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Published by Denise Mangold
Comparison of Marx and Locke
Comparison of Marx and Locke

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Denise Mangold on Apr 13, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why John Locke’s Philosophy lives on, and
why Marxism failed.
Denise MangoldJohn Locke and Karl Marx both
had strong influences on today’s
Governments around the world. John Locke inspired Thomas Jefferson; hisinspiration can be seen in the declaration of Independence of the United States of America. Karl Marx also had strong influences on communist governments most notable the former Soviet Union. It is the root of each of their philosophies is wherethey are worlds apart. John Locke was influential on the United States, land of thefree one nation under God; Karl Marx is the father of communism the formerstructure of government of Romania, Soviet Union and currently China. Both KarlMarx and John Locke believe that without proper
ty, civilizations can’t form. At the
root of each of their philosophy was the issue of private property. Locke believedthe role of the government was to protect private property, Marx believed that private property ownership should be abolished. The state had the right toeverything. In comparison if John Locke and Karl Marx were in Star Trek, JohnLocke would represent the federation who stress the value of liberty, equality, andjustice; Karl Marx would represent the Borg where everyone is assimilated into thecollective hive with the ultimate goal of achieving perfection. It is clear to me John
Locke’s ideas are far more superior to Karl Marx.
Locke was pro-free market, pro-private property, and pro-God. Locke arguedthat man by nature, is free and equal we are individuals with inalienable rights, thisis not a gift from society, but given to us from God. Locke states in the
Second Treatise
, “if man in the state of nature be so free, as has been said; if 
he be
absolutelord of his own person and possessions
, equal to the greatest, and subject to no
why will he part with his freedom
? (Locke 57).”
Locke argued that it is thepeople that have ultimate power over government, not the other way around.Freedom is established by following the laws that the people themselvesestablished. In the United States we the people vote on issues that concern us as asociety, and also as individuals. In the United States it is our elected officials that draw up bills that are voted on by the people to become laws in which we willfollow. In recent times a very controversial bill that would declare fertilized eggslegal persons. The very conservative God loving people in Mississippi that this billwas proposed voted this bill down. This is a law if passed it could create a legalprecedent in which the liberty and dignity of women would be violated in the guiseof protecting the life of another legal person. This law would be based on thesuspicion that a woman may or may not have a fertilized egg, which is now a legalperson, since fertilized eggs need to implant before pregnancy can be confirmed.This law would mean every woman in her child bearing years would need to bemonitored since there may or may not be a legal person within her body. Also, thebehavior of women in childbearing years would need to be controlled. Once again
since a fertilized egg can’t be detected till
after implantation, women in childbearingyears would have to refrain from any alcohol, any medications that could causeharm to the undetected legal person. The United States upholds the right to ownpersonal property
every person’s body is their persona
l property. I am a womanstill in childbearing years. I would consider it trespassing on my personal propertyto be subjected to mandatory tests to see if there might be a legal person hangingout in my body. It is oppressive to any human being that the government could

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