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Constitutional Soup How to defraud the world.

Constitutional Soup How to defraud the world.

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Published by A. Campbell
Some know, more will know.
Some know, more will know.

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Categories:Types, Research
Published by: A. Campbell on Apr 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Constitutional Soup
 The old saying goes that if a frog begins a journey in cold water and as theheat rises, death will unknowingly occur, however if the water has becomeheated, the frog entering heated water will jump for survival. This writer has never touched the United States Constitution but such lack otouch does not mean the words are not to be. Similar, this writer has nevertouched the stone(s) that carries the Ten Commandments, but the lack of touch does not mean the words are not to be.Similarly, occurrences currently taking place throughout the world are alltoo visual to not be ignored. For most of history, population grew at near 3percent. Logic also provides that creation of money needs to be injected atnear the same percentage for the world to grow and prosper efficiently.In turning attention to the Central Banks of the world, the continuousintroduction of money is without tangible backing of the people. With aslow-down in the growth of world population industrial output was certain toreach a level of market saturation. As saturation was reached and with lackof tangible money in the hands of the people the power to purchase productis lost. There is another factor to the equation that is even more damning thatthe two already mentioned, the accelerated rate of intangible value. Most of the big banks and many of the special investment houses depend upon thenumbers returned in this intangible market. A serious question has to beasked in regards to the intangible market, was intent for the intangiblemarket to reach a level of value and utilizing scare tactics was one day thevalue to be great enough to absolve the need for tangible money? If such istrue, then the power of the governments to print and inject monetary valueinto a countries economy has become obsolete, not to mention the world’s

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