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Steadfast in a Multiform Tradition. Empedos and asphalḗs in Homer and Beyond

Steadfast in a Multiform Tradition. Empedos and asphalḗs in Homer and Beyond

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Published by: herodotean_fan on Apr 12, 2013
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 Steadfast in a Multiform Tradition:
in Homer and BeyondMaster’s ThesisPresented toThe Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and SciencesBrandeis University
 Graduate Program in Ancient Greek and Roman StudiesLeonard Muellner, AdvisorIn Partial Fulfillmentof the Requirements forMaster’s Degreeby
 Claudia FilosFebruary 2013
 Copyright byClaudia P. Filos© 2013
I would like to thank my family, friends, and colleagues for their support as Iworked on this project and this degree. In particular I would like to acknowledge thefollowing individuals who offered their constant encouragement: my circle of friendsincluding Jennifer Flynn, Susan Hacker, Laura Knight, Stephanie McGowan, andElizabeth Lenart; my cousin Catherine Kahrs; my siblings Mary Kay Filos, AndreaMondello, and Robert Filos; my other parents Donna and Sandy Favazza; my husbandThomas Favazza for his love, generosity, and amazing sense of humor; and my beautifulchildren Maggie and Xander for their laughter, love, and patience.I wish to acknowledge the generous financial support of the Center for German andEuropean Studies at Brandeis University for a grant that partially funded my first visitto Greece in April 2011. This thesis was greatly enriched by that experience.I am also grateful to the faculty and staff of the Classics Department of BrandeisUniversity for the warm intellectual home they provided: Heidi McAllister, Patricia Johnston, Cheryl Walker, Ann O. Koloski-Ostrow, Andrew Koh.Cheryl Walker, James McDonough, and an anonymous reader, all read this work inits entirety at crucial moments. Each provided insightful comments, corrections and

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