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Table Of Contents

About this Guide
What's New in CDH3
What's New in CDH3 Update 1
CDH-wide changes for Update 1
Updated Components
What's New in CDH3 Update 0
CDH-wide changes
New Components
About CDH Package Manifests
Before You Install CDH3 on a Cluster
Supported Operating Systems for CDH3
Install the Java Development Kit
CDH3 Installation
Ways To Install CDH3
Before You Begin Installing CDH Manually
Installing CDH3 on Red Hat Systems
Step 1: Download the CDH3 Repository or Package
• Download and install the CDH3 Package or
To add the CDH3 repository:
Step 2: Install CDH3
Installing CDH3 on Ubuntu Systems
• Add the CDH3 U1 repository or
To download and install the CDH3 package:
Installing CDH3 on SUSE Systems
Step 2: Install CDH
Installing CDH3 Components
Additional Configuration is Required for These CDH Components
Viewing the Apache Hadoop Documentation
Upgrading to CDH3
Before You Begin
Upgrading Hive and Hue in CDH3
Upgrading Flume in CDH3 Update 1
Changes in User Accounts and Groups in CDH3 Due to Security
Directory Ownership in Local File System
Directory Ownership on HDFS
Upgrading to CDH3 Update 1
Upgrading from CDH3 Beta 3, Beta 4, or Update 0 to CDH3 Update 1
Upgrading from a CDH release before CDH3 Beta 3 to CDH3 Update 1
CDH3 Deployment in Standalone Mode
To deploy CDH3 in standalone mode:
CDH3 Deployment in Pseudo-Distributed Mode
To deploy CDH3 in pseudo-distributed mode:
CDH3 Deployment on a Cluster
Customizing the Configuration without Using a Configuration Package
Configuration Files and Properties
Configuring Local Storage Directories for Use by HDFS and MapReduce
Creating and Configuring the mapred.system.dir Directory in HDFS
Deploying your Custom Configuration to your Entire Cluster
To deploy your custom configuration to your entire cluster:
Initial Setup
Format the NameNode
Running Services
Starting HDFS
Starting MapReduce
Configuring the Hadoop Daemons to Start at Boot Time
When SSH is and is not Used
Flume Installation
Upgrading Flume in CDH3
Flume Packaging
Flume Prerequisites
Installing the Flume Tarball (.tgz)
Installing the Flume RPM or Debian Packages
Starting Flume Nodes on Boot Up Automatically
Starting the Flume Master on Boot Up Automatically
Running Flume
Files Installed by the Flume RPM and Debian Packages
Viewing the Flume Documentation
Sqoop Installation
Sqoop Packaging
Sqoop Prerequisites
Installing the Sqoop RPM or Debian Packages
Installing the Sqoop Tarball
Viewing the Sqoop Documentation
Hue Installation
Upgrading Hue in CDH3
Upgrading Hue from CDH3 Beta 4 to CDH3 Update 1
Installing, Configuring, and Starting Hue on One Machine
Specifying the Secret Key
Starting Hue on One Machine
Installing and Configuring Hue on a Cluster
Installing Hue on a Cluster
Configuring the Hadoop Plugins for Hue
Restarting the Hadoop Daemons
Pointing Hue to Your CDH NameNode and JobTracker
To point Hue to your CDH NameNode and JobTracker:
Web Server Configuration
Listing all Configuration Options
Viewing Current Configuration Settings
Using Multiple Files to Store Your Configuration
Starting and Stopping Hue
Hue Process Hierarchy
Hue Logging
Viewing Recent Log Messages through your Web Browser
The Hue Database
Inspecting the Hue Database
Backing up the Hue Database
Configuring Hue to Access Another Database
Configuring Hue to Store Data in MySQL
To configure Hue to store data in MySQL:
Installing and Configuring Hue Shell
Verifying Hue Shell Installation
Modifying the Hue Shell Configuration File
Unix User Accounts
Running the Appropriate Web Server
Viewing the Hue and Hue Shell Documentation
Pig Installation
Incompatible Changes as of the Pig 0.7.0 Release
Using Pig with HBase
Viewing the Pig Documentation
Oozie Installation
Oozie Packaging
Oozie Prerequisites
Installing Oozie Tarball
Installing Oozie RPM or Debian Packages
Configuring Oozie
Hadoop Configuration
Database Configuration
Enabling Oozie Web Console
Configuring Oozie with Kerberos Security
Hive Installation
Upgrading Hive in CDH3
Installing Hive
Configuring a MySQL-based Hive Metastore
Hive Configuration
Using Hive with HBase
Viewing the Hive Documentation
HBase Installation
Installing HBase
Host Configuration Settings for HBase
Using DNS with HBase
Using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) with HBase
Setting User Limits for HBase
Using dfs.datanode.max.xcievers with HBase
Starting HBase in Standalone Mode
Installing the HBase Master for Standalone Operation
Starting the HBase Master
Accessing HBase by using the HBase Shell
Using MapReduce with HBase
Configuring HBase in Pseudo-distributed Mode
Modifying the HBase Configuration
Creating the /hbase Directory in HDFS
Enabling Servers for Pseudo-distributed Operation
Installing the HBase Thrift Server
Deploying HBase in a Distributed Cluster
Choosing where to Deploy the Processes
Configuring for Distributed Operation
Viewing the HBase Documentation
ZooKeeper Installation
Installing the ZooKeeper Packages
Installing the ZooKeeper Base Package
Installing the ZooKeeper Server Package on a Single Server
Installing ZooKeeper in a Production Environment
Launching a Cluster
Running a Whirr Proxy
Running a MapReduce job
Destroying a cluster
To destroy a cluster:
Viewing the Whirr Documentation
Snappy Installation
Using Snappy for MapReduce Compression
Using Snappy for Pig Compression
Using Snappy for Hive Compression
Configuring Flume to use Snappy Compression
Using Snappy compression in Flume Sinks
Using Snappy compression in Sqoop Imports
Configuring HBase to use Snappy Compression
JDK Installation on Red Hat 5 and 6, CentOS 5, or SLES 11 Systems
Creating a Local Yum Respository
JDK Installation on Ubuntu Systems
Using the CDH3 Maven Repository
Building RPMs from CDH Source RPMs
Setting up an environment for building RPMs
Red Hat or CentOS systems
SUSE systems
Getting Support
Building an RPM
Cloudera Support
Community Support
Apache License
Third-Party Licenses
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CDH3 Installation Guide u1

CDH3 Installation Guide u1

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CDH3 Installation Guide u1
CDH3 Installation Guide u1

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