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Og MacKiernen Dives Deep_awalker_802 Diagnostic Interview Project

Og MacKiernen Dives Deep_awalker_802 Diagnostic Interview Project

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Published by aspenwalker

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Published by: aspenwalker on Mar 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Aspen WalkerLI 802XC Diagnostic Interview ProjectColorado Cohort IX, Emporia State University, SLIMDr. Agada, Professor
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- 1 -Og MacKiernan (alias) is a commercial deep-sea diver. No stranger to hard work and murky,perplexing depths, a recent information quest found Og diving deep yet again to uncover the secretsbehind the cutting-edge art of digital music recording.A long-time musician, MacKiernan exhibits the INTJ personality inclinations of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Webb, 1990). An introvert, Og recharges his batteries by retreating to theseclusion of his home, thoughts and inner world. Reflected in his musical proclivities, he is drawn tothe “big picture” theories and patterns appreciated by intuitive personality types. With preferences forthinking over feeling, Og focuses on autonomous and objective decision-making, critical analysis,accuracy and common sense, rather than emotion or consensus. A consummate judger, MacKiernanprefers to plan ahead, schedule and organize (O. MacKiernan, personal communication, March 24,2007). True to form, Og possesses an original mind and intense dedication to his own ideas andobjectives. Skeptical and independent, MacKiernan is determined to get to the bottom of things, andsee the problems he cares about clarified and solved.An individualistic western male, (Anderson, 1988; from Thomas, 2004) MacKiernan is a self-professed visual/tactile learner (Thomas, 2004). He learns best by seeing visual or graphicrepresentations, and then applying the knowledge in a hands-on fashion. Og manifests aspects of Kolb’s
learning styles (Kolb & Fry, 1975; from Thomas, 2004).These preferences are highly evident in MacKiernan’s predilection for instructional DVDs, writtenmaterial that can be abstract
detailed, and interactive, informative websites, as well as his need tophysically operate digital recording systems in order to fully understand them (O. MacKiernan,personal communication, March 24, 2007).According to MacKiernan, he throws himself heartily into select and highly-focusedinformation quests with confidence and gusto. Og’s other in-depth searches and pursuits include thethorough study of music, including theory, performance and composition, as well as cycling, divingand computer literacy. He typically turns to expert individuals, books, the Internet and video/TV for
- 2 -information. By and large, MacKiernan does not frequent libraries or online information databases.After dedicating himself to finding and understanding the desired information, others routinely startturning to Og for his concentrated and newfound expertise (O. MacKiernan, personal communication,March 24, 2007).Prior to his decision to learn more about digital recording software and hardware, MacKiernanpaid professionals to record his music, or taped rough tracks on a small analog recording unit thatdiffers significantly from the new wave of computerized digital recording tools. But Og wasdetermined to take the leap, and dive deep for the information he would need to find, purchase andmaster the hi-tech tools of digital recording, and retreat from commercial diving to start his ownprofessional recording studio. (O. MacKiernan, personal communication, March 24, 2007).Og knew that he would need a computer, software, microphones and other tools to take thehelm at his own professional digital recording studio. He made good use of a five-week recovery fromsurgery to learn more about computer skills and technology. He bought a laptop, and spent hisprescribed bed-rest viewing an educational television program that fittingly enough, promised tomake anyone a computer expert in five weeks. (O. MacKiernan, personal communication, March 24,2007).MacKiernan, back in good health, and equipped with some experience in recording andcomputing, embarked on the information search process. Past experience led Og to initiate his searchat a favorite music store. To no avail, Og found the store offered “No options, their technology wastoo low-level, and they didn’t even know how to use the little equipment they had. They also had nosuggestions initially for where to go.” (O. MacKiernan, personal communication, March 24, 2007.) Ahopeful 200-mile drive to another music store yielded no additional results. Google™ led Og to theProtools™ (digital recording software) website at <DigiDesign.com>, but it was too technical for Ogto understand this early on in the quest.

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