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Letter to Myanmar President U Thein Sein

Letter to Myanmar President U Thein Sein

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Published by rohingyablogger
Letter to Myanmar President U Thein Sein
Letter to Myanmar President U Thein Sein

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: rohingyablogger on Apr 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To,His Excellency U Thein SeinPresident of Union of Myanamr Date: April 12, 2013Appeal to save Muslim from Genocide in Burma.We represent Myanmar Muslim and Rohingya Muslim gathering in front Myanmar Permanentmission at New York to draw your kind attention for the crisis in Myanmar. We would like youto succeed in the effort of democratization in Myanmar but you must be very firm in publicsafety in Myanmar.Under your leadership, lawlessness and anarchy is widely spread and terrorist network of 969and others are openly calling Muslim genocide in Myanamr as we can see the evident inMeikhila. Violence started in May 2012 at Arakan state has escalated and spread to the wholeBurma would have been stop if your government has taken strong stand on rule of law and prosecute the mastermind of violence and its network. We feel very discourage when you spokeon Rohingya issue with corrupted information but we feel enlighten when you spoke about building more school in Rohingya area, planning for resettlement and reconstruction of townsand villages.You must accept that Burma is plural society which is belonging to many ethnic group includingRohingya and many religious including Muslim. You must also acknowledge that Minoritycannot threaten the security of country but Majority provokes violence, minority is alwaysvictims especially when they are not protected by national security institution like in Meikhila.We were here at July 2012 to plea your honorable to ask UN lead investigation of the root causeof the violence and the mastermind behind violence but ignored us or you were not able to dothat due to your internal obstacle. Your failure to expose the criminals which may include somemilitary personal, security forces, members of your party and other individuals make theextremist become more powerful and able to carry out large scale violence which amount toethnic cleansing and genocide like in the cities of  
,Mimbya and Meikhila.
In the beginning, it may be sectarian conflict but at latter stage most of the attacked wereunilateral and some time government security forces make things worse.Dear Sir, how long you would like to wait to implement strong security measure? Dear Sir,Don’t you sympathize many Muslim innocent children were cutely killed by Buddhist terroristand burn them alive for just being Muslim. We were aware that you do not want to jeopardizetransition of democracy in Burma but how you would achieve real democracy while ignoringviolation or abuse of most fundamental right of its minority Muslim in Burma?We ask you to implement the following urgently, if it is difficult for you to implement your most basic fundamental duty which is to protect its citizen from anarchy, you would be better off byresigning your post as President,1.You must make sure that security forces will not be watching and doing nothing whenmosques were attacked or when Muslim is being killed.2.You must prosecute anti Muslim movement leaders of 969 whose main aim is todestabilize the nation by provoking Muslim hatred with false propaganda.3.If Current law is not enough for you to prevent lawlessness, you must ask parliament tomake a law so that every citizen in Myanmar will be safe.4. You must abandon General Ne Win policy to strip Rohingya citizenship and make themstateless.5.Myanmar government must abandon their plan to send Rohingya Muslim to third countryor put into concentration camps forever which is a clear violation of Human Right.6.Form UN independent commission to investigate the terrorist network and how stateinvolve in planning and executing of violent that lead to genocide in Arkan, Meikhila,and elsewhere in Burma.7.Government must not let anti Muslim campaign out of control and bring responsiblemastermind to justice.

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