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Vampires Will Never Hurt You Chapter Three

Vampires Will Never Hurt You Chapter Three



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Published by Brandy

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Published by: Brandy on Mar 24, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I barely had time to react – Vanessa pointed to a blonde man standing in themiddle of the small country lane. I swerved quickly, but apparently too quick as thevehicle skidded sideways. My hands suddenly released on the steering wheel as thewheels left the pavement, my car flipping down the embankment. I couldn’t tell you howmany times we ended up flipping, but every time it hurt worse – at least I had enoughsense to have buckled myself in. But the seatbelt was cutting into my skin tightly, and Iwas narrowly missing bonking my head on the ceiling of the car. I clung to my seat, eyesshut tightly.And then, we came to a jerking halt.It took me a moment to register that fact that I was in pain – a lot of pain, but Inearly screamed when I looked to my left. A thick tree branch was sticking out of the back of my seat, inches from where it could have impaled me. And then I realized wewere upside down, because the blood was beginning to rush to my head.“V-Vanessa.” I choked out, glancing over. She wasn’t responding, slumpedagainst the seat.It was then I realized she had a thick branch sticking out of her abdomen.“No!” I screamed, and struggled to get free of pinning seatbelt, but it was stuck.
I froze at the voice, only reacting when I heard the crunching of footsteps and Nicolas’s face appeared around the side of the car, appearing in my window – or where ithad been. The glass was shattered, lying on the ground outside. I wondered for a momentwhy his face was upside down, and then I remember that I was the one upside down, nothim. Some blood was rushing to my head, the rest of it bleeding out the long gash in myleg.There was a horrible screech of metal before the driver’s side door completelyripped off and his cold hands were at my waist, snapping the seatbelt off with ease.Among my confusion, I was sure I heard another set of footsteps. My thoughts wereconfirmed when I heard a female voice speak out from somewhere on the other side of the totaled car.“Do you want me to get her body?” Nicolas mumbled something in return, but I couldn’t hear, are I was slowlyslipping into a state of unconsciousness, that I was struggling to fight off.“Vanessa!” I shouted as Nicolas wrapped his arms around me and slid me out of the car through the hole that had been my door. He lifted me up into his arms, and afamiliar feeling crept over me. It felt as if we were flying, like in my dream.Then I was laying on the back seat of some car – it had the brand new car smell. Nicolas got in the driver’s seat.“Hang in there Abigail.” He whispered, before I finally gave up the fight with the blackness and let myself succumb to it.XXXWhite lights, men and women in lab coats, and Logan’s and Nicolas’s face floatedup above whenever I could flutter my eyes open for half a second.“Abigail, can you hear me?”
I forced my eyes open at the voice, blinking several times, as my vision was blurry. A kind looking face came into view, looking down at me. Shaggy black hair fellinto his eyes, and for a moment, I thought I was Nicolas. Then his green eyes came intoview, and his features were much different.“Excellent, you’re awake.” He smiled, glanced down at the chart in his hands.I was lying on a hard hospital bed in a small room – the only light came from thesun shining through the window. By the window, Nicolas stood, facing away from me.Behind the apparent doctor, Logan was dozing in a chair; Claire curled up in his lap,asleep as well.“How are you feeling?”I blinked at him. Really?“Like a semi-truck hit me, then backed up over me again.” I stated. “Where’sVanessa?”“Well, your vitals are all normal, so that’s good. We’ve kept you under sedativesto keep you relaxed, so its all right if you feel tired.” He said, obvious attempting toignore my question. I frowned.“Let me see Vanessa.” I said as he looked at the charts. The last time I had seenher, she had been a broken body with a tree sticking out of her. But the doctor just flasheda simple smile before leaving the room. I growled, reaching up to attempt to calm myaching head. Out of the corner of my eye, Nicolas adjusted his position, turning to faceme.“You know he’s only trying to help.” He commented, approaching the bed withthe small hint of a smile.“I hate doctors – nice or not.” I replied dryly. He let out a soft laugh.“Obviously.”“How’s Vanessa?” I asked. He again shifted, this time nervously. Hesitating, hesighed.“She died. The doctors did everything they could to save her, but the branch had pierced her lungs and she died.”My throat ran dry, and I faintly heard the heart monitor I was attached to increaseits beeping as my palms became sweaty. If only I had paid attention to the roar. If only Ihadn’t tuned her out.“You’re lucky, you know. You only have a fractured wrist, a slight concussion,and a few cuts and bruises.” He continued.“I don’t feel lucky.”“Don’t blame yourself, Abigail.” Nicolas said, resting his hands along the bedrailing. I could practically see him reading my thoughts. “Its not your fault.”“Yes it is.” I argued, turning my head away from him to hide the tears springingto my eyes. I couldn’t believe my best friend was dead. I felt numb, but that was probablyfrom the codine, and it was probably the reason the full reality hadn’t settled in on meyet. “There was a guy standing in the middle of the road – I could have stopped and gonearound him.”His pale hand reached over and gently brushed hair from my face, which sent theheart monitor beeping faster. “If you would have stopped that car, that guy would havekilled you.” He whispered so quietly, that I barely registered that he said it. “Calm downand get some sleep.”
I instantly shook my head.“How did you find the wreck so fast?” I suddenly asked.“I was right behind you. Didn’t you notice?”“No.” I stated. I knew for a fact there had been no car behind me. I was dead positive – something was up. But he obviously wasn’t going to admit it.“Who was the woman you were with?”“What?”“I heard a woman’s voice asking if you wanted them to get…get the…getVanessa.” I whispered, struggling with the words.“Oh, that.” He said quietly. “She’s my aunt.”“Your aunt?”“Yes, it’s who I’m staying with. The doctor that just came in? That’s her son – mycousin Peter.”“What about your parents?”“I think you should get some sleep. You’re starting to ramble.” He said suddenlyinstead of answering my question. I frowned, but the medication I was on was beginningto make me sleepy. Sighing, I winced as I attempted to roll over on my side.“Two cracked ribs.” He said, having apparently forgotten to mention that earlier. Igroaned and pulled the blankets up over my head.It was only a few hours later when I woke up – the medication apparently wasn’tworking as well as it should have.“Abby!”Before I could even wake up all the way, Claire was scrambling up onto the bed,her arms wrapping around my neck. I winced, hard.“H-Hey Claire.” I yawned, blinking again. Logan flashed a smile from where hesat in the chair still, this time sipping on something – I suspected coffee- in a Styrofoamcup with the hospital’s name written across it. Claire settled herself on the bed betweenmy legs and the railing, which seemed to be a better place then her previous position onmy chest and ribs.“How you feeling kiddo?” Logan asked, leaning over to move hair from my eyes.I gave a shrug and winced at the action.“I’ve been better.” I mumbled. He smiled for a moment, and then a painedexpression came over his face.“Your friend, Vanessa –.”“I know.” I cut him off quietly. I didn’t need to hear it again. He sighed andrubbed my forehead.“I’m sorry honey.”“Its fine.” I muttered, knowing full and well that it wasn’t. He looked like hewanted to say something, but at that moment, the same doctor from before came in.“Hello Abigail. How are you feeling today?” He asked in a cheery voice.“Fine.” I shrugged. He took the stethoscope from around his neck and listened tomy heartbeat for a moment.“So you’re Nicolas’s cousin?” I asked after a moment as he checked the machinesI was hooked up to. He glanced at me with a small smile.“Yes. But I’m only working here at the hospital as a temporary job – they’retrying to find someone else since they fired the last guy.”

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