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Chuck Missler Notes on the Book of Daniel

Chuck Missler Notes on the Book of Daniel

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Published by pallen
Bible Study Notes
Bible Study Notes

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Published by: pallen on Apr 14, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Page 1Page 1
Supplemental Notes: 
The Book  of Daniel 
Chapters 1 - 6 
Chuck Missler 
 © 1994 Koinonia House Inc.
Page 2
Tape Listing
Tape 1: Chapter 1 - Dare to be a Daniel
Introduction to the Book: background, authentication, etc.
Tape 2: Chapter 2 - Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream
The poly-metallic image—an overview of all of Gentile dominion onthe Planet Earth. Daniel and his three friends avoid death penalty andget promoted.
Tape 3: Chapter 3 - Bow or Burn
Nebuchadnezzar’s ego trip; the worship of his image; the fieryfurnace.
Tape 4: Chapter 4 - Nebuchadnezzar’s Testimony
The only chapter in the Bible written by a Gentile king; publishedthroughout the known world.
Tape 5: Chapter 5 - The Fall of Babylon
The “handwriting on the wall” and the fall of Babylon to the Persians.
Tape 6: The Mystery of Babylon
Babylon in Bible prophecy; its ultimate destruction, an update oncurrent events, the “Mystery Babylon” of Revelation.
Tape 7: Chapter 6 - Daniel in the Lion’s Den.
How Daniel avoided the “mark of the beast.”
Tape 8: The Magi
A supplemental study on the background on the “Magi” and their rolein the birth of Jesus Christ.
Page 3
Why Daniel?
1.One of my favorites: impact on my early years.Discovery: Message System; tightly engineered in theme, structure,details; interdependence. Thus, 66 books, written by 40 authors overthousands of years, yet evidences integrity of design and demon-strates an origin from outside the domain of time. (See our relatedBriefing Packages,
The E.T. Scenario, Beyond Time and Space,
et al.)2.One of the few books that describes Gentile history, in advance. Itis as timely as tomorrow’s newspaper.3.It contains the most amazing passages in the entire Bible.
When Written?
Doesn’t really matter. It’s in the Septuagint translation of the OldTestament (LXX): 285-270
. (Latin:
“70.”) 72 eldersof Israel, 6 from each tribe, during the reign of Ptolemy II, Philadel-phus (285-244
.) in Alexandria (Letter of Aristeas). Many NTquotes from LXX; including in the Letter to Hebrews. Thus, inwidespread use three centuries before Christ was born. The math-ematical precision yields undeniable proof of His Deity.Acts 17:11: Don’t believe anything Chuck Missler tells you. Check it out for yourself!
Daniel in the Critics Den
No other book is as vindicated by history. Too specific to yield toattempts to discredit it.Josephus: During Alexander’s conquest of Jerusalem, 332
., PriestJaddua showed him references to himself in Daniel; city spared.R. Kodewey, 1899-1917: excavations of Nebuchadnezzar’s palace,etc. Banquet hall found, 173' x 56'. (Rebuilt by Saddam Hussein.)Daniel had to be an eyewitness. See Chapter 5.

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