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April 09

April 09



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Published by BarbraD
This newsletter include a technique of the month along with current promotions
This newsletter include a technique of the month along with current promotions

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Published by: BarbraD on Mar 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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One other interestingthing Michael Anthony Steel told the students was that when he writes he takes some-
one else’s ideas and
makes it his own. Inother words he usestheir creativity to in-spire his creativity. Ithought how that les-son could also be ap-plied to scrapbooking.I can not tell you how many times I have usedan idea I have seenfrom magazines or theCTMH idea books andHow-to books to jumpstart my creativity.Together I think we canall inspire each other to
This week I visited my 
son’s school while they 
had a visiting Author( Michael Anthony Steel). I walked away  with a great reminder,to
“just do it”.
Mr. Steel was talking tothe students about writing stories but healso made a point to tellthem to apply this toeverything and any-thing. If they werethinking about sports,school work, or perhapstrying something new that might make them alittle nervous they should
“just do it”
.I would like to chal-lenge each of you tothink about somethingthat you have beenthinking aboutaccomplishing and
“Just Do It”.
Now if you are like methis could be somethingas simple as reorganiz-ing the storage in my  basement. Or perhapsgetting out for a walk acouple of days a week.Lets not forget how many times we havetalked about gettingmore done in ourscrapbooks.To help you
“just doit” 
 you can always at-tend the
opencrop on the last Friday of each month. This will help you to
“justdo it”
 without addingto your expenses.If you need a little morehelp to
“just do it”
the$10. two page layout wont break the bank either.
Just Do It!
Teachers & School Staff Promotion
During the month of April I would liketo thank all of the employees that takepart in educating our children.During the month of April I would liketo offer them following special pricingon my two monthly workshops.
4/13 Cards
10 cards for only $7.00
4/24 Scrapbook Layout
Complete a double page layoutfor only $7.00
 Also attend with a friend and I will give both of you a specialfree gift.
Please register in advance
andshow your schools ID (any school)
“The theme of this months
newsletter quickly turned to
“Just Do It” 
 I encour-age everyone to keep that in mind and challengeyourself in your everydaylife and of course in your crafty scrapbooking & card making hobby to
~ Barb
Paper Craft Monthly 
 Barba Davis
   A  p  r   i   l   2   0   0   9
Inside this issue:
National Scrap- book MonthPromotion
Creating Tabs
Stamp Of TheMonth
 April Calendar
CTMH is starting the NationalScrapbook month celebrationearly. Between April 15th to May 31st you will be able to receivethis darling scrapbook kit .There are so many great featuresof this kit I am sure you will loveit. Here are a few highlights:
Two different papers with
1-stip & 1-floral)
Die Cuts
that will
 A new Brochure for creating
 beautiful two-page lay-outs.
(new designs)
The new Mini-Medley Ac-cent collection includes
cro-chet Flowers
 At my May scrapbook workshop onFriday 5/29 we will use this kit andcreate the two-page layout pro- vided plus and additional two-page layout. There will be no addi-tional charge for the workshop If  you have the kit You can either purchase the kit for$34.95 ($39.95 retail) or receive it
$60 worth of stamp pur-chase.Orders will need to place your or-der no later then 5/12 only if youplan to participate in the workshop.I have figured out how to get asclose to $60 as possible:1 D size & 2 C size stamps = $60.85Or3 B size & 1 C size stamps = $60.80
Purchase 4 ink pad foronly $18.00
Purchase two blocks (one
4”x4” and one 2”x6.5”) for
only $17.00
Purchase 4 markers foronly $10.00One of the things I like bestabout Close To My Heart ishow everything matches.From the papers and accentsto the inks, they all match.To be sure you have the colorsthat coordinate with this beau-tiful set I am offering the fol-lowing additional purchase bonus:
Featured colors in this kit:
 Blush, Crystal Blue, Twilight,Hollyhock and Sweet Leaf.To qualify for the Bonus offer you need to either qualify orpurchase the National Scrap- book Month kit shown above.
May is National Scrapbooking Month
Bonus Offer
Page 2
No mountain is too big if  you remember to
“Just Do It”!
   P  a  p  e  r   C  r  a   f   t 
“Let me help
you get somework done onyour scrapbook.On 5/24 wewill createtwo double page layout 
with this kit” 
What is included in the kit?
The Tickled Pink scrapbooking kit includes:
My Acrylix® I AmStamp Set (D-size)
12” x 12” Floral B&T Duos™ Paper (
1 with glitter
12” x 12” Stripe B&T Duos™ Paper (
1 with glitter
12” x 12” Blush Textured Cardstock
12” x 12” Crystal Blue Textured Cardstock
12” x 12” White Daisy Textured Cardstock (
1 sheet with die-cut shapes
Mini-Medley AccentsWhite Daisy Collection
 Foam Texture Tool
Brochure (instructions for 2 two-page layouts from brand-new pat-terns
)Featured Colors: Blush, Crystal Blue, Twilight, Hollyhock, Sweet Leaf 
  An easy way to label your
photo’s on a scrapbook page is
to use a tab. There are somegreat punches out their that will do this for you. Howeverif you are like me you want todo it with the tools your al-ready have.The photo on the left shows you the simplest way to createa tab.1. Decide how wide you needto tab. Be sure to haveenough room to write what you want.2. Cut a rectangle the lengthrepresents the with of the writing space3. Using a corner rounder,round the edges as shown.4. Write your message andadhere it under the item you are labeling on yourscrapbook page.If you would like to create asemi-circle tab it will take alittle more work but still very doable.1. Punch acircle bigenough tohold yourtitle2. The negative from the punch becomes your template.Fold it in half as shown here3. Use a pencil to lightly tracearound the inside of the half circle and approximately 1/2inch out on the sides at the bottom of the semi-circle.4. Cut out the tab you havetraced leaving a half inch onthe bottom to adhere it to your project.Half of a flower was added tothis tab to add another decora-tive element. You can purchase this stampset for $22.95 orSpend $25 and receive it for$17.95 (25% off)Spend $50 and receive it for$11.48 (50%)Spend $75 and receive it for$5.74 (75% off)Spend $100 and receive it forFREE.This fun stamp set will notonly help you make beautifulcards for your dad it also willhelp you create beautifulscrapbook pages.If you like the effect of coloringin stamped images this set can be a lot of fun. I will have it with me during the April 13thcard workshop. We will makeone Fathers day card along with 9 others.
Technique of the Month
Creating Tabs
 April’s Stamp Of The Month
Page 3
“Now it is your turn.
would love to see howyou used tabs in your scrapbook pages or onyour hand made
 Available only in April
—don’t miss out.
 Quick & Easy Tab

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