t. I met my wie at wrk iearly 1969 ad we marriedDec. 19  that same year.our rst date was at theBlue Gse. It’s t thereay lger, but I ticed itwas i the vide. Later ,whe I asked her t marryme, we were parked at theld A&W. They tre thatdw years ag ad builtGrith’s, but the rigialA&Ws was i the vide, t. There are sme very histr-ic places rm my lie i thatvide.” Ω
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The Chicken House
Purveyors of fine goods
A Gift Shoppe
“Where French Country meets Vintage Industrial”
On the corner of 5th & Broad
Monday - Saturday 9:30-5:30 just arrived:nora fleming
interchangeableserving pieces
Lielong Grin resident’s video shows a glimpse back in time
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As Baugh's car pulls up to the red light at the corner o Hill and Taylor,the driver o the car in the next lane did a double take, no doubtsurprised by large camera being held by Baugh's wie as they drovethrough Grin.
Group seeks to educate growers, the pub-lic on importance o local ood system
kid’s & adult birthday parties ::: b
achelorettes ::: date nights :::wedding & baby showers ::: and just because!
Private parties start at $150(kids) $210(adults) ::: Call 770-229-6599 to check availability ::: stachestudio.net ::: 116 s. sixth street, griffin
Parking lot of the Grin Skate InnLow Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic for Cats & Kittens
Reservations required: www.projectcatsnip.comor call 770-455-7077. Financial assistance available
Spays $50
Neuters $30
Rabies Vax $10

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