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Published by: Fops on Mar 24, 2009
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Introductionby Denise Alvarado
The making of Voodoo dolls, poppets, fetishes, and ritual effigies has taken place since antiquity. Though the practice is ancient,their present use remains similar. In order to understand how to use your Voodoo doll or poppet, it is useful to understand them intheir historic context. Much can be learned from studying the ancient cultures and mystics who held the esoteric knowledge thatforms the very foundation of modern day magick, Voodoo, and witchcraft.The practice of sticking pins in dolls has history in European folk magic, but its exact origins are unclear. How it became known asa method of cursing an individual by some followers of what has come to be called  New Orleans Voodoo, which is a local variant of hoodoo, is a mystery. Some speculate that it was used as a means of self defense to intimidate superstitious slave owners. This practice is not unique to New Orleans voodoo, however, and has as much basis in European-based magical devices such as the poppetand the 
of West and Central Africa.These are in fact power objects, what in Haiti would be referred to as
, rather than magical surrogates for an intended target of sorcery whether for boon or for bane. Such voodoo dolls are not a feature of Haitian religion, although dolls intended for touristsmay be found in the Iron Market in Port au Prince. The practice became closely associated with the Vodou religions in the publicmind through the vehicle of horror movies and popular novels.There is a practice in Haiti of nailing crude poppets with a discarded shoe on trees near the cemetery to act as messengers to theotherworld, which is very different in function from how poppets are portrayed as being used by voodoo worshippers in popular media and imagination, i.e. for purposes of sympathetic magic towards another person. Another use of dolls in authentic Vodou practice is the incorporation of plastic doll babies in altars and objects used to represent or honor the spirits, or in
, whichrecalls the aforementioned use of 
)About 80% of the population of Benin, West Africa, about 4½ million people, practice Vodun. (This does not count other ancestralreligions in Benin.) In addition, many of the 20% of the population that call themselves Christian practice a syncretism of Christianity and Vodun not dissimilar from Haitian Vodou. In Togo about half the population practices indigenous religions, of which Vodun is by far the largest, with approximately 2½ million followers; there may be perhaps another million among the Anlo-Ewe of Ghana (13% Anlo-Ewe and 38% indigenous beliefs overall out of a population of 20million.)(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voodoo
)Prior to hurricane Katrina, about 15%of the population in New Orleans practiced Voodoo. ___________________________________________ 
VooDoo Magick 
a.k.a. Vodoun, Voudou, Voodoo,
Sevi Lwa
) is commonly called Voodoo by the public. The name is traceable to anAfrican word for "spirit". VooDoo Magick's can be directly traced to the West and South African Yoruba people who lived in 17th and 19thcentury Dahomey (Dahomey was the name of a country in west Africa now called the Republic of Benin). Its roots go back 8,000 years inAfrica and Europe. Many reports show other countries as well that has "VooDoo" type religions as well. VooDoo dolls were found all over northern Europe in the mid 1900's.Voodoo magick was actively abolished during the Spanish Inquisition. "
Many Priests and religious leaders were either killed or sent to jailfor life, and their because of the threat they posed to the current religious dogmatic states. This forced some of the Dahomeans toform VooDoo Magick Orders and to create underground societies, in order to continue the veneration of their ancestors, and theworship of their powerful gods.
" VooDoo Magick was again suppressed during the Marxist regime.Today 33 million people practice VooDoo Magick worldwide. Using items like VooDoo dolls, talismans and more to cast the spells the art of VooDoo exercises. Religions similar to VooDoo Black Magick can be found in South America, Asia, the UK, the Middle East where they arecalled
Umbanda and several other names (some created daily by tribesmen)Magick Facts about Witch Craft, VooDoo, Astrology, and MoreVoo Doo
-- An actual religion,
 practiced in South America and Africa To This Very Day
VooDoo Black Magick 
-- An evil, imaginary religion, which we will call
. It has been created for Hollywood movies, complete withviolence, bizarre rituals, etc. It does not exist in reality.
VooDoo can be good or evil.
If you practice magick that is evil an use your powers for that, your Voodoo will be evil
Witch Craft
can be good or evil as well. Depending on how you use your magick.
Black Magick 
is just that. BLACK magick. It is dark and purely evil It can only be used for evil and evil spell castings.
Spell Casting
can also be used for either good or evil. Love Spells, Revenge Spells or Luck and Fortune Spells can all be either good or evil.Depending on the Spell Casters Intent and abilities. You can have training in VooDoo, Wiccan Arts or any Spell casting Religion and, dependingon your level of training, will determine your magickal power level. Effective Wiccan Spell Casters spend years training and honing their Wiccan, Spell Casting or Voo Doo skills.
Witch Craft
, as with any art or religion, must be studied and practiced. It must be mastered over years of training and learning

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