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True Lies 4 - Scene

True Lies 4 - Scene

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Published by COnflicteddreamer
Harry Tasker has to do the impossible, he has to kill the president.
Harry Tasker has to do the impossible, he has to kill the president.

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Published by: COnflicteddreamer on Apr 16, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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April 8, 2013“Where you going, Harry?”“I’m going to kill the president.”Harry Tasker positioned both feet on thewindow sill. He kept one hand clamped to theroof of the Ford Explorer while the otheroutstretched towards the black presidentialbus.“Move closer,” Harry demanded.Gib said, “Gotcha.” The presidential bus was big and strong, butnot completely impervious to hijacking. Thearmed driver knew Harry’s tactical skill. And heknew he meant to get in. The bus swerved,away from Harry’s reach. It crushed a smallercar against a guardrail. Gib yanked theExplorer’s wheel to the right. Closed the gap.With the speeding highway beneath him, Harry jumped. His hands found purchase on theroof’s utility railing. With all his strength, Harrypulled himself up, on top of the bus’s roof. Hecrouched there and pulled the Beretta from hiswaistband.
Directly behind the bus, two blue Hummersclosed in. There was an outer hatch on the roof of thebus. It was secured with two lockingmechanisms. Harry shot the locks tosmithereens and then, carefully, opened thehatch. Inside were Secret service agents,looking up. The president’s life was at stake.No way would the agents let an intruder inside. They fired at the open hatch. Harry ducked. Then he said what the hell. He had anotherplay anyway. He unhooked from his belt a canof tear gas. He pulled the pin and then chuckedit into the open compartment. He thenequipped his gas mask. Without anothermoment’s pause, Harry dropped into the bus.Meanwhile, Gib was having problems with theHummers. They had opened fire on hisExplorer. Gib pressed on the gas just as theback window exploded. The secret service agents weren’t about to leta little tear gas keep them down for the count. There were two of them, and they were toughas nails. Harry disarmed both agents. It waseasy, they couldn’t stop coughing. But justwhen Harry figured the fight was over, theagents proved otherwise. One jacked Harry in
the jaw. Another doubled him over with apowerful uppercut. Harry gasped for breath. Aneasy fight this wasn’t.On the highway, a Hummer sped up so it couldcut in front of the other. Doors opened.Mercenaries disembarked, two of them. One jumped to the roof of the bus, climbed up, andimmediately fell through the hatch. Anothermercenary, this one back-strapped with ashotgun, wasn’t as swift and as competent asthe other. He jumped from the Hummer andhe grabbed a hold of the utility railing, but hecould go no further. He wasn’t strong enough.His body weight and the gear he’d stowed borehim down.In the rear Hummer, the man in the passengerseat said, “What the fuck?” After getting on thecom, he screamed, “Gerald 34, what are youdoing?” The mercenary, codenamed Gerald 34, said ina panicky voice, “I-I’m slipping.” He then fellfrom the bus, hit the pavement hard, rolledtwice, and then he was run over by theHummer.Inside the rolling bus, Harry had his hands full.A secret agent had him in a chokehold. Harry

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