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Usap Puritan

Usap Puritan

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Published by Eatgreencrayons

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Published by: Eatgreencrayons on Mar 25, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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AP AmericanPeter StraubingeLeFauvePeriod 5My Esteemed Lords,It is with a heavy heart that I now set pen to paper, in the hopes that I can avert adecision which will surely lead to disastrous consequences spanning the entirety of theAmerican colonies. However, it is my faith in almighty God and my love for the colonyof Massachusetts which has enabled me to stand fast against this potential catastrophe.Make no mistake, my lords; the incidents of 1692 are unmistakably, inarguablytragic. There is a black mark upon the souls of all Christian men that the atrocities wereallowed to come to such a horrible peak. But we must not let our judgment be clouded byreckless emotions, lest we make a second error nearly as grave as the first!It is not the colony of Massachusetts which is to blame for the recent horrors inSalem. It is not Puritanism, which values morality and the communal good above all else.The blame cannot even be put to Salem, the eye of the storm! It is my firm belief that the blame lies, instead, with the wickedness that lies within the hearts of all men. It was onlythrough diabolical fortune that Massachusetts was chosen to be host to this tragedy. I begof you, sirs, think before you damn an entire colony for the errors of a small few! Were it but for the grace of God, what occurred in Salem could just as easily – nay, was far morelikely to come about –in another colony!Massachusetts was, and still remains today, the model of piety. The forces whichworked to murder those twenty individuals were the dark tendrils of hysteria, fear,
 paranoia, jealousy, and superstition, all of which the Puritan faith works to combat like noother! I must say, though it pains me to do so, that what occurred in Salem was simply aresult of that which lies in the heart of all men! In the name of God, may we never seesuch a tragedy from here to the end times; but let Salem serve as a warning, not a deathsentence!There could be no graver error than the abolition of Massachusetts. We are not acolonial success; we are
colonial success! From its very founding, Massachusetts’s backbone has been the values of the community. We are a colony that was built by theefforts of pious, Puritan families, law-abiding and God-fearing like no others. Werepresent the model of self-sufficiency, serving as an example to all other colonial effortsthat a community can, with faith in God, law, and the fellow man, establish itself from theground up into a virtuous utopia unique across the world!Compare this benevolent foundation to that of Virginia, a colony which skirts the bounds of lawlessness with greater and greater audacity. Those who hold residence withinVirginia are men who’ve not yet reached their prime; young, rough folk, seeking not to build and create for the glory of God, but for their own fortunes. It is oftentimes the manwho has squandered his fortune, through either vice or oversight, who now looks toVirginia as a means to amass new wealth with no regard for his fellow man. They are asolitary, untrusting folk preferring to shirk the spirit of congregationalism which has bound together all of New England’s good people.Much of Virginia remains plagued by vice of the basest sort. As their slaves toil in the fields, amassing wealth to fuel their masters’ greed, these men engage inlevels of gambling inconceivable to any reasonably civilized man. It is as though they
amass their fortunes to squander them; perhaps the cause of this lies with their unprecedented slave trade. When it is not you who have earned your wealth, by the sweatof your brow and the strength of your arms, it must be far easier to throw it away in asinful game of chance. Compare this, now, to the good people of Massachusetts. We havealways held together, trusting in the collective will of the to guide us to a more Godlyexistence. In Massachusetts, what belongs to a man is still his and his alone; it belongs tohim far more than anything built on the backs of slaves could belong to another. Yet theownership of property does not fuel a covetous fire. As Puritans, my fellow colonistsknow that it is by God’s grace that we have the very clothes on our back. We arereminded every day, whether by the faces of our neighbors, or the hymns sung in praise,or the meeting houses dedicated to the worship of our Lord, that we are little more thanwhat we make of ourselves as a community.And what we have made of ourselves! I ask of you, look to the good minister John Harvard! John Harvard, who gave us the very model of colonial education!Harvard’s efforts have stood nearly sixty years to this day, a testament to the dedicationof Puritans to all things good and holy in the New World. Virginia was left wanting for acollege until hardly two years ago this day, while Massachusetts has moved past simplyestablishing a school and has now declared it a necessity for all children. Ask this of yourselves: would it be truly prudent, in any way, to rub out the most educated colony inAmerica? Pride is a sin, my lords, but this is fact.The Puritan community proves its worth yet again with our dedication to our faith. Surely, we would not deem to call the Virginians “faithless”. However, it isimmediately apparent that dedication to the Church and our faith is unrivaled by our 

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