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Published by roncurtiss

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Published by: roncurtiss on Mar 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Executive Summary:
Anyone from California who has visited The Midwest, and anyone from The Midwestwho now lives in California probably agree on two points:1.Frozen Custard puts all other frozen desserts to shame2.It is impossible to find out west.Frozen custard has the same base recipe as ice cream but must contain at least 1.4% eggyolk and at least 10% butterfat to be granted the distinction. FC is also made in machinescalled batch freezers which allow the operator to control how much air is mixed into thefinal product. Frozen Custard may contain no more than 20% air, while ice creamcontains as much as 100%.A web search for the terms “Frozen Custard” and “Los Angeles” in chowhound and other food-lover communities yields a sad tale of boarded-up custard shops and cheap imitationsoft-serve. Why does this frosty treat thrive in places like Milwaukee and St. Louis andfail so miserably in LA?One theory is that Californians (and especially Angelinos) are more health-conscious thanaverage and therefore avoid rich, fatty, treats. This explanation deflates at thetremendous success of Sprinkles and other high-end cupcake vendors who do rather wellin and around West Hollywood and Encino.In a discussion topic entitled “Frozen custard in LA?” on the chowhound website a self-confessed “foodie” offers an alternative explanation:“The reason frozen custard has failed to catch on is simple--THE NAME!! Of the MANYcustard stands in LA & OC [I have been to] over the years…there is only ONE still in business in SoCal…Why? Because they do not call themselves "frozen custard”…I eventalked to the owner [of a custard shop] last year after he announced his pending closure,and asked him why he was being replaced by yet another yogurt shop. He told me thatonly a handful of Midwest transplants knew what custard was, and everyone else thoughtit sounded disgusting.”The single open shop the frustrated foodie mentioned above closed 10 months later. Theonly (as of this writing) place to buy frozen custard in the LA Area is Lucky Devils, afull-service restaurant that does not specialize in FC and calls it a “shake”.In and around Los Angeles, Frozen Custard is a specialty food. It is a unique novelty andat the same time has hardcore fans and tradition. Brick-and-Mortar custard shops havefailed because a Brick-and-Mortar shop can only target customers within a radius of theretail space it occupies. If Frozen Custard went mobile, and a concerted effort was madeto alert and inform her many SoCal fans of her location and existence, Frozen Custard
could finally reach the mouths of Frozen Custard lovers and pass over the unenlightened palettes of health-nuts and gastronomic ignorami.
Business Description:General:
Address, etc
Form of Business:
Sole Proprietorship
Make Small Batches of Frozen Custard from high-quality Ingredients in a high-quality batch freezer and sell it to high-quality customers at food festivals, farmers markets, or any other legal venue.
Start Up
Business Type:
Mobile Food Vending
Products and Services:
Frozen Custard
XXX Frozen Custard seeks to be “the guy with the machine” for all current and futurefrozen custard lovers in the Los Angeles area. We will connect with the “foodie”community on websites like Yelp and Chowhound and use their feedback to plan vendinglocations and improve the product. We will be extremely flexible with our services,vending wherever and whenever there is a request or a demand, from festivals to private parties.
We Intend to make enough profit within 3 years to finance the purchase of a cateringtruck and provide and expand to offer multiple flavors of Frozen Custard including a“Flavor of the Day. A concept similar to NYC’s “Dessert Truck”
The Market:
Our market is the displaced Midwesterner who yearns for silky smooth nostalgia in a cupand the LA Foodie who yearns for new and decadent gastronomic experiences.

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