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Reverse Engineering the Self

Reverse Engineering the Self

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Published by 5wishes

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Published by: 5wishes on Apr 13, 2013
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All rights reserved. This document is owned by Higher Balance Institute®. Any person is hereby not authorized to view, copy,
Reverse Engineering the Self 
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Eric: There are seven kinds of men on earth. The first one is the body center. They have a certainorder as to how they see life. It’s very mechanically structured, orderly designed life. That’s alevel one.A level two is someone who is into the heart center, the emotional center and those areyour very spiritual, new age kind of people. They speak a lot about free love, earthy love, your granola bar kind of people love, your various forms of touchy feely love, and feel the loveenergy, and the Universe is about love, and Mother love from the Earth.Level three is the intellectual, mind level. The mind level means that you
thecosmos, the dynamics of it, the workings of it; you have an idea of how God’s consciousnessmight move and interact with the world. You see the planet as a living organism, you see thehigher truths, and you can integrate with love; and you can also integrate with the dynamics fromlevel one and two more or less. But because you‘re in level three you see it from a much larger  perspective; you’ve refined your consciousness; you’ve refined your knowledge and your abilities.Level one to two isn’t just one level. It has like fifty sects in it. Do you understand?Different kinds of offshoots of level one types, and as it approaches two it gets closer to becoming a two. Do you understand? The same thing goes for two because there are fifty kindsof micro types to that kind of branching out into different divisions.So your goal and your agenda is to become a level four human being. You want to become a level four man per-se. When you become a level four, it’s as if you master the other three and it becomes the fourth. You enter that arena. Do you follow what I am saying? Byentering that you have a much different understanding; your spirituality dramatically increasesand changes to a way that you can understand things beyond what you ever could do before. You
All rights reserved. This document is owned by Higher Balance Institute®. Any person is hereby not authorized to view, copy,
want to begin to push yourself a little higher, a little better, a little more expansive so that youcan begin to approach that level four. And that comes from effort, and that comes from work.We understand that there must be a level five man out there; there must be a level six,and quite potentially a level seven. Now supposedly nothing above a level seven can exist on the
and if it did it would be
unique and extremely rare. I’m not asking you to think on me or where you would place me. That’s not important and it’s not something that I aminterested in. Okay? What you have to understand though is that you can learn from me fromcertain examples how to be at a very high place, but you can drop your octaves down so you cancommunicate better to others. So you could be a very high level but one of the things you learnfrom me in that high level is to work the other levels down so that you can operate. This is to sayhow come you guys know that there are a certain times I talk to you? You should definitelyknow that there is something different about me or that I come from a much higher place and I’m just speaking to you in such a way that’s changing your tonal. I am sure to shift in thisconversation a little bit later and you going to see different kinds of consciousness from me that Iam projecting out. Okay?It’s
that you try to see yourself on these certain levels because you have tohave an idea of where to begin your work on yourself; where to begin your refinement of awakening yourself; where to begin to bring yourself to the next level of consciousness. Do youunderstand what I am saying? It’s important that you don’t say, “Oh I am happy with where I’mat”. How could you be happy where you’re at if you can recognize that it’s not far enough or good enough? Without making it to the fourth level you’re in big trouble. Okay? If you can’tmake it into the fourth, I would be very, very, very concerned. It can take
for you to reachor attain the proper state of consciousness to get there.Again I said that there are almost seven kinds of bodies. Essentially you can see the sevenkinds of body versus the first three, versus the seven states of man. There is a correlation, alwaysremember three and seven are really the secret numbers.The first body is your flesh. The second body is the electrical energy that coexists withyour flesh to make your eyes blink, to make your mouth move, to make your heart tick and your lungs to expand and retract, and your kidneys and your liver to function and so on and so forth.But this is a second body that coexists with the first body. Do you understand? This is your electrical energy which is consumed and created through food you eat, through photosynthesis
All rights reserved. This document is owned by Higher Balance Institute®. Any person is hereby not authorized to view, copy,
originally, that’s captured from sunlight. You cannot destroy energy; you can only recreate it. Doyou understand?The third body is the creation of what you understand is the soul. Now, we understandthat most human beings do not have souls, that they are biochemical beings who are probablymade of two bodies, the first and the second -- one of energy, one of flesh. With their standard beliefs do they create a third? Most likely not. They
themselves; they believe that theyhave a soul, but out of their laziness it is more a way of gluttony and arrogance and ego, that theysomehow can conceive the concept of it. And without any effort, they just automatically aregiven one like an Acme soul press -- ka-boom, ka-boom, ka-boom --
gets one. Okay?And if they want to think this and this gives them comfort in their life or some sense of feelingspecial or whatever, fine; so be it; they can take whatever they want. In my opinion when theyare dead they are dead. Period. Like an atheist’s point of view, they have nothing then to go on. Now I feel sorry for your parents; I feel sorry for your siblings; I feel sorry for your friends thatyou’ve grown to love. It’s not to say that they do not have loving care and emotions, or theywere beautiful people or anything like that. On a biochemical level they had all of thesewonderful qualities. Now, having said all of that you either want to achieve a soul or you don’t,and if you want to pacify yourself with this concept that everybody gets one, like they’re freelittle pamphlets handed out and everybody gets to have one, you’re foolish, and it doesn’t work that way. That’s what I believe.It comes from effort; it comes from work; it comes from self-reflection. The third soul,much like your brain, your so called intelligence, is to say, “I think therefore I am.” The soul iscreated from reflection and self-pondering. It’s the very beginning of its most subtle beginnings.It doesn’t mean it’s strong enough yet; it doesn’t mean that you’ve really created a third bodyyet. It comes in its creation from work and effort and then it becomes stronger. It becomesstronger by thinking about your body and realizing how mechanical your body is. This onlyleaves another presence and that presence is to become aware of something more than you. Byrecognizing something more than you, it begins to stabilize; it begins its creation; it begins its birth. But it has no name. It has no way of knowing what it is. You have no way of fullyunderstanding it with your biochemical brain. But yet, by trying to become aware of it, bylearning, by studying, by trying to find new words so that you can define it, it literally begins totake structure; it begins to have some kind of mass on an energy level. It is again to say that the

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