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True Lies 3 - Scene

True Lies 3 - Scene

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Published by COnflicteddreamer
Harry Tasker must defuse an explosive situation. This is his last line of work.
Harry Tasker must defuse an explosive situation. This is his last line of work.

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Published by: COnflicteddreamer on Apr 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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April 6, 2013A Russian terrorist brushed his teeth. Hecombed his hair. He washed his face. Then hetook a bullet in the back. He crashed head-firstinto the mirror, then fell to the floor. His AK47clattered. Harry Tasker holstered his side armand then picked up the machine gun. Hechecked the clip. It was full. Just the way heliked it.Harry unloaded on a shotgun-wielding terrorist.Bullets tore into the meat of him. Theterrorist’s shotgun went off when it hit thefloor, nearly missing Harry. A wall was gored.Lath flew. There was noise outside the news office. It wasa loud engine mixed with crushing. Andmachine gunfire, lots and lots of machinegunfire. Harry was unsure. He moved closer toa second-floor window, looked out. He couldsee…he saw the impossible. It was a monstervehicle, a red-and-white big foot with a minigun mounted to the back. A terrorist was firingthe mini gun like he just signed a blank checkon destruction derby. Cop cruisers, those leftstanding, were either shredded to pieces orsquashed flat by the bigger-higher truck. ASWAT van exploded. Harry moved away from
the window. He returned to the remaininghostages. A few were bloodied. They steadiedtheir eyes on Harry as he passed them. Harryhurried. There wasn’t much time left.On the street, a cop firing his service revolverwas smashed by the big foot’s five hundredpound wheels. Buckets of blood were tossed inevery direction. Another cop lost a foot underthe onslaught. He hobbled around in pain untila scorching mini gun undressed him head totoe.Harry met two unprepared SWATsharpshooters on the roof of the news building. They were getting into position. “Gimme thatthing,” Harry said, reaching for a sniper rifle.“You take too long.” He snatched the gun froma sharpshooter, who unwillingly gave it up. Asecond later the terrorist getting jiggity on amini gun was in the crosshairs of a high-powered rifle manned by a crack shot. Harryproved it by putting a round into the head of the moving terrorist. The head burst like acanned party popper. Harry fired onto the bigfoot. A wheel was flattened. A flank waspeppered. Glass shattered. Harry didn’t let upuntil the big foot swerved precariously arounda corner, disappearing from sight.

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