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In Moonlight

In Moonlight



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Published by Ciera
This is a story that I've been writing. I haven't finished it all though. So this is just the first 4 chapters. It's about a girl named Rachel, who is a werewolf, and has to watch as her family and pack het slaughtered, and then she moves to Texas with her Aunt, and cousin. But there is a mysterious group at her new school. Read to find out more. I was enspired to write this from Stephanie Meyer's, Twilight.
This is a story that I've been writing. I haven't finished it all though. So this is just the first 4 chapters. It's about a girl named Rachel, who is a werewolf, and has to watch as her family and pack het slaughtered, and then she moves to Texas with her Aunt, and cousin. But there is a mysterious group at her new school. Read to find out more. I was enspired to write this from Stephanie Meyer's, Twilight.

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Published by: Ciera on Mar 25, 2009
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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IN MOONLIGHTBY CIERAIn Moonlight. Preface.I was just laying there on the wooden floor in the remains of my house, and beingforced to watch the death of my family and pack. I couldn’t move, two of thosecursed vampyres were holing me down. They were too powerful. Even in my wolf form,I couldn’t break their hold on me. I may have just been a newbie at the wholewerewolf thing, but that didn’t mean that they should be able to restrain me andforce me to watch as they slaughtered everyone close to me. I tried struggling,but that didn’t work, they only slammed me down. I tried biting them, but thatdidn’t work either. Why were they doing this to me?! Couldn’t they just kill melike the others?! At least I wouldn’t have to suffer very long that way. But theyhad other plans in mind for me.Just as they finished, they started cleaning up the mess. I was so pissed at howthey could just do it so carelessly, like they didn’t just take seventeen lives.But then the biggest one- that I assumed was their leader- turned to face me.“So how did you enjoy the show mutt?” He asked with a smile.That did it.In less then 10 seconds, I was on my feet. I pushed the two goons off of me, andthey landed on the floor a few feet from me. Now where was all of that power whenI needed it ten minutes ago?! I took a second to think of what to do. I couldn’ttake all 20 of them at once. So like the coward I was, I ran and jumped out of thenearest window. I ran as fast as I possibly could. I was surprised find that theyweren’t following me.I didn’t stop running until I was near the public eye. As soon as I felt safe, Iphased back to my human form, and got dressed. I stepped out of the bushes andlooked around. It seemed like I was at an airport. Excellent! But where was Isupposed to go? At that moment, and idea hit me like a rocket. So then I ran intothe airport, ignoring all of the stares, and then went to the nearest pay phone. Isearched my pockets until I found a quarter. Putting the quarter in the slot, Iimmediately started dialing. It rang several times before someone answered.“Hello.” A woman’s voice said.“Hi, um, Aunt Cathy, mind if I come for a visit?” I asked.“Well sure.” She said. “I need to get the guest room ready. And are your parentsalright with this?”“Yes, they are perfectly fine with it.” I lied, wincing at the memory.“So how long until you leave?” She asked.“I’m headed for the plane right now.” I slammed the receiver shut, and headed forthe front desk.In Moonlight. Chapter 1, “New face.”I woke up to a man’s voice on the intercom.“Ladies and gentle men, please unfasten your seatbelts. We have now arrived inTexas.” The man on the intercom said. I must have been tired, because I shouldhave been watching out for those vampyres. As soon as the door of the airplaneopened, I ran out. I spotted my Aunt Cathy standing by the entrance ways with abig smile on her face. My Aunt Cathy was always the childish type. She had waistlong sandy brown hair, dark blue eyes, and she wore a blue T-shirt that said inblack letters, “Bite me!” She also wore a plain pair of jeans and blue sneakers.As I walked up to her, I spotted someone else who was standing next to her. Thisgirl had shoulder-length blonde hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. She had
bangs that were hanging into her green-blue eyes. She wore a pink T-shirt with apink skirt and pink high-heels. I repressed a groan.“Rachel!” My Aunt Cathy yelled as she ran to give me a hug. I swear that I sawthat other girl roll her eyes and groan under her breath.“Heya, Aunt Cathy.” I said, trying to sound happy. As soon as she released me, Iknew that the questions would start shooting out of her mouth like bullets.“So what have you been up to dear?” She asked.“Oh, nothing really.” I lied. “Just the usual.”No one in my family knew that I was a werewolf. And I planned to keep it that way.I couldn’t even imagine the reactions that everyone would have….well everyone thatwas still alive. I shuddered at the thought.“Oh, I’m sorry dear.” Cathy said. “Lets get you into the warm car.” Then, as sheturned around, she looked at the other girl like she had forgotten that she wasthere.“Oh, Rachel, this is Angeline.” My Aunt explained. “She is staying with me sinceher parents passed. And she is also your long lost cousin from Alabama.” I thenstared at Angeline, as she stared at me. She stared at me like I was just sometrash on the street.“Hi.” I said, as I stretched out my hand to shake hers. She just continued tostare at me, and then she popped her gum that she was chewing.“Hi.” She said in a disgusted voice. I had to live with that thing?!We just met, and she was already making my hands shake with anger. But then myAunt misinterpreted.“Lets go and get you into the warm car. You must be freezing.” Cathy said to me. Ifollowed silently. I kept seeing Angeline glaring at me from the corner of hereye. I will try and be nice, I thought to myself. I kept thinking that over andover until I calmed down. Since I was just a newbie at being a werewolf, my angerwas the hardest thing to control. I just hoped that I wouldn’t kill anyone.As we reached the parking lot, I saw my Aunts red Convertible in one of the firstspaces. I put my bag into the trunk. And then I hear a howl from the distance, butno-one seemed to notice it. That was one of the good things about being awerewolf- heightened senses. As I looked in the direction of the howl, I sawsomething that caught my eye. But before I could look at it for more then asecond, Cathy called me.“Hun, lets go, I don’t want to get caught in this storm.” She said, looking up atthe rainy looking clouds. So then I got into the back seat and looked to where Iheard the howl. But this time, I saw nothing.As we arrived home, I felt a sudden urge to search the house and make sure that Iwasn’t followed, and that there were no vampyres this time. But when I got inside,I sniffed the air, and I smelled no trace of vampyre. I sighed in relief.“Rachel?” My Aunt called.“Yes?” I asked. Had she just seen me do that?“Do you mind starting school tomorrow, I’m sure that your parents won’t want youmissing any school while you’re here.”I thought for a moment. “Sure.” I said, even thought I didn’t want to go toschool- not now.My Aunt smiled.I then walked off to the guest room and put my bag on the floor. I was so tired bythen, that the second that my head hit the pillow, I fell asleep.In Moonlight. Chapter 2, “Wolf Girl.”I awoke to my Aunt shaking me.“Time for school.” She said, trying to sound happy.“Okay, okay.” I grumbled.I was 17, and a senior in high school.Once she was out of the room, I jumped to the guest bedroom window and yanked it
open. It was very sunny, I doubted that the vampyres would want to be seen byanyone, so I walked to the bathroom that was in the guest room and started tobrush my hair. It was a mess. As I stared at my reflection, I frowned. How was Igoing to fit in? Everyone around here had short hair and had attitude problems.And they were also all pretty. I had long black hair, it went down to about as faras the middle of my back. I was also tan looking, so that part wouldn’t be aproblem. My eyes were a black color, I hoped that no-one would notice that.“Hurry up, Rachel!” Cathy called from downstairs. I could hear the door slammingshut, and I guessed that it was Angeline. So I hurried and threw on a randomoutfit. It was a plain red shirt, and plain jeans. I didn’t stop to look at myselfas I left. When I got downstairs, my Aunt gave me a set of keys.“Here, you can borrow my car.” She insisted. “You know where the school is right?”“Of course.” I said as I was walking out the door.“Good luck, Hun, I’m sure that you will be fine.”“Sure, sure.” I muttered, too low for her to hear. When I walked into the garage,I didn’t know which car I was using, there were so many. So I clicked the “Unlock”button on the set of keys, and found the car that I was using. It was the redConvertible.When I arrived at the school parking lot, there weren’t many spaces left. So I hadto park in the back. I knew that I wasn’t late because there were still teenagerssitting in their cars and talking to people. School this year was going to beruff. Especially without my pack. I just hoped that I wouldn’t kill anyone.I got out of the car, and started heading towards the building that had MainOffice on it. I got a few glances as I was walking. But I was especially beingglared at by a group of teenagers leaning against the side of the school. Theylooked curious. But of course, everyone would be curious because the hadn’t seenme before. So I hadn’t looked much into it. But I couldn’t help but to stare backat the group. They kept staring as well. Then the bell rang instantly. I jumped atthe sudden sound. The group looked at me once more, and then walked away to class.But one of them stayed back and continued to look at me. He had short black hair,and very dark brown eyes that looked black. He wore a simple long, black shirt,with black shorts, and boots. Then he smiled at me, and walked off.What was all of that about?When I arrived at the main office, everyone there glared at me. Was theresomething on my face? I continued walking until I got to the secretary desk.“Hello.” The secretary behind the counter said. Then when she turned to me, shestarted stuttering. “C-can I help you?”“Hi, um, I’m new here, and I needed a class schedule. I think that my Aunt calledyesterday…” I said. She then typed something on her computer.“Ah, yes.” She said. “You are Rachel McCoy, right?”“Yes.”Then she nodded and handed me a piece of paper.“Here’s your schedule.” She said. Then she handed me another piece of paper. “Andhere is a map of the school. There are four floors, and two other buildings.”I nodded.“You will have extra time to get to your class since it is your first week. Goodluck.” She said, duly. I nodded and took off for my first class. I had Chemistrywith Mr. Collins. Ugh.As soon as I walked in the door, everyone stared at me. They were all sitting in abunch, and talking, so I knew that class hadn’t started yet. I walked to theteachers desk.“You must be Rachel McCoy.” The teacher said.I nodded once, “Yes, sir.” I said.Then he smiled. “Well welcome to Chemistry class! I hope that you enjoy your staywith us.” He said. Then he pointed out where I was supposed to sit. I was supposedto sit at Angeline’s table! She glared at me, disgusted, as I went to sit by her.“Great.” I heard her murmur under her breath that only I could have heard. Thatmade me mad, but I tried to control it.

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