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Q10. What in your view should be the response of the Government regarding the activities and demands of groups like the Bodu Bala Sena?

Q10. What in your view should be the response of the Government regarding the activities and demands of groups like the Bodu Bala Sena?

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Published by SocialIndicator
Answers to Q10 from the survey 'A Tolerant Sri Lanka'
Answers to Q10 from the survey 'A Tolerant Sri Lanka'

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Published by: SocialIndicator on Apr 12, 2013
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Q10. What in your view should be the response of the Government regarding the activities and demands of groups like the Bodu Bala Sena? (Maximum of 750 characters)
Jail them under the prevention of terrorism provisions
Just implement law and order very strictly, a lot of things will fall into place. Independent judiciary and policeare a must.
imprison these disgusting people
Govt should not allow anyone to take law into their hands like some they are the unofficial police of thecountry, etc..
They should completely disassociate themselves from and publicly condemn the actions and emergence of such groups. They should illegalize hate speech and take into custody anyone (clergy or lay person) whobreaks the law. Due process should be followed and punishment meted out accordingly.
Government should not entertain any racist groups.
The government should crackdown on hate groups by introducing stronger legislation targeting theseextremists. It's not just enough to put a muzzle on them but they need to be put to sleep.
The Govt. (although this will never happen) should condemn the acts of BBS and call to abolish the group.There is no such ethnicity such as Sinhalese Buddhists and no one, not any minority group is harmingBuddhism in any way. This is a multicultural country and we should be united.
Simply the law must be enforced for everyone.
They should issue directives/statements condemning them and actually follow through by imprisoning them
The President, senior officials and government Ministers should publicly condemn and disassociatethemselves from the actions and views of the Bodu Bala Sena. They should support and expedite just legalresponses to violence and intimidation by such groups. Given the strength of the ruling coalition, it shouldleverage its political capital to marginalise such extremist groups and counter their divisive agenda.Promotion of tolerance between and within religious groups must be safeguarded legally and promoted bygovt policy.
Endorse and emphasize the fact that Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and multi-religious country. Be intolerant of extremist movements such as BBS. Improve inter-communal awareness through education from the primarylevels. Genuinely work towards national reconciliation without taking majoritarian lines. It is not wise to baseone's politics on majority lines since today's majority can be a minority in the long run.
The government should ban such groups and help spread activities and messages that support racial andreligious harmony
Ban them. Identify them as a Hate group, promoting racism and intolerance. Vasu has the right idea.
There's a clear hidden agenda behind all these activities. And it's so unfortunate to see that a democraticallyelected government has witnessing all this without taking proper actions.
Allow them to speak, but arrest everyone engaging in hate-speech, illegal raids, vigilantism, and any otherillegal activity.
Govt should deal with them according to the law. It is openly racist and fascistic and govt. should stopsupporting it by some politicians and govt. organizations (police, court etc.)
Promote and practice anti-racism, make sure anyone who disrupts this is made accountable. Ensure thatminorities are protected.
A categorical condemnation of their rhetoric and activities and the full use of the law of the land to deal withthem
To be logical and not irrational
When we see how thugs were deployed by the government to prevent legitimate protests against theimpeachment of the Chief Justice, and the fact that the police are watching while the Bodu Bala Sena attackprivate property (as seen in the video in this survey), we can only conclude that the government issupporting these groups. Ideally, the government should take stern legal action and even arrest members of these groups for the damage they have caused to private property. Given what has been happening in Sri
Lanka the last few years, that is, unfortunately too much to hope for. Unless the people (in large numbers)stand up for what is right, this will only get worse.
The BBS and Sinhala Ravaya's crimes against minorities must be condemned and the guilty parties need tobe held accountable for their actions. While the groups themselves cannot be stopped, their crimes have tobe addressed, and the government needs to recognize them as the extremist groups they are.
I think government is supporting BBS. Now they are collecting Sinhala majority’s votes for next election.
The government should ignore these groups and ban them if they do not give up their campaign of hate.
should arrest them for instigating racial violence and should prosecute in a court of law
The government must act against incitement to racial violence. However it will not because it is in it, up tothe hilt.
The government should taken very stern action not to propagate such groups and their action. HATESPEECH is allowed in most of the civilized countries. Those who are involved in such racist actions andspeeches should be legally dealt with. But when the government is sponsoring such events, giving allpossible support, having assured security to organisations like BBS, having forced the victimised to enter intoan amicable settlement, what can we expect. The only thing to expect is something what happened to theJews in Germany, something like what is happening in Myanmar today.
They should take it very seriously and send a clear message that they will not allow or tolerate it. Howeverthis seems unlikely.
The Government must abide by the Constitution of this country and uphold the Fundamental rights of itscitizens. There will be no fundamentalist groups like the BBS if this is done. There are plenty of provisionsunder the penal code to take actions against such culprits. Let's see the Government doing that!
Ban them.
Banning them is like taking them seriously and giving them more power. Ignorance is the bliss!
Government should not allow anything illegal to take place. Extremist views are publicly expressed byvarious groups such as TNA, BBS and few others. Government should bring all these parties to a discussiontable and try to enlighten them on ground realities. If they do not listen legal action should be taken forviolating peace and harmony in the society. Racism and religious intolerance should be banned in oursociety. All people in Sri Lanka are Sri Lankans irrespective of their race and they should be free to follow anyreligion according to their belief. No one should be allowed to insult any one based on race or religion.Conversion from one religion to another by force or by improper influencing should be banned.
Inciting racism should be identified as a criminal offense. Groups such as BBS and Sinhala Ravaya must bebanned. Most importantly, it will benefit the country immensely, if the Government at long last promotes acommon Sri Lankan national identity - and not one along communal/religious lines as successivegovernments have done so far.
The government should prosecute those peddling racial hatred. The BBS and Sinhala Ravaya etc. should beprosecuted to the full extent of the law and any government employees found to be promoting the aims andobjects of these organizations should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The government shouldissue a full and unequivocal statement condemning the BBS and any others espousing the same sentimentsand prosecute any who choose to persist in this line of action.
The same way they dealt with the LTTE:)
To curb racist groups such as BBS and avoid yet another ethnic conflict.
Stop all anti racial movements in Sri Lanka. We do not need another war.
Try to appease the Buddhists (we really do have genuine issues) without letting opportunistic forces like theBBS and SR become our only choice
Ensure that the rule of law is maintained at all times.
Condemn them vocally, bring perpetrators to justice, disassociate itself from it, ban BBS, immediately resortto measures aimed at building national unity for the benefit of those who have been misled (but notnecessarily involved directly in) BBS violence
Government must take in to account how extremist groups like BBS tarnish the image of Buddhism.
The government should treat these groups as seditious and ban them from being operated.
They should warn the BBS in not taking these issues to the extreme but to settle in peace
Do not tolerate their racist demands.
The government should take a zero tolerance stance against any hate group. They should make a publicstatement to this effect. They should also enable the police etc to take legal action against such groups.Movements such as these should be considered criminal.
enforce the rule of law
Extremist groups such as the BBS or any other (of any religion) should be monitored closely by thegovernment. However, asking the government to impose a ban may push such groups underground and mayhave severe detrimental effects. The government should control in such a way that instigating racial hatredis considered as a crime but in such a way that freedom of speech is nor curtailed
The government should speak out strongly to indicate their support for tolerance and non-violence.
Be it BBS or any other racist/fundamentalist group, they got. Should always ensure that the law of the land iscarried out to its full effect. No one is to be exempted from justice and all forms of such illegalactivity/vigilantism can be curbed if and only if the rule of law is upheld. Aside from the virus of intolerance,the lack of the rule of law leads to the rise of such groups and activities.
Instead of preaching platitudes and empty words 'warning' extremists they should actually enforce the lawswhich were enforced unfairly sometimes
Because the BBS took the Law and order situation under their control, the party should be banned.
They should shut them down immediately, before they drag us into another civil war.
Justice should be applied equally for every Sri Lankan citizen.
Group should be banned - For instances they misquote the religious texts and tell lies ad half truthsconvincingly.
The government does not just mean just the Rajapaksa brothers. It is naive to think that they are the onlyactors we have to pressurize. The government is made up of multiple components and civil servants. It istime that they challenged the regime and the very systems they are part of that perpetuate this injustice. Ithink if there were multiple pressure groups within and outside the government holding the leadershipaccountable then the leaders will not think that they have the liberty to do as they please. We must first askhead of police to take responsibility for maintaining law and order and the judicial system to implement justice and government ministries to challenge the individuals who support these extremist groups fromwithin.
The BBS is encouraging racism. The government should ban the organisation and also ensure that all thosewho were involved in the mob attack as well as those who harass minorities be charged.
The government should ban these organisations and arrest individuals and groups carrying out suchactivities. Government should also apologise to all affected parties and ensure such incidents do not ariseever again!
They should disassociate from them and stop supporting majority rhetoric. The government shouldpublically come out with statements that not just tolerate minorities, but celebrate them and celebratediversity. They need to come into the 21st century.
The govt must not endorse extremist views and those which propagate a culture of intimidation. It's the role
of the govt to use legal and judicial curbs to put a stop to this ridiculous agenda. If it’
s a question of votebank politics, the govt needs to be ultimately held accountable.
Publicly and continuously denounce and arrest all involved in violence and intimidation
Open racist religious groups like this are poison to the country and should not be allowed to send theirmessages of hate and racism
It is patently obvious that some elements of the state are directly instigating or giving credence to the hatespeech promoted by the BBS and like groups. The government needs to unequivocally condemn theseactivities and take active steps to promote racial and religious tolerance and harmony.

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