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A Thousand Tales and Poetry

A Thousand Tales and Poetry

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Published by Jan Oskar Hansen
poetry and mini stories
poetry and mini stories

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Published by: Jan Oskar Hansen on Apr 12, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Thousand Tales and Poetry60 pagesBy Jan Oskar HansenEnd of AusterityWinter had ice on the village pond, under elm trees sweet snow,and our village was a postcard. Now it is about the price of potatoes,no herring in the sea. Austerity, old women have been cooked andmade into lard. Old men have been rounded up, put in barrels andsalted; to be eaten,-as dry cod fish,- with green leaves of spring.No winter wood, shot gun pellet damp and rabbits eat the carrots,bankers live on curried eels rolled in euro notes, they let no one in.Austrian mist dwells over Europe, yet there is the promise, EU hasdisappeared like the romantic alpine fog; the drachma and escudosare a legal tender again. Winter of discontent is over the Englishwill be scheming while waiting for approval by the USA (the specialrelationship is a misty London dream) The French and Germans cancontinue their natural enmity, as Belgium, Holland and Luxembourgstir, as always, the big black pot of political intrigues.
 Lost LoveOn TV, the weather women I secretly love,said it was 22 degree Celsius outside anda beautiful evening. She smiled and winked,knew I was admiring her.She left and gave room to world news readby a man in suit and tie; he read aboutdisheartening news and an Arab spring thatis turning into a military dictatorshipThe weather woman walked home, turnedon the TV and tried to see me, but I was onthe terrace watching the stars and I had, inmy distraction, forgotten her.
 A voice From the Past
My childhood friend rang me he hadn’t been ringing me for some time
 he is the shy type and only ring when he has been drinking and judgingby his infrequency of calls he is rather abstinent. He spoke of the timehe time of our boyhood when found, in a warehouse, Nazi uniforms and
put them on marching around the streets shouting “Hail Hitler” But this
in 1947 a time when children were given some room. If a child behavedsomething like that today, now that time is so very intolerant we would
grow up not getting a job because of our childhoods’ criminal past.Referring to Nazism is a crime and it doesn’t matter how old you were at
the time. He
wants to visit me and I have told him that’s ok, yet I hope he
will not come; our childhood was eons ago and I cannot by mere wordsbring him the magic he wants to hear of our infancy that in the end wasrather banal and full of dreams of what to do whe
n we’re adults.

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