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Black Dahlia

Black Dahlia

Ratings: (0)|Views: 76 |Likes:
Published by Renata
Director - Brian De Palma
Josh Friedman (screenplay)
James Ellroy (novel)
Director - Brian De Palma
Josh Friedman (screenplay)
James Ellroy (novel)

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Published by: Renata on Mar 23, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Black DahliaWritten byJosh FriedmanBased on the novel byJames EllroyCREDITS ROLL OVERBlack and white newsreel footage from the 1930s. Clips fromprize fights featuring two different boxers against variousopponents. One a light heavyweight--pure finesse, acounterpunches; the other, stouter and stronger, aheadhunting puncher.The intercutting of the two fighters suggests a possibleshowdown at the end of the newsreel. No such luck.END CREDITSCLOSE UP ON:A TRIPLE CARBON LAPD "INCIDENT REPORT" FORM trapped in an oldCorona typewriter. The keys pound letters into the blankspaces.INCIDENT: THE ZOOT SUIT RIOTS...JUNE 10, 1943...REPORTING OFFICER...DWIGHT "BUCKY" BLEICHERTEXT. BOYLE HEIGHTS - EVERGREEN AND WABASH - DUSKA WORLD WAR II ERA PERSONNEL CARRIER transports twenty silentLAPD officers into the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Thesounds of glass breaking and men screaming serves as backdropfor their arrival.We focus in on BUCKY BLEICHERT, 26, (The counterpuncher fromthe newsreels) as he jumps from the carrier.Bucky's minus his gun but plus a WWI tin helmet and a threepound truncheon.BUCKY'S POV:Hundreds of in-uniform GI's use baseball bats and two-by-
fours to beat the shit out of Zoot Suit-wearing Mexicans.Most of the cops wander to the edge of the race riot andhobnob with the pockets of MPs and Shore Patrol who've chosento "restore order" by cheering on their countrymen againstthe outnumbered but equally fierce zooters.Sailors shatter streetlights and shop windows. Darkness fallsquickly on what Bucky rightly realizes is chaos.Suddenly Bucky's RUNNING--away from the action...down a side street and onto aQUIET RESIDENTIAL BLOCK.He slows to a jog, trying to gather his thoughts. And then avoice:VOICEBleichert! Bleichert!EXT. A BUNGALOW COURTYARD - SAMEA POLICE OFFICER has THREE MARINES IN DRESS BLUES and ONEZOOT SUITER cornered in a center walkway.The marines swipe clumsily at the officer with their two-by-fours as he bobs back and forth on the balls of his feet,dodging the blows like the ex-fighter he is.VOICE OVERI already knew him by reputation, had ourrespective records down pat: LeeBlanchard, 43-4-2 as a heavyweight,formerly a regular attraction at theHollywood Legion Stadium.The terrified Mexican stands frozen on one side of Blanchard,trying to avoid the entire mess as the policeman parries themarines' blows with his own truncheon.LEE BLANCHARDCode three, Bleichert!Bucky runs into the courtyard and immediately wades in,fending off the marines' blows to jab at them with his stick.VOICE OVERAnd he knew me, Bucky Bleichert, light-heavy, 36-0-0, ranked tenth by Ringmagazine in 1937 fighting no-nameopponents in no-man's-land division.On instinct, Bucky drops his baton and begins wailing on themarines with his fists, connecting hard punches with soft
midsections.VOICE OVER (cont'd)In our first year at Central we'd neverspoke--but people spoke of us. Opinionsabout a fantasy Bleichert-Blanchardfight, and who would win.And now Blanchard moves in, lashing vicious truncheon blowsto the shoulders of the marines, sending them one by one intoa heap.VOICE OVER (cont'd)I'd heard almost all of 'em: Blanchard byearly KO; Bleichert by decision;Blanchard stopped on cuts--everything butBleichert by knockout.The marines reduced to rubble, Lee Blanchard turns hisattention to the Zooter: he slaps handcuffs on him and leadshim away. He motions for Bucky to follow.Lee turns back to the marines:LEETo the halls of Tripoli, shitbirds.One of them flips Lee off. The Zooter kicks him in the chestas Lee pulls him away from them, laughing.The three men start back toward the riots. Gunshots can beheard. Palm trees blaze up into the night.LEE (cont'd)(re the Zooter)Bucky Bleichert, meet Senor Tomas DosSantos, subject of an all-points fugitivewarrant for manslaughter committed duringthe commission of a Class B Felony.Snatched a purse off a hairbag and shekeeled of a heart attack.BUCKYYou come all the way down here to roust--LEE(smiling)I came all the way down here same as youdid.(jerks a finger to the riots)Keep from gettin' killed. Happened to seethose jarheads beatin' on a good collar--(nudging Dos Santos)Habla Ingles, Tomas?The man shakes his head "no".LEE (cont'd)

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